Troubled Teens to Military Boarding Schools Show Compassion

Is it or is it not appropriate to send troubled teens to military boarding schools when all these troubled teen practically needs is a person that shows compassion?

We all know what a troubled teen does, how he acts, and why he basically acts like that. We’re not going to detail what are these mischievous acts since it has been detailed in the previous articles already, but we’re going to dig in why such teens are behaving like that.

Clearly, these teen behave such because they lack guidance, love, and accountability to parents or guardian responsible to them. In fact, most of them feel abandoned, aloof, left out, and even abused physically, mentally, or socially. They feel like they can’t be accepted in the society what they are. Some even have inferiority complex because they lack encouragement from parents. They hardly have a quality time with them. As a result, they ended up misbehaving.

Most troubled teens are looking for attention, that’s why they behave like that. I personally don’t believe that when parents just play their parts and allow their children to grow up full of love, care, guidance, and discipline, they won’t end up troubled at all.

Unfortunately, reality bites that there really are parents that can’t play their part well. They’re just too busy doing their own stuff and forget that they have responsibilities to their children. So who else would fill that love and compassion, along with guidance and discipline to these troubled teens? This is then where military high school takes its place.

Unlike what other people usually say, such kinds of schools are built to complete what’s lacking in these troubled teens. They show the love that they need. Express care to them to the fullest. If parents seem to abandon these troubled teens and “dump” them to military-kind schools, these schools will let them feel that they are accepted, well-taken care of, and loved no matter how broken they are.

That’s the best part about military boarding schools. They always complete what’s missing in every troubled teen.

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