The Role of Dian Stoskopf in Military System

Over several Years ICF International remains as one of the leading consulting companies that operates globally. ICF International serves to different government agencies and commercial clients around the globe to give consulting services and technology solution. The consulting services covered by the ICF International are usually in line with the technological concerns in climate changes, environmental concerns,energy, social programs, business, health, military services, and other institutions. The ICF International will provide solutions in resolving the technical problems that arise in the different industry and institutions. The ICF International posses competitive individuals to be part on their company in order to strengthen their systems.

Dian Stoskopf is one of the high caliber individual in ICF International consulting firm who have done a remarkable contribution in the military system of United States. Dian Stoskopf serve as the principal of ICF International consulting firm. She has already practiced her profession over 36 years. As well, she had receives several leadership awards from different institution. It is very evident that she posses the qualities of being a good leader. No wonder that her leadership qualities brings out the best for both ICF and the military defense system.

Upon joining the firm, she was directly connected at the Headquarters of the Army Continuing Education System. In which, her tasked was to improved the technical system of military education. Dian Stoskopf lead the ICF team in creating a Web portal for a Centralized Tuition Assistance for the United States Army. This system will allow the military personnel to access different military information and services. The Web based system give access to over 530,000 military personnel, 250,000 family members, and 215,000 civilians. As of now, more than 1.100 colleges and universities in the United States participated this educational innovation.

Another contribution of Dian Stoskopf is the establishment of military education. This military online education is called eArmyU program. The eArmyU program was successfully manage and implemented by Dian Stoskopf. In which, around 2,000 courses and 145 certificate program are offered in these online military education. With the good outcome of the eArmyU program, it receives fifteen awards. These awards are the following: eGov Pioneer, Sloan-C Excellence, and Gracie Hooper Government Technology Leadership awards.

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