The Nominees of She-Porter for Military academies

The New Hampshire’s future leaders in the United States military have recently meet with Congresswoman Carol She-Porter last Sunday in order to celebrate their nominations upon entering in the different military schools and programs in the country. Shea-Porter presented her chosen high school graduates by giving them a best and even brightest certificates of recognition as one of the being the year’s Service Academy nominees. With that, each year Shea-Porter nominates several young men and women towards entering into the four academy programs such as the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Beginning next year, the Coast Guard will also take part of this nomination process. She-Porter was very much proud for her chosen high school learners who recently receive the nomination certificate and she was very much determine that this young individuals can be rely and considered as the future leaders in the military field of the nation.

Bill Jernberg is one of the military academy boards that conducted several interviews to the candidates who will be receiving a nomination certificate upon entering military academy. Bill Jernberg is a former Merchant Marines Academy graduate and one of the naval career officer. According to Jernberg that board was looking for among the best to the best high school graduates applicants in this military academy schools. Even those high school graduates from the military boarding school in the country will still undergo the same evaluation just like the other learners who came from the different non military schools in the country. The evaluation is quite tough. Since, the boards military academy selection were entirely based on its academic scores, extracurricular activities, class standing, and good moral character. The selection of these learners who will be entering the military academy was just like picking a cream of crop. Some of those individuals who were chosen seem destined towards their military field preference. Megan Edson of Wolfeboro was given a nomination upon entering into the Air Force Academy. According to her, she already wanted to become a pilot and for the known years this will be the right decision that she will be making for her life.

The twin brothers Nathen and Pascal DeMeo from Derry both receive a nomination upon entering in the military academy. Paul decided to enter in the Military Academy at the West Point while Pascal chooses to join in the Naval Academy. Those young individuals came from the different High schools and got a nomination from She-Porter also gain appreciation and honor from their respective families even though their future career entails some risks.

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