Inevitable Circumstance Inside Military Schools

Military school daily life is honestly very challenging; enjoyable and life-transforming, but definitely challenging also. Whether it could be elementary, high school, or preparatory college military schools, there is no exemption that students will really have a tough life inside since they will be staying in there for a few years.

And one, of all the most threatening situations a military student will encounter inside their military campus is to handle extreme superiority from their seniors. We are not frightening future military school students here. It is but a fact that students will encounter extreme superiority—or worse, bullying or abuse inside the military school.

Such issue is recently being updated when a certain military school in Kansas has extreme superiority issues posted. In fact, the issue was severe to the extent it was brought into court. According to, certain students were mentally or physically abused by his superiors. Quoting the said statement in the taken resource, a student suffered severe mental distress. There was someone also who was also forced to roll in mud, and students urinated on him in the shower. Another student was also alleged that he tried to leave the school and hitchhike home but was tracked down by several students and a ranking faculty member on a highway. He was beaten, hooded and beaten again in the presence of a faculty member.

This is a dreadful experience indeed for a young person who goes to military school. But, like what we said here, it is a military school. If you ask the former students who went to military school, they can assure that they have encountered extreme superiority from their seniors too. Yet, they finished the years of “suffering” and finally won the ultimate price of success. Each student has different experience inside these kinds of schools. Like I said, it’s a tough life inside.

However, if we look on the other side of the coin, it could be indeed threatening that students encounter such abuse inside those schools. If the recorded facts above are really what the military students encountered, does that mean our life is in danger?

I would like to personally hear your side concerning this issue. If you are familiar with the recent news about the military school posted by, I would like you to comment and express your point of view. This is an issue worth discussing for, and reactors like you would mean a lot to the circumstance.

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