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Living the life inside any military school—like of the military school Florida—is either easy or difficult depending on the learner. But no matter how easy or difficult the life inside military schools, its schedule will still be as absolute as their motive to train childish, self-centered students into responsible and independent students in the future.

Here is one schedule from a certain site where it details a student’s scheduled life inside military schools. Get to know them and evaluate whether you can take the risk.

6:00 AM Reveille, wake up call
6:00 – 7:00 AM Clean barracks, personal hygiene
7:00 – 7:30 AM Breakfast
7:30 – 8:30 AM Leadership training or drills
8:30 – 12:00 PM Classes
12:00 – 2:30 PM Lunch
12:30 – 3:30PM Classes
3:30 – 5:00 PM Physical activities or sports
5:30 – 6:00 PM Personal hygiene
6:00 – 6:30 PM Marching period, salute to the flag
6:30 – 7:00 PM Dinner
7:00 – 9:30 PM Study time
9:30 – 10:00 PM Lights out

The schedule above may be lived by someone who is enrolling to elementary military schools. A college life inside the same kind of school has somewhat different. The schedule below is as follows:

6:00 AM Reveille and wake-up call
6:30 – 7:45 AM Breakfast
7:45 – 8:00 AM Homeroom
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Classes
12:00 – 1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 – 4:30 PM Classes
4:30 – 5:30 PM Tutoring sessions
5:30 – 7:30 PM Physical activities and sports
7:30 – 8:00 PM Evening formation
8:00 – 9:00 PM Dinner
9:00 – 10:00 PM Free time
10:00 – 11:30 PM Study and quiet hour
11:30 PM Taps and lights out

This is just a simple itinerary from one of the military schools in US. You see how simple and organized it is right? These schedules, call it boring, tedious, or the most unexciting moment of learning; but for the sake of your training—and even for your own personal development as well—if you are interested, you will not mind it because the only thing you want to achieve is to be trained.

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Have you seen the latest video of Katy Perry? The song entitled “Part of me” portrays a similar illustration of what a military school daily life should be. I recommend you to watch the video first and focus on the military part. The training was in the marines actually, but the military is also the same as it is. Its music video, so you can expect it to be too aggressive in the training. If you want, you can check the video in Youtube.

Observing how Katy’s life is being lived there, what have you noticed? I will detail the video portrayed about her life while in training and examine it as your life inside a military school—perhaps in a military schools for boys.

  • Waking up early in the morning wearing in complete military uniform. Seniors or staff will call your attention as you stand up straight, your hands at your back, and respond to them when they demand answers. This is the time where the common reply “Sir, yes, sir” is practiced.
  • One of the most exciting parts of military training: shooting guns. Of course, on classes, you will be taught with the parts of the gun and how to assemble or dissemble them. As what the video portrays, you will be taught how to shoot the gun with a target. Elementary military schools may not come up to this level yet, but those in colleges are taught already.
  • Military drills. Obstacle courses. Yes, this is the most common practice military students will experience. They will climb up and down on walls, bars, and ropes, carry a person while running, pass through a thorny obstacle, and so on. It’s really going to be a very tough physical training. Well, what do you expect? It’s a military school right?
  • Marshal arts. Military students will be taught how to punch, kick, and how to defend one’s self. Sparring is very common while on training. So if you have had a karate, taekwondo, or jujitsu training before, that is a great advantage.

Of course, you can’t miss the classroom setting inside military schools. Military school Texas is one of the schools in the United States that does not just give physical training to military students but provide also an academic learning as well.

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Military school daily life is honestly very challenging; enjoyable and life-transforming, but definitely challenging also. Whether it could be elementary, high school, or preparatory college military schools, there is no exemption that students will really have a tough life inside since they will be staying in there for a few years.

And one, of all the most threatening situations a military student will encounter inside their military campus is to handle extreme superiority from their seniors. We are not frightening future military school students here. It is but a fact that students will encounter extreme superiority—or worse, bullying or abuse inside the military school.

Such issue is recently being updated when a certain military school in Kansas has extreme superiority issues posted. In fact, the issue was severe to the extent it was brought into court. According to, certain students were mentally or physically abused by his superiors. Quoting the said statement in the taken resource, a student suffered severe mental distress. There was someone also who was also forced to roll in mud, and students urinated on him in the shower. Another student was also alleged that he tried to leave the school and hitchhike home but was tracked down by several students and a ranking faculty member on a highway. He was beaten, hooded and beaten again in the presence of a faculty member.

This is a dreadful experience indeed for a young person who goes to military school. But, like what we said here, it is a military school. If you ask the former students who went to military school, they can assure that they have encountered extreme superiority from their seniors too. Yet, they finished the years of “suffering” and finally won the ultimate price of success. Each student has different experience inside these kinds of schools. Like I said, it’s a tough life inside.

However, if we look on the other side of the coin, it could be indeed threatening that students encounter such abuse inside those schools. If the recorded facts above are really what the military students encountered, does that mean our life is in danger?

I would like to personally hear your side concerning this issue. If you are familiar with the recent news about the military school posted by, I would like you to comment and express your point of view. This is an issue worth discussing for, and reactors like you would mean a lot to the circumstance.

When a student chooses to go to military boarding schools, one of the things he or she will adjust the most is the dorm life. Yes, there will be lots of lessons to learn, meet new people, encounter various weights of training, and a whole lot more. But the most challenging encounter students, particularly military girls are encountering is the dorm life.

Yes, students will really have the challenge of highlighting dorm life because there is a big difference between living at home and going to a boarding school. Of course, with the kind of bringing up that parents are showing towards their children, those children will really have to undergo intensive adjustments. If that child is used to waking up very late, inside the dorm, it will be a whole lot different. The lifestyle alone will really push the students to their limits—and even their patience as well—as to how they should deal with such modifications.

One of the most exigent parts of a dorm life among students is how they should socialize to their dorm mates. Some may not really have difficulties in dealing with dorm mates, but for those who find touching one’s stuff, getting or using things without permission, too much familiarity, and annoying attitudes supremely disturbing, they will really struggle inside. Some students are even socially or verbally abused inside their dorms. For some, staying inside the dorm with a stranger is suicidal to them.

But of course, not everything inside the dorm is really that bad. In fact, there are more good things than the bad things that we can name of. Friendship is one of the most essential things. Students will really develop intimacy and friendship when they are inside the dorm. They may meet new faces in the beginning, but as months pass they will become good friends that they will even be closer than a brother.

Another is the training of the school itself. Since students will live inside the campus, the learning will not only be rotating along the students’ academic aspect. Even their social, moral, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects will be tackled as well. Learning inside military boarding schools are but holistic approach, indeed.

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Boys are often the ones expected to go to military schools for boys in Texas when it comes to a kind of training that men are looking forward to. But for girls?

Women used to be passionate to go to military schools a few decades ago. But now, since we are now revolving in a world where Facebook and social media dominate, girls don’t seem to like girls military schools now.

Nonetheless, if these girls understand how incredible their life could be when they go to military schools, they might want to consider a second thought.

Life in a military school is generally rigid, scheduled, and remarkably predictable. Girls enrolled to it are expected to really wake up early in the morning as early as 4 o’clock, sometimes as early as five. In fact, students will have a morning exercise that will help them with their physical aspect. After that is their morning hygiene. Most military schools prefer letting their students undergo daily chores. They will let the students clean their quarters, wash their dishes, and other simple day-to-day tasks.

After the physical work, mental learning follows up next. They will undergo leadership training or even drills. Then next to this is the regular class. Lunch break when 12 noon comes and after that, another regular class. After the class, students will enjoy physical activities and sports in various forms. Personal hygiene is the next and a marching period to show salute to the flag. Finally, dinner comes in next, then study time, and lastly, lights out.

This may be routinely to some students and they might get too predictable with the schedule. But the training in itself is incredible. Not only that they will experience a life-transforming incident but this is really going to be the perfect time to develop one’s self from immaturity and dependence. It’s really going to be an experience that every military student will embrace.

Have you ever considered your children going to girls military schools? Such option may not be the primary choice especially when your child is a girl. But if you look beyond the feminine side of your daughter, things are really going to be different when she, from a dependent, immature, and irresponsible girl, grows up to be a matured and independent woman.

Your daughter must have been used to doing things yours or her way. She must have been growing up to be given with what she wanted, probably became spoiled. When she get to a military school, surely, she will have a different life.

If your daughter is used to become lazy and happy-go-lucky, in a military school, such attitude is not tolerable. She will have no room for idleness. The school will really push her to her limitations and release the kind of accountable and academically inclined attitude. Besides, with the kind of training and teaching she will encounter inside the school, she will be free from any drug or gang temptations, promiscuous behaviors, and extreme peer pressures. In fact, with the kind of life she will live as she stays inside the campus, she will become academically excellent.

Your daughter must have had a potential of an excellent leader and become a successful person in the future. With the proper training and development she will encounter in our military school, such potential will surely get untapped. Each lesson and activity she will live out from day to day is a stepping stone towards her personal success; thus become a better person. Many people have posted their testimonials and praise reports as to how they used to become too passive, dependent, and mischievous. But when they decided to go to military schools, especially those who had gone to military schools for boys in Texas, their old and rotten attitude melted and they developed a kind of attitude they and their parents will certainly be proud of.

So don’t hesitate to let your daughter—or even your son if you have one—to enrol to a military school. Look for options and various selections in our site if you are interested.

One of the premier military schools in the U.S. exposed how intense their commitment to yield their curriculum and trainings to their cadets as to militaryschool daily life occurrences. Provided that military schools traditions differ a lot from school to schools, but the widespread result still win through to deliver a strong military influence through their daily operations in the vanguard of education most recently.

Though others have some misconceptions, young men and women can be trained inside military schools for success. For over a hundred years ago, Hangrave was one of the military modeled institutions in America with their vision to set the foundation for an institution that will remains triumphant in its operation which still lingers until of today as it soldiers all the way through the years.

In U.S., by and large, military high school, day or boarding military school, co-educational academy, etc. has all similar missions, they intent to focus on their responsibilities in teaching and to discipline cadets. It is apparent that parents really want their children to be disciplined, do their homework, do household tasks, and keep themselves tidy. In a military environment the chance to develop these manners can be achievable.

Everyday in this institution, students are taught to clean their rooms, take their meals on time, wear their military-styles uniform neatly, and attend their classroom lessons and trainings in the field punctually. Military schools furnish many opportunities for their students including leadership and self-discipline that are attainable both in the classroom and on the outer area.

The development of behaviors is highly regarded and to making sure that each student gets a lot of opportunities to use on their adulthood. The interaction with other cadets can build up a lasting companionship that may possibly develop into a real friend where a child is able to turn to in times of burden during school period or after they graduate from militaryschool.

Many of the most excellent and most outstanding military successful leaders have gotten their initiation at one of military institutions; their graduates have come away from the practical experience with a perceptive of special and team regulation, in which serves them the will to well throughout their real lives. Up to the current century, military schools have enthused with the times and encourage future aspirants. Now the exciting new technology courses and the spiraling of traditional curriculum took place to most military settings.

Living the military way seems to be the most questionable decision one can think of in their entire life. Will it worth be time to attend a military school and face all the challenges along the way? What do I earn by letting military education guide me through the path of my career?

Why Choose a Military School?

There is variety of schools worldwide which teaches less strict than military schools. I can always make excuses for being absent and will no be forced to obey a short haircut— why should I choose a military school?

Man will always hate discipline and punishment because it’s not easy to absorb. Being forced to follow a certain rule is a treat to an individual’s freedom; the main reason why many did not wish to be in a military class. But, when a cadet understands the significance of loving discipline and following orders without doubt; the whole essence of the military education will become clear to him — thus, he will consider the military ways as the perfect way of life.

Strengths in Joining a Military Academy

Discipline and organization is the core value of most military schools for boys and girls. Individuals who have graduated from military academies know that discipline have taken them far in all aspects of their life.

Responsibility is a big requirement in military school graduation. Set away the curriculum and being responsible stands out in every military academy. Waking up at 6 in the morning, fixing the bed, and getting ready for the rest of the day are the daily routine of most cadets. Cadets are trained to take care of themselves and live independently.

Laudable academic grades after graduation are no new in the employment world. Of course, good grades will always make good impressions. In a military education environment, all cadets are expected to achieve good grades or else they will face disciplinary actions or even worst – eviction.

Patriotism and love for one’s country. Nowadays, people have taken for granted the virtue of giving love for the nation. As protectors of the country, cadets are taught on respecting authority, giving pride to one’s land, and defending one’s country against harm and danger.

The Immovable Will to Pursue Life’s Purpose

In a military school, cadets are trained to never give up no matter what the obstacle is. Their superiors will always give them hard challenges during trainings in order to test their endurance—this is very significant in developing the cadet’s strong will to survive every trials of life. It’s no wonder why many men in the military succeed in their passion and came to be known as strong leaders in the society and productive individuals in the community.

Academics are necessary for every school to push through. Not only academics but well-performance in academics sets the standards for an education system. These mainly include all the theories, subjects, as well as the curriculum required for every student. A laudable performance in academics is a sign of a healthy and conducive to learning school environment.

But a school can’t be a school if it’s pure academics alone. Its students must be immersed into athletics, social clubs, and musical programs commonly known as extra-curricular activities. How important is this for military boarding schools?

Military schools incorporate a lot of discipline in every aspect of the curriculum. Testimonials from students often describe a tight and on sleeve management done by the institution. When it comes to academic matters, don’t expect that you will go far in a military boarding school if you don’t strive hard. They might as well send you home if you always sleep in class — that’s very costly on your part, especially military school admissions are very selective.

Some students have the attitude of getting bored with pure academics and definitely that would be so true even for those with flaming motivations. Human beings need to have a balance with work and play — that makes life worth learning and living. It does not mean enrolling in a military school gets you eye bugs because of untaught lessons with unexpected exams, that’s a myth.

The truth is military schools understand the benefit of extracurricular activities. In fact, most of West Point’s cadets are leaders in social and athletic clubs— because in every social endeavor, a student can learn things which are not taught in the classroom. Joining a club or a musical band helps you develop cooperation and leadership. It’s necessary for a military server someday to be a good leader and a respectful member at the same time.

The usual extracurricular activities which are encouraged in a military school are:

  1. Youth Clubs
  2. Volunteer Associations
  3. Music Bands and Clubs
  4. Athletics
  5. Prom Committees
  6. National Honor Society
  7. Minority Clubs
  8. And other legal organizations

Extra curricular activities provide cadets with the sense of humanity. It is a quick refreshment of the nerves at the same time shapes their other passion in life. It is also done in order to provide fruitful employment in the future—since it’s been known to boost cv resumes.

Community services are also part of the extracurricular activities in military schools. It’s not only a diversion but a mission to serve the community where the institution sets foot. Community service includes, tree planting, visiting veteran homes, educating children, dental services, and rescue mission during calamities and unfavorable events. Have you wondered what your child will be? Enroll now and see the benefits of experiencing education, the military way.

What does it feel like being a son or daughter of a military dad? There can only be two certain things; moving to a new country and meeting new friends and living up to the strict rules of the family. This is the life of a military brat.

Traveling to Germany, Australia, and other parts of the world is not new for military brats. They have been going shore to shore when there parents are assigned in far places. As young people, they do have lots of friends despite the strict rules of the family. The sad thing is that they will always leave their long time friends at a certain time.

The environment for a military brat however is not the same with other kids. Seeing tanks and war ships are not new for them and some have experienced riding airplanes with their dads. They do have different schools to attend at the young age. When it’s moving time again, military brats will have to adapt to a new learning environment and go along with new classmates.

Military brats woke up in a life full of discipline and obedience. They are told how to fix their bed at a very young age and clean the house if they don’t want any punishments. They are motivated to excel in school for the reputation of their families. And at teenage phase, they are bounded with laws which limit their freedom to express their teenage desires.

Many base children are encouraged to like their dads someday; many have been trained since birth by enrolling them in an elementary military school, few had fought for their freedom for other passion while others have learned to love the path prepared for them since birth — to patriots.

The sad part of being a military brat is seeing their dad leave for war. Months and years could take before they will ever feel the warmth of the hug again. Unfortunately for some, memories and photographs are all that’s left.

But what makes military brats proud is that they are seen as distinct subculture in America. They have been always link to disciplined, smart, sociable, exceptional skills, a high level of multicultural and international awareness, and proficiency in foreign languages.

Studies show that military brats pursue service-related careers such as military service, counseling, teaching, nursing and police work, and high number of Foreign Service careers. World famous stars such as Jessica Alba, Ray Allen an NBA player, Alecia “Pink” More singer and songwriter and many more.

It shows that military brats are considered to be extraordinary individuals because of the environment they are exposed when they are young. Isn’t it a good indication of how military schools education makes big wonders? Definitely it is, think about all the good things that being a military brat has brought to such distinct individuals —it’s totally remarkable.