Boys Living the Military Kind of Life

Perhaps we might think that this would be too exaggerated or overreacting, but thinking how every boy in my society would be wearing a military suite with hands salute really gives me adoration. I personally have a son, and if ever he chose to be trained in his military schools for boys of choice, I would definitely go for such support.

We parents have thought of a common thing about military schools; about how they train our children to become military men. Perhaps we’ve thought that they’d become too serious and forget that they are but children only. Surely we still want them to play and enjoy their childhood, right?

But the truth is, military schools are not really that rigid, stiff, or even that strict as what we’ve thought it could be. True, that they’re going to be trained with discipline and rigidness, but not the same level like that of the high school or college students, not especially more than how the Armed Forces are trained as well. Boys are boys, and the military schools in Virginia know that so much.

Boys in military schools are basically trained with some healthy lifestyles that are most applicable in his daily life, such as waking up and sleeping early, eating balanced meals regularly, studying practices, daily routines of exercises, good manners and right conduct, excellence in everything to be done, and the list goes on.

It’s not really a very easy training for these boys during their first months of stay inside the military school, considering that they are in-campus. Some might even trigger them to stop. But for those boys who have the willingness and decision to really finish school despite the challenging military trainings daily, the fruits of their effort will visibly be seen not just by them but by their parents as well. They will be seen with humongous changes—change that they themselves would be surprised.

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