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Military boarding schools are not new to the young people nowadays. In fact, for those who are looking for a kind of school that will not just teach them the academics and other things that will enrich their minds but also maximize their potential as leaders, train them to become better persons, and equip them with the kind of discipline that other schools do not possess.

That’s why military schools are so fascinating to youngsters. Well, who could not resist the good training and excellent performance these military schools possess? Testimonials proved it, praise reports from parents had said it, and positive feedbacks had confirmed it… it is definitely a yes for a willing-to-be-trained person like you.

And not only does this school highlight incredible training both physically and academically, military boarding schools are chosen for exclusivity depending on your choice. If you are looking for military schools specific for boys, and even more specific for elementary levels, you have so many schools to choose from. United States alone has several military schools and believe me, most of them are elite.

Not only that these kinds of schools provide drills and other physical work to push the students’ limits, but the school is even fit to develop the emotional and even spiritual aspects. You might have thought that these schools will only let students had their push ups all the time; well, that’s not always the case though this is part of the routine. But the school is also concerned with the welfare of the students.

Most teachers seem to be too tough to impose discipline to the students, but hey, it’s going to be worth it. In fact, with the teachers’ attitude to execute chastisement rather than toleration makes them a very trustworthy mentor.

So if you are looking for a specific school, there are lots you can search at. Care to start from the military schools in Kentucky perhaps. Pretty sure you will find various options in there. Take this choice.

If you are thinking about sending your kid to an army school maybe you are balancing pros and cons about what this decision on to your child’s future. Here you have 5 things that military schools would help that you kid will become in a sensible adult.

1. Discipline. Most over with rebel kids o those whom their parents can control anymore, orderliness will help the kid’s attitude change and think over how they behave before.
2. Fellowship. Everyday life shared with other kids ans help each other to get through problems helps forge bonds of fellowship between students.
3. Order. Time, activities, and discipline force the kid to keep everyday life organized and this will continue during his/her life
4. Physical Activity: Military Schools in Texas or anywhere else held a high level physical and sport program and kids learn how good this is for them. Sedentary attitudes are not in their minds anymore and helps to avoid illnesses as diabetes or hearth problems.
5. Education: From elementary military schools to high school education even tough college level degrees high quality education programs are taught at these institutions.

In summary, army and military schools gives to your kids the chance to receive a high level training not only at education but at personal and physical level that will be really useful in adult life.

As we all know, military academies offer many different educational options to youngsters. But today I want to talk about a school which offers a very specific type of education in Spain. I am talking about the Military School of Languages.

The Military School of Languages in Spain is especially designed as an educational centre to perfection the language of those staff members of the foreign soldier and the Spanish Armed Forces which includes the Spanish Army, the Spanish Navy and the Spanish Air force who are assigned to take a specific course.

The objectives of the school are to teach languages and improve the language knowledge in the Arm Forces, as well as teaching Spanish and testing the Spanish level of the foreign staff. Furthermore the school believes it’s important to maintain relations with other centres by promoting and monitoring languages being learning with the foreign staff.

There is a great variety of courses taught in the army school. They offer short, medium and long courses concerning the English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese languages. A total of 4.730 pupils took an exam in one of these courses in 2008.

If you want more information about this school, you can surf to the website of the

Today I want to talk about the different Facebook pages concerning Military Schools. Of course there are a quite some pages about the different military academies you can find in the United States, but I find some of them a bit more interesting than others.

First of all there is the Facebook page called United States Military Academy. This is actually a page for everyone who likes Military schools. With it’s large amount of friends, different videos and interactive subjects, this fan page could be interesting for you to join and interact with other people.

Furthermore the Facebook page of the West Point Military Academy is interesting as well. With almost 10.000 fans, many updates, nice pictures and interesting information, the West Point – The U.S. Military Academy fan page could be a good page for you to follow.

There are more and more parents looking for military schools for girls, but there is still a big difference when you compare it with boys. To some parents, it’s too much to handle their daughter going to a military school.

But this way of thinking is really against modern times. Young and independent woman choose to go to the Military Academy because they want to go to the military one day and end up having quality careers. These military schools are producing outstanding students by offering the highest available academic standards and give the girls an excellent opportunity to be accepted in the army.
They will learn the value of discipline, respect and it’s a good preparation for the real world.

That is why the Military Academy is also good for teenagers that have behaviour problems: the structure and discipline help the students to rediscover themselves and get them back on the right track.

Of course it’s never easy to send your child away, sometimes against their will. Furthermore, you don’t know if it’s the best decision or not. Maybe the answer comes years later, if it ever comes. Only you can make the choice and pray it is for the best.

Right now the recession is imposing on choices of parents about the future of their children, which is not always the best.

Lost in a bare-hands battle against the financial crisis, parents now have to fight for the costly education of their children. How can you pay for a good education when this spending is beyond your last resources?

New York Military School is about to close this spring because of the economy crisis that is hitting the parents. A debt of several millions has blocked the administration of the school.

The military school has been preparing students to high standards with the famous ideal phrase: “Educating tomorrow’s leaders today”. Over the years, this school had some of the most successful people who we know today as Donald Trump and Francis Ford Coppola. 121 years will pass in vain when its doors will close.

We can see the impact of the economic situation in the country, affecting not only the workers in losing their jobs, but even the educational institutions. A historic, pride of a nation’s army school is about to fall in that same battle we all face. How can a solid institution that seemed like a rock, can fall like a sand castle? We would hope that the pride of the graduated students who became leaders, would come to the rescue of this military school…

So facing tough economic decisions, parents have one more worry… As well as the trends of the stoke market, the standards of schools and universities are going down. Choices for good education are becoming less important….

Your hair is not important, but your behavior is.

Military Schools are different from Military Academies. It can be hard for a woman to join a Military Academy, but at Military Schools, girls only have to leave fashion behind. Most of these schools ask their students to wear uniform as part of the discipline:  “over there everybody is the same” as one of the students said. The most important thing is to study and have a proper behavior. So they are not going to be asked to cut their hair.

Women at Military Academy do cut their hair but they do this for other reasons: when they go to war, it is important not to have anything that could get them recognizable “Hairstyles with a maximum of two braids may be worn. Faddish and exaggerated styles are prohibited. Ponytails and pigtails are not permitted. When in uniform, hair on back of head may touch but not fall below the lower edge of the collar” recruitment Navy guide explains. So as you can see, you can find differences in terms of discipline. I think maybe it is hard for some of them to be at the Academy because, as explained in several forums, some academies are not prepared yet to have a lot of women joining them. Activities are physically and mentally really hard, but it is very difficult to know what a myth is and what the truth is.

Girls must decide if they are really going to join Military Schools, the process to get in is long, demanding, and a lot of question are asked. As the recruitment guide stipulates, the behavior is the most important issue and, in some of the cases, they help troubled girls teens to control themselves so discipline is the key word, I think.

Tell fashion to go away for a while and be concerned in scores, discipline, self control. Keep your hair long if you want, as a matter of fact that is not going to be important when you decide to get in.

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