Military Prep Schools Can Bring Transformation

Could you possibly believe that some simple military schools for boys can actually make a difference in equipping a child’s development holistically? Some parents or ordinary people might take this on for granted, but as far as testimonials can attest, this is an experience that real people can confirm.

I have here a testimonial of a parent when she took her son to military prep schools. Unfortunately, I cannot name the specific school so I’m going to omit its proper noun for privacy reasons. Nonetheless, the testimony can prove how these military schools can bring change into someone’s life.

Here is its clear statement:

“I write this message to all of those who might be thinking about sending their son to military school.

When asked about [the specific school], the first response my husband and I offer is that [it] saved our son’s life. Yes, he may well have survived high school in the public system, but we were not certain of that at the time. We knew there had to be a place for him to thrive…and we were blessed to have discovered that at [this particular military school].

I know this must sound a bit extreme, but the reality is there, staring us in the face. We look today upon a fine young man who is self-confident, disciplined, and has the courage to face the many challenges life will have in store for him. We do not worry about him, for we know that he has been given the solid foundation he needs to make his way.

Sending our son to [that military school] was no easy decision, as I know it is not an easy decision for parents who might be reading this message. I encourage you to give your son the most powerful gift you could ever give him….an education [in a military school]. Be prepared for a struggle, from your son, as well as within yourself. This struggle may even endure for the first few years your son attends [to it]. I implore you to be strong and not to waiver from your decision. As I was told by a very wise former Commandant [in that school], they need to have the opportunity to work with my son for a minimum of two years in order to truly help him find his way. You, and your son, will always be grateful for the opportunity that awaits him.”

- Janet Terry

So are you convinced that military schools can really bring change to someone’s life?

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