Saluting to West Point

SaluteEven in this age of emails, tweeter, and different kinds of blogs; a formal letter still be on its command of attention especially upon bearing the signature of this Superintendent of United States Military Academy in West Point and eventually congratulates their recipient for its appointment. Along with several hundreds, West Point Academy had been considered as a beautiful backdrop towards football games, for wedding receptions and some other important events. Now this beauty has mix on with some other apprehension. The truest glory that been attain by West Point are entirely well known from the fear and cost towards war but just entirely refuses of surrendering them. Whether can character entirely be taught in this old age question but most of it usually refers towards building it. Since, West Point does not entirely that its cadets are already immune towards normal temptations of its own culture. Besides, they entirely came from same place, private schools, and public educational learning institutes especially universities. But, the only difference on it is that this West Point got a standard of its own that includes honor, duty and service to the country are spoken into without any irony on it.

A certain paper of this academy website entirely explains about their honor code: For an instance a certain officer who is not entirely be trustworthy can’t be anymore tolerated for some other professions this will only be measured in dollars but in the Army is the other way around because its been measured by human lives. With that, the ability of this West Point is to entirely train, inspires several outstanding leaders in their respective good character in the military field and trained upon the functional necessity of military career jobs. West Point provides different program that includes military educational grants such as MacArthurs, Petraeuses or the Eisenhowers and quality consequential programs. Even though that this West Point Military Academy become the training military ground that somehow leads the different young male and female into a certain battle upon protecting the nation but they eventually become the leaders of ability and character. Although, this West Point Military school is not for everyone but the choices or selection that been made by these young individuals both men and women entirely makes their family wanted to salute upon.

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