Testifying Excellence among Various Military Schools

Parents are usually the first people who will be so proud seeing their sons and daughters finish in their schooling successfully in military schools—and of course, excellently. They will really be proud of the achievements their children had attained, and these testimonials will mark as the witness.

Here are testimonials taken from parents and cadets themselves. Parents have really given such credit among military prep schools.

“Our son performed poorly in public school, as he skipped classes, did not turn in homework and earned low grades. We were concerned he would not graduate from high school. We sent him to the MMA summer ERA program to retake two 11th grade classes he failed. The structured, supervised environment provided by MMA proved to be a recipe for success. Not only did he earn superior grades in both classes, but he also achieved the Award for Academic Excellence given to one summer student. We decided to send him back to MMA for 12th grade and his academic performance has shown remarkable improvement, including being named student of the month. The MMA experience also has molded him into a more respectful and responsible young man. For our son, we believe MMA was the right choice.”
Mark W. Beatty, DDS
Lincoln, Neb.

“I am writing to you today to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for my son. William arrived at Lyman Ward in August 2010 an immature, undisciplined, and unfocused l7-year old. I knew he was a very intelligent individual, but he was struggling to pass any of his classes at the public school he was attending. I honestly feared he would never achieve his full potential. Nine-months later he is a confident, well-mannered, and respectful young man who maintains an “A” average and has been accepted to college.
Please pass along my gratitude to your amazing staff.”

Marge Dwyer

“This school has opened my eyes in so many ways! Before I didn’t see a purpose in life, but now I do. This school has changed my life! First, I have never met teachers that care so much about me. Before, in my old school, the teachers could care less about my grades. They didn’t even care about whether I learned or not. Here it’s a different story. All of the teachers, even the staff, care about you. They listen to what you actually have to say.

Next, I have brought up my grades a lot. Now I have matured. I have not only made my future better, but I have made my parents a lot happier. Also, my attitude has changed since I came here. This school means so much to me. It has completely changed my life. I am a lot happier here. I am no longer rude and disrespectful.

Finally, this school is great! You can definitely feel the love in this school. Thanks to this school I have a great future ahead of me!”
By: Bianca Vallejos

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