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Troubled teens around the United States are not surprising, honestly speaking. Wherever state you may look, there will always be a case or two which troubled teens get visible.

Teens become troubled when they usually have problems they cannot overcome. They may encounter bullying and blackmailing situations, or they may be the ones who bully at all. They usually end up becoming rebellious, insubordinate and disobedient as they expose themselves to bad influences of alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, PMS, and criminal activities.

They socialize themselves with the wrong people, even bringing them down into their condemnation and dooming state, making them even harder to solve their own problems. For them, it seems like there isn’t any hope left from them to change, especially from us who have seen their faults.

But seriously, there is hope at all. Some military schools in the United States, especially those schools focusing on the spiritual aspect, can help those troubled teens who feel like they have nothing to live for anymore.

If you are commonly looking for some schools that can really help the trouble teen you probably have in mind right now, some military schools for boys in Texas can be added to your lists. Nevertheless, if you want some more options at all, feel free to Google it. You can easily take your choices with it.

If you look for schools—especially military-oriented schools—that are focusing on the spiritual aspect of a troubled teen, that school is most recommendable. Whether we admit it or not, there is really an edge for those schools that are Christ-centred or whose principles lay on the biblical foundation. They always hit on the most inner person of the troubled teen, and, prior to education in the mind, it’s always effective to focus on the soul and spirit of a troubled person.

Care to inquire more in our site for further details.

I always wanted to quote this common proverb every time a child’s learning is involved: “Train a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” So as young as your child is right now, he will need to be trained properly, and one of the recommended ways of letting kids grow and not depart from such knowledge is to let them go to elementary military schools.

In fairness to military school training, it has resulted to positive ones; I mean most cases. That’s why testimonials are made by most sites of military schools because they want to prove that they don’t just blabber; they show to the students with their parents how effective military school training is.

Check out the testimonials below and see how military schools in Virginia changed a child’s life.

“I understand that successful individuals and leaders are not born; they are developed and shaped through their environment and their interactions with those around them. To be a leader or a morally strong individual who can make decisions, one must have a solid academic background, positive role models and a structured environment with discipline, if needed.

My 12-year old son had none of the above when he started [in a military school]. He was in public school and wasn’t being challenged, and things were out of control. Against his wishes, I enrolled him in summer camp and after a few weeks, he didn’t want to leave. He returned to camp the following year, and then, made the choice to start school there.

My son will graduate from [the military school] soon and I am proud of him and all he has accomplished. He is not the same individual. He now has goals, confidence, respect for himself and others, integrity and the willingness to do what it takes to be the best he can be.”
— Colleen Carlton Dunn

Very inspiring, isn’t it? Here’s another one. Hope this serves as an inspiration to you to allow your own kids to go to military schools as well.

“My son was 12, unhappy at his current school and the Marine Corps emphasis at [military school] was a big draw to him. We decided to let him start school there the following year.

Today, he’s a senior and there have been no regrets; we would not change a thing. He’s learned several valuable life lessons such as accountability, not only for himself, but also for his fellow cadets, as well as effective leadership and time management skills.

Additionally, there is a strong mentorship on campus. The DIs and other key personnel become surrogate parents, a critical role and one that we value greatly. They see the ups and downs, resolve conflict, cheer him on when we can’t be there and tend to him in the middle of the night if he is sick. There is a trust and true bond that comes with this relationship. Our son has been at [the military school] for five years, and his admiration, trust, respect and love of these good men are making him the man he will become.”
— Mrs. Joan K. McGraw

“Military schools are extremely structured environments that can help guide young people who lack focus, direction, discipline and encouragement. There is typically a strong emphasis on physical fitness, traditional academics and a value system that prizes attributes such as honor and respect.”

Indeed, as written by Mark Heidelberger, military schools are undeniably one of the best schools to offer not just quality education, but completely holistic personal development as well. This is a school we cannot really underestimate. Testimonials can attest and so does its individual website. Clearly, there is no other school best recommended that military schools.

And if you happen to be currently located in Kansas, you will not be confused for sure as to which military school you would want to go to. There are but three military schools in Kansas so far that you can get to choose from. Here are the lists:

St. John’s Military School
Known to be one accredited school by the NCA (North Central Association) and KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education), this is one to be one of the famous military schools you can get to enrol to in Kansas. It offer appropriate ratio of students as they weigh the proper proportion between students and teachers to maximize learning. Students can get to learn many things indeed, including sport activities and foreign language learning.

Wentworth Military Academy and College
Aside from girls military school, we can only name one particular military school when we reckon the prestigious military school located in Kansas. It’s obviously known to be the Wentworth Military Academy; a school located outside Kansas located less than 20 miles from the Kansas border. It’s actually known as the oldest military academy located on the west side of Mississippi River. It offer various levels of military training prior to other minor academical training including advanced sciences, history, literature, languages, and math.

Tipton Academy
Thinking how we could provide solutions to troubled teens located in Kansas, there is already a military school that deals young troubled men troubling from various developmental problems such as alcohol abuse, anger, drug or depression.

So, which among these military schools are you in to?

There are many military schools in Virginia where collection of resources for military crucial grounds is what you seek for. Anywhere in the territory of America, almost every state has this institution because the nation value the armed forces members and their services to be more enhanced.

However, when you only try to find a military school for a troubled teen intervention, then it might be difficult for you to find one that could fully outfit your purpose; for the reason that these schools provide more for those students considering joining the military.

Even though that there are signs that the military philosophy can accomplish things not simple attainment otherwise, but the military curricula are the first contrivances that take hold not only in private but some public schools too.

In military schools in Kansas, just like in Virginia, the largest part of the curricula agree in several various programs such as military prep school. Aside from this, what military school values are to modify and to develop anyway? These are 3 of the greatest M. S. Values to learn inside military school:

Military schools educate students to possess (1) self-discipline by following their everyday practices including pushing their physical aspect to the limits to stay the power and familiarize themselves to a new and tough environment, which fits to instill for troubled teens if there’s institution cater this mean; a self-discipline that they may have experienced nothing at all before.

It also builds (2) independence that means well to parents; being independent often hard for children to construct especially for those students who grew up dependent to their parents. Military schools in Kansas and to all other states teach primarily the students the tools to do extreme valuable character for themselves better than they ever thought possible.

Military schools produce students to be civilians/ military members. It does not mean that if a certain student is incapable of performing well, they are unintelligent; it is just that maybe they are lazy and undisciplined that is why they acted that way. In military school, whatever the unwanted behaviors will be change direction to get good grades, academic excellence, integrating the entire positive features as (3) good and responsible individual.

Obviously, military schools at large have many benefits. A choice when it comes to the best option for students learning environment, this will best suit to teenagers needs. Is there more important than the children’s future? Find the right military school for your child now.

One of the best features that military schools in Mississippi possess is that it really teaches military school values at its highest peak. Of course, like any military school in the United States, it will always impose training for students for them to develop a highly qualified proviso when they go for a job application and the like.

So what are these military school values that they’ve been teaching? There are lots to detail when it comes to values, but we’re going to tackle the most values specifically and sturdily taught. Here are the lists:

Indeed, discipline is one of the most important values that military schools are teaching. It is really very essential to govern one’s self, thus we must develop the habits of being a disciplinary person. The absence of this value surely will make the student be in chaos that is why this is taught even through some simple deeds.

This is another military school value that is supremely important to make everything smooth towards other people. Respect is taught inside not just for others to ourselves as well. We must honor the people above us, those who are superior to us; likewise to those who follow us. It does not mean when we are on top, we have the right to boss them around. Respect will remind us that we are all common people.

Soldiers, cadets, and all military school students are expected to show loyalty to their comrades. And one of the best places to nurture this moral is by going to girls military school or any military school of your choice.

These three are the basic values that must be developed beforehand these should clearly be visible and obvious to students who went to military schools; or else, you will certainly be questioning the school’s credibility.

Nevertheless, these are essentially taught values that military schools strongly teach, so expect your kids to really grow with these morals after they finish from their military school learning.

“Our chosen military school was the best decision we have made in our entire life. Our son’s life was saved from destruction on this earth and for eternity. The education at [our chosen military school] was the finest he could have gotten anywhere. He became a self-disciplined student with motivated study habits and finished with a 3.9 GPA. He now has the desire and compassion to serve in his community and church, as well as tutoring and mentoring younger kids.” David and Joy (parents)

I quote this from a particular military school site that actually made me realize that indeed, a training of a sincere, core-centered military school is indeed a very effective school that will not just train a student, but will change his life as well.

Not every school has its goal to change a person’s life. Most schools, even the most excellent academic schools we may know of only focuses on educational aspect of a student—and that’s it.

The beauty of military prep schools and other kinds of military schools is that it targets in developing not just academicals of the students, but even their spiritual growth as well. We’re not being religious with this article, but we hardly disagree that people who live their lives according to the walks of God are living in discipline, responsibility, and continuous maturity. Even those hopeless cases, military schools gave a spark of hope at all. Just like the testimonial below.

“We had tried everything we could think of for our troubled son — tough love, Christian counseling, traditional church activities, and homeschooling. But all were to no avail. The military format of [our chosen military school] taught John self-control, physical work and teamwork, leadership skills and integrity. John received love, discipline, forgiveness, and persistent mentoring from dedicated staff members. Our chosen military school] is God-send for our broken family, restoring our relationship with our son. It is a place of hope, a place of love, and a place of renewal.” — Jessica (parent)

Indeed, military schools don’t need lots of words to attest its credibility, but the testimonials of parents will do.

If you’re looking for other military school options, military schools in Alabama are but good recommendations.

You don’t need to get so convinced with all the blabber words of advertisement and online promotion just to be convinced with the effectiveness of a school. Let the testimonials of the real people—real parents—real cadets—who experienced the credibility of military schools speak to you.

That’s why we always include military school testimonials as one of the subtopics to be included in this blog site. There really is an edge when those who experienced military school training can attest how they made the right choice.

Just like the first testimonial I quoted in a military academy’s official website. I omitted the proper name to be just, hope you understand. Nevertheless, take time to read how the Mr. and Mrs. McRae were so happy when they send their son to military school.

“Our son received support, guidance, and knowledge from the faculty at military school for boys that has given him all the tools necessary to succeed in life. We [believe military schools] prepared him for many of the challenges he will face while he is at West Point these next four years.”
Walter & Kimberly McRae

And here is another short but completely persuasive testimonial of a father who allowed his son to be sent to this kind of school.

“Without a doubt, sending Anthony to military prep schools was a great decision. His character was molded in that military academy.”
Michael Groover

Still want some more testimonials? Here’s one more:

“Not only did [our chosen military school] change Bentz’s life, it changed our entire family’s life in a more positive way realizing such accomplishments are feasible within short periods of time for all young men at the Academy.”
Jeanne Tourtellot

So hope you’re convinced that military schools are effective in training and equipping children—boys and girls, and teens alike. If you want, you can prove it to yourself. Allow your kids to experience a life-transforming education and be fascinated with the effectiveness of our kind of school!

What is it really going to be when a student really decides to enroll and live their educational years inside girls military schools? Would their lives be changed drastically? Would they really be adjusting lots of things from their used-to-live-and-do lives to a life inside military schools?

There’s really going to be lots of changes alright, and oftentimes, girls and boys alike will experience changes that will demand their adjustments to it. Most of the time, they’re going to feel pain, especially when they resist even simple house rules inside the schools. But if they allow themselves to be developed, it will all be worth it.

Now, to give a simple glimpse of what’s it going to be when students live inside, perhaps in California military school, the provided schedule below posted by a military school’s site might give you some ideas. Not every military school has the same schedule like this one, but as far as the school’s schedule is concerned, they perceive that the itinerary they have are effective to nurture and develop their students in a holistic manner.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
7:00 – 7:30 Non-boarding cadets report to campus.
7:50 – 8:00 School formation ensures all cadets are present, in uniform, and accountable for classes.
8:00 – 1:55 Period 1-6 classes’ meet (classes are forty-five minutes in duration).
2:00 – 2:55 Tutorial – Teachers are available in their classrooms for individualized assistance.
3:15 – 4:00 Physical Training with Residential Life Staff, or
3:15 – 5:15 Organized Team Sports

On Wednesday, the tutorial period is shortened to allow for a mandatory school assembly as part of our character development program.

7:00 – 7:30 Non-boarding cadets report to campus.
7:50 – 8:00 School formation ensures all cadets are present, in uniform, and accountable for classes.
8:00 – 11:50 Period classes 1-3 meet (classes are 70 minutes in duration).
12:45 – 1:15 Tutorial – Teachers are available in their classrooms for individualized assistance.
1:30 – 3:15 Drill/ASB Time
3:30 – 4:15 Physical Training with Residential Life Staff, or
3:30 – 5:15 Organized Team Sports

7:00 – 7:30 Non-boarding cadets report to campus.
7:50 – 8:00 School formation ensures all cadets are present, in uniform, and accountable for classes.
8:00 – 11:50 Period classes 1-3 meet (classes are 70 minutes in duration).
12:15 Non-boarding cadets may depart campus.

“It amazes me that this whole thing started with a casual conversation Eric had with Carol Ann. You see, he had started ninth grade at our local public high school and suddenly found himself in classes with 40 other students. The teachers seemed unresponsive to his needs and he felt like he was being herded through a system that didn’t have resources, time, or frankly the desire to pay attention to him….Eric found [California military school] a couple of weeks later…I can’t tell you how proud of him we are. He loves the school and I believe he truly understands he is learning far more valuable lessons at [military school] than just the school work.”
- John Tucker, Parent

My apologies for omitting the exact name of the school mentioned above by a parent’s testimonial in a certain site. My point here is to express how military schools really helped students from all learning levels—whether he’d be an elementary, junior high or prep student—and that these schools really had an edge in providing the proper, rightful, and warranted education that they need.

As parents, you will really want your kids to grow up packed with educational loads important for him as a person not just being civilized but a person with character as well. We cannot deny that some schools are just too crowded to cater every student need, and certainly a teacher inside a crowded room cannot fully accommodate each student with different requirements. Private schools really should be recommended during these situations. And as far as private learning is concerned, nothing is really more suitable than choosing military school training above any others.

In the United States, there are so many military academies and institutions built for your child’s development for the future, specifically military schools in Georgia. For lists of schools that you think would fit for your own child’s education, browse more in our site.

One of the most recommended schools that have really been promoted in various times is really the military schools in Georgia. Who wouldn’t want to come to these kinds of schools? Considering that boys—especially girls as well—can complete their educational attainment here without minding any emotional or academic problems at all.

Our schools in Georgia are really great. With its military ambiance and principle, they are sure to come up trained, equipped, and mobilized for their own greater good. They’re going to grow up as responsible adults ready to make a difference in the society.

Do you know why we keep on saying these things? This is not just for the sake of promotion. Military schools located in Georgia is really the school best for you or for any student of all ages that is willing to be disciplined and be equipped in such manner that he will also grow up emotionally stable. Even the elementary military schools there are best recommended as well. Whether they’d be highly regarded students with excellent academic performances, or troubled that needs care, special attention, and extraordinary equipping, Georgia is the right place for them.

Seriously, one of the things I personally like in this school is that they always include spiritual growth among their students. Not every military school in the United States has this concept, but in Georgia, they desire to let their kids grow up knowing the Lord. They even have bible courses that teach biblical Christian values and ethics. As a parent, a guardian, or concerned family member, you will want to let your kids knowing the divine truth and live a life of it. don’t you want them to become equipped not just in the academics but also in his spiritual life as well?

So if you interested, feel free to explore more in our site.