My Kids Became Sportsmen in a Military School

I am a father of three very smart kids in California. I have to tell this story because as a father myself I am sort of very proud to their achievements.

My lovely wife Lutt was really upset every time she was left at home because my three kids who were in their younger years at that time in 1978 were very naughty and they always quarrel with each other. I cannot also find time to discipline them while they were very young because I was so busy and occupied with my job. I was a division chief at that time of a very big liquor company in California. But occasionally during Sunday when we had time together we ate out and took some unwinding in the many theme parks we have visited. I noticed that my kids were kind of fascinated in sports. The eldest John would always love to shoot a ball, Mark also liked to play chess and my youngest son Alfredo would always love to do some billiards.

When they were already in their high school years, I took the decision of enrolling them in a military school. I was thinking that because they were very naughty and smart kids they would do well when they become members of the United States army. That was really my idea of introducing them to a military school so that they can have more time to decide to themselves to do service to the country. At least, when they become members of America’s elite forces, there would be big chances of changing their attitudes.

Later, I was kind of amazed when I saw my kids joining sports activities. In fact, my eldest became a varsity player in the school. When I chanced upon them and watch their game in the school I was more excited because they have become sportsmen like me. I thought they would become bad attitude youngsters in the streets.

I know I was not able to properly discipline my kids because of very limited time. Without me knowing they would still change their bad behaviors. Now I realized how important it would be if we would enroll our kids in a military school. Truly, the mission of the school to help teens and parents is what made me decide to enroll them without discussing further the cost it would take me.

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