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This TUI University who is the prime leader of online educational learning have announce today towards the acceptance of this Army’s Concurrent Admissions Program that been well known as this ConAP. Since, this ConAP will entirely be linking this future soldiers towards this respective college education as the time of their enlistment that entirely creates the plan intended for their future soldiers upon joining this college education and entirely be supporting this colleges upon the identification of this future veterans who are entirely be interested upon joining on into this military educational institutions. So, as one participating university of this TUI will entirely be working towards the partnerships of this Army Recruiting Command and for their Service members in order to provide an Opportunity for different colleges or (SOC) towards increasing on this enlistment for college educational capability as one active duty and towards the reservation of this soldiers upon increasing this number of Army soldiers, the reservists that will be enrolled in this college educational program, veterans, and promoting upon the usage of this GI Bill for their educational benefits.

According to Kenneth Sobaski of this TUI University that in order to become accepted on this ConAp educational learning’s institutes it become a privilege for these TUI upstanding military friendly policies and as well to its academics. With that, they are quite proud towards joining forces with this ConAP career development educational program will bring on these educational career opportunities for this respective reservists, veterans, and military soldiers. So, this college have entirely participate this ConAP that entirely become members of this SOC that functions in cooperation for this 15 higher educational associations. This Department of Defense, both the Active and this Reserve Components of Military Services entirely expands upon developing this voluntary postsecondary educational learning career opportunities intended for this service members worldwide.

As a result, the SOC consortium will entirely be following some strict educational academic guidelines towards the acceptance of this career courses from this other colleges that uses on this American Council of Education’s Guide towards the Evaluation of this Educational Experiences for an Armed Services of ACE Guide towards awarding their credit for just least one of this nationally that been entirely recognize towards this testing educational program. So, this SOC entirely enables these schools towards reaching on these future soldiers in regards to this college career education programs selection in this time of enlistment.

Dubai – A charitable group in Dubai has received a pledge of close to Five Hundred Million Dollars in its campaign for universal primary education.

Dubai Cares, one of the biggest organizations in the country has confirmed the pledge made by Vice President SheiKh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the total amount of 1.7 billion dirhams ($460 million).

The prime minister announced his pledge during a special ceremony at Madinat Jumeirah Hotel last Sunday, November 18, 2007. The Dubai ruler’s pledge has reportedly doubled the campaign collection of 3.4 billion dirhams ($920 million)

During the ceremony, PM Maktoum thanks the contribution made by the communities, governments, corporations in the country. He said he hopes that the funds will be allocated in a very appropriate manner. He said he had already directed key persons to ensure success of the implementation of the project. The said officials would manage the money and channel the money that will be used at educating millions of youths all over the globe. The organization has already targeted its beneficiaries in Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.

The organization’s goal is also the primary campaign set by the United Nation for the year 2015 (UN) Maktoum added the success of the campaign should be shared by many concerned citizens of the country, businessmen, communities, students, volunteers, and other cultural communities. He also believed that education must be the first in order to help people alleviated from the bondage of poverty. He said large number of the wealthy people in Dubai, as well as the companies are now conscious on their responsibility. “ One of the best things that happen in Dubai is the revival of the spirit of volunteerism as well as brotherhood. Many people have been encouraged to give his share for the betterment of the education industry of the country.

The Dubai ruler also made mention the importance of social responsibility of the people in Dubai so that big goals can be achieved. In this way, the people of the country have always been conscious of their part as good citizens of the country. Meanwhile, Maktoum has already instructed his project coordinators to lead the project by bridges for the success of the endeavor.

Many parents struggle over the decision how to help their troubled children. In our fast-paced and hectic world many children get into difficulty with schooling. What can parents do for their children to help them? Some parents tend to choose private schools instead of public schools in order to assure themselves that their children are safe. While private schools offer safe environment and good academic performance, they normally cost a small fortune. The best option would be to offer your troubled teen a structured and safe environment where s/he will be able to learn from experience respect and order.

Militaty school is very structured boarding school where children have a regular school year with summer vacation. Some military schools offer a day student discount for those who attend school during the day. Military schools are appropriate for students who do not show any major behavioral problems, but only need more structure in ther lives. Students have to take usually entrance exams and are required to pass with an average to above average academic background.

Be aware that military schools generally have a zero tolerance for students with behavioral problems such as disrespect for people in authority, low school attendance, poor grades, etc. If your child has any emotional and behavioral issues, including ADD/ADHD, clinical depression or ODD, it would be better to look for other educational options.

However, military schools are particularly appropriate for troubled teens who struggle with behavioral issues and require structured environment. Generally, military schools do not offer an in-school treatment programs. Should this kind of services are contracted through a private practice while the teen is at a military school, schools normally are not equipped for teens with major emotional and behavioral issues. Moreover, military schools do not provide a solid follow-up program and support system, which would be vitally important for troubled teens and their parents. Programs of a confrontational nature have been proven to lead to more problems for troubled children.

The majority of military schools cost about $3,000 to $5,000 a month for a nine-month period. Most of them require the entire nine-month tuition up-front. Some military schools may allow you to break the full tuition up into 2-4 payments. Uniforms and other costs will cost about $1,000 to $4,000, the amount will be required to be paid up-front with the tuition.

Military schools’primary goal is to provide structure for your troubled teens preparing them for college-life with the addition of military-type discipline. If your children have some behavioral issues, but are generally well-motivated and seeking to excel and explore new opportunities, this is the type of school you are looking for.