Encouraging M.S. Testimonials from Military Officers and Students

A military boarding school or military academy is an educational institutions that’s main objective is to help aspiring young people prepared for service in definite branch of military, but this will depend on the nation’s concern. Specifically, getting into this kind of institution is not easy, but you are assured that the payoff suffices.

Recently, more or less 36 high school parents together with their parents met the representatives of the ROTC and military academies at the Armed Forces Reserve Center from Gazette news released. These students were encouraged to apply for more than one military college to hold plenty of benefits.

In this event M.S. testimonial has been shared by some students how military schools become more and more interesting to attend. Officers give their opinions about the advantages and the benefits to get once they completed their program. Students as well who joined the event have shown their interest to attend military academies and/ or military boarding school.

A junior high school student, named Kera McDowell came to the affair with her father, said that in the military institution she is attending, she involved in student activities and sports aside from academics in class. She is interested in studying criminal justice or Pre-law courses in the next semester.

On the other hand, an Air Force reservist, Lt. Col. Kurt Kewin, gave his best advice to students to find out as early as possible what to work so that they build the most excellent impression when they start their junior year application process.

“In the next two years, get involved in student activities, student government and athletics and anything in your community,” he said. “Spend the next couple of years building your resume, as well as academics.” Kewin told the students about the needed academics such as the ACT and SAT scores, which is 60% vital consideration for application; furthermore, 40% from the extracurricular activities such as sports and leadership skills.

In order to enhance military educational skills and abilities, military summer school is also a big thing to help students in certain concern about their field, especially when it comes to improving their physical health through sport and values to live right!

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