Experience of Military Boot Camps

Several learners of Heidelberg Middle School are enjoying doing the military service of youth Boot Camp such as training them about the basic lifestyle training of military system. This military training experience was entirely geared toward those children who have some parents deployed across the country or even in other nation in order to fulfill their military mission or those parents who are ready to be deployed or even those children whose parents have just recently returned from their deployment areas. By allowing their children to join these youth military boot camp, it will allow their young children be introduce and let them understand the things that there military parents do in order for this military youth become supportive to the career jobs that their military parents fulfill.

During the military youth boot camp, several students are donned for camouflage headbands and keep on watching the military working dogs doing their training of sniffing out C-4 and some drugs from 529th Military Police Company. Aside of that, this young individuals are taught about the basics of the Heidelberg Medical Activity and some physical training. According to the counselor Lynn Mattingly that this military youth boot camp is one of the best ways of supporting those children to cope up themselves especially when their military parents will be deployed for several months in other areas in order to fulfill a certain military mission. In which, these youth will gained a simple glimpse and even taste about the aspect that their parents do while they are away from them. According to Lt. Col. Robert White, the commander of the U.S. Army Garrison of Heidelberg that several learners who attended to this military children boot camp stated that they are enjoying doing in the boot camp especially upon dressing up an armor which is quite cool for them.

Although, most of these military youth that participated in the military boot camp already have an introduction about basic military education because they not only came from a military family but as well from a military boarding school. In that scenario, it’s easily for them to enjoy and adopts the military youth boot camp.

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