Proud Parents in Sending their Children to Military

Isn’t it amazing for parents to see their children excel in their studies? They really will be very proud of them, especially when they have their awards—especially when they enrolled to military schools.

The society generally knows that military school training is not that complacent compared to typical learning institutes. The whole learning in itself is marked with the lifestyle the cadets will live inside the campus. It’s not easy, and patience, determination, and submissive attitude to authorities are mandatorily needed.

That’s why students who graduate in such schools, like the California military school for this matter, are really worth appreciating for by their parents. Just like the parents’ quoted testimonials below. They were really expressive in showing how proud they were to their sons.

It is with sincere gratitude that I write this email. My son, Josh Waller, has transformed into a distinguished, southern military gentleman. His last visit home for Thanksgiving was one of the happiest occasions for my family. Josh has grown and matured into a bright, responsible, capable young man. I owe this to you for taking the time to instil these fine qualities into Josh. We are so proud of his accomplishments. He is self-assured and confident in his decision making and is fully engaged in the world. I will be ever grateful to you for the time you have invested in Josh. This is a great success attributed to you fine ladies and gentlemen who played a role in Josh’s career at LWMA. Thank you, with the most sincerity. May your Christmas be filled with good cheer and joy.

Kind regards,

Jonna Waller
(The proudest mother in Texas)

So it is definitely not surprising when your parents will also be very proud of you when you finish your learning in a military school. All they ever wanted for you is to finish school and have the career that you wanted to pursue in the near future. That’s why when they see you walk through the stage and receive your diploma and academic excellence award perhaps, they will have the standing ovation that you deserve: honor!

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