Charitable Group Receives $460-M for Education Campaign

Dubai – A charitable group in Dubai has received a pledge of close to Five Hundred Million Dollars in its campaign for universal primary education.

Dubai Cares, one of the biggest organizations in the country has confirmed the pledge made by Vice President SheiKh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the total amount of 1.7 billion dirhams ($460 million).

The prime minister announced his pledge during a special ceremony at Madinat Jumeirah Hotel last Sunday, November 18, 2007. The Dubai ruler’s pledge has reportedly doubled the campaign collection of 3.4 billion dirhams ($920 million)

During the ceremony, PM Maktoum thanks the contribution made by the communities, governments, corporations in the country. He said he hopes that the funds will be allocated in a very appropriate manner. He said he had already directed key persons to ensure success of the implementation of the project. The said officials would manage the money and channel the money that will be used at educating millions of youths all over the globe. The organization has already targeted its beneficiaries in Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.

The organization’s goal is also the primary campaign set by the United Nation for the year 2015 (UN) Maktoum added the success of the campaign should be shared by many concerned citizens of the country, businessmen, communities, students, volunteers, and other cultural communities. He also believed that education must be the first in order to help people alleviated from the bondage of poverty. He said large number of the wealthy people in Dubai, as well as the companies are now conscious on their responsibility. “ One of the best things that happen in Dubai is the revival of the spirit of volunteerism as well as brotherhood. Many people have been encouraged to give his share for the betterment of the education industry of the country.

The Dubai ruler also made mention the importance of social responsibility of the people in Dubai so that big goals can be achieved. In this way, the people of the country have always been conscious of their part as good citizens of the country. Meanwhile, Maktoum has already instructed his project coordinators to lead the project by bridges for the success of the endeavor.

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