Military Education in West Point

School SunriseClaudio Messias Gentil wanted to know in regards to the United States Military Academy of West Point. Since, West Point serves as a college education towards future Army officers especially that it got more than four thousands learners that been known as cadets. With that, these educational learning institutes located for about eighty kilometers in the north portion of this New York City. West Point had already been considered as the oldest continuously been occupied by this military post in United States. With that, General George Washington had continually built on a fort during the time of Revolutionary War in order to protect this Hudson River that been located from British place. So, he entirely move on to his headquarters towards the West Point for about seventeen seventy nine even in the middle part of its war.

For about eighteen hundred and two, this President Thomas Jefferson had entirely signed on this legislation for the establishment of this military boarding school academy. With that, this educational program will be centering towards civil engineering. As are result, the West Point graduates entirely designed several roads, those harbors, the railways for this younger nation and the bridges. Nowadays, the field of science and math had already become a larger portion for their educational learning but the cadets have already chosen from about almost fifty areas in the field of their respective study. With that, those cadets in their major humanities should have these engineering minors. However, not all young male and female in West Point are American individuals since about 58% came from other nations and up to 60% cadets considered as international learners. This international learners are entirely been nominated through their governments. In which, they should satisfy both their physical and as well educational program requirements and should do much well in regards to the Test of English subject as being Foreign Language. After their graduation, they have now returned to their respective home in order to continually serve their nation’s armed forces. Especially that some other services besides this Army have also accepted this foreign learners in their educational academies.

The West Point public affairs officers stated that this information provides availability through these American embassies. He also stated that this presence for international learners of West Point will entirely be providing some purpose intended for this Army. It been well known that this cultural understanding together with their cultural awareness provides important aspects in regards to this modern day officers. Now they got some cadets from this Panama and those cadets from the African nations that will not necessarily be increasing on their respective knowledge on how they will entirely interact in the nation of Iraq or in Afghanistan. Since, for the least not entirely specify but have entirely started for this process of understanding that this world are quite bigger than their own or respective hometown, the West Point and United States of America. But thinking towards this huge layoff provides this individual cadet level for the establishment of relationship together with those who came from different or diverging backgrounds. This VOA Special English Educational Report had written through this Nancy Steinbach that will entirely learn on in regards to this higher education marketing in United States from this Foreign Student Series in voaspecialenglish.

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