Expecting an Incredible Daily Life in Girls Military Schools

Boys are often the ones expected to go to military schools for boys in Texas when it comes to a kind of training that men are looking forward to. But for girls?

Women used to be passionate to go to military schools a few decades ago. But now, since we are now revolving in a world where Facebook and social media dominate, girls don’t seem to like girls military schools now.

Nonetheless, if these girls understand how incredible their life could be when they go to military schools, they might want to consider a second thought.

Life in a military school is generally rigid, scheduled, and remarkably predictable. Girls enrolled to it are expected to really wake up early in the morning as early as 4 o’clock, sometimes as early as five. In fact, students will have a morning exercise that will help them with their physical aspect. After that is their morning hygiene. Most military schools prefer letting their students undergo daily chores. They will let the students clean their quarters, wash their dishes, and other simple day-to-day tasks.

After the physical work, mental learning follows up next. They will undergo leadership training or even drills. Then next to this is the regular class. Lunch break when 12 noon comes and after that, another regular class. After the class, students will enjoy physical activities and sports in various forms. Personal hygiene is the next and a marching period to show salute to the flag. Finally, dinner comes in next, then study time, and lastly, lights out.

This may be routinely to some students and they might get too predictable with the schedule. But the training in itself is incredible. Not only that they will experience a life-transforming incident but this is really going to be the perfect time to develop one’s self from immaturity and dependence. It’s really going to be an experience that every military student will embrace.

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