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Have you considered military schools in Kansas as your option to help troubled teens? You must have taken military schools as an option to find the kind of education that you have been looking for. If you are searching for a military school specifically located in United States, then Kansas is a suitable option for you.

In Kansas, you can find the kind of programs that you are expecting from an excellent military school. It has treatment programs specifically for struggling youth in a military-style environment. Such program emphasizes on discipline and physical conditioning and is targeting the learner’s development and recovery.

The same also with military schools in Georgia, Kansas military schools offer the most treatment care that student with needs demand. According to the Family Compass, treatment care and military experts agree that a confrontational model, employing tactics of intimidation and humiliation, is counterproductive for most youth. For them, teenagers that have emotional, behavioral, substance abuse, such teens are in desperate need of assistance.

It’s been said that that the positive changes demonstrated while in military schools usually do not last when a teen returns to his Kansas community. According to Family Compass once again, many teens report that the program is helpful to them and they feel more positive about their futures. “It is unclear, however, whether these attitudinal changes persist after teens leave the Military School, or whether they are related to actual changes in behavior once a youth returns to his community.”

That is why you need to always be with that teenager if he or she really is troubled. If by any means, these teenagers have been causing trouble towards other teens, they need to be assisted. We don’t want their lives to be ruined because they really have not known what they’re doing. They need to be guided. They need to be assisted. If you choose to let them be helped, military schools in Kansas are but a big assistance to them.

Have you seen the latest video of Katy Perry? The song entitled “Part of me” portrays a similar illustration of what a military school daily life should be. I recommend you to watch the video first and focus on the military part. The training was in the marines actually, but the military is also the same as it is. Its music video, so you can expect it to be too aggressive in the training. If you want, you can check the video in Youtube.

Observing how Katy’s life is being lived there, what have you noticed? I will detail the video portrayed about her life while in training and examine it as your life inside a military school—perhaps in a military schools for boys.

  • Waking up early in the morning wearing in complete military uniform. Seniors or staff will call your attention as you stand up straight, your hands at your back, and respond to them when they demand answers. This is the time where the common reply “Sir, yes, sir” is practiced.
  • One of the most exciting parts of military training: shooting guns. Of course, on classes, you will be taught with the parts of the gun and how to assemble or dissemble them. As what the video portrays, you will be taught how to shoot the gun with a target. Elementary military schools may not come up to this level yet, but those in colleges are taught already.
  • Military drills. Obstacle courses. Yes, this is the most common practice military students will experience. They will climb up and down on walls, bars, and ropes, carry a person while running, pass through a thorny obstacle, and so on. It’s really going to be a very tough physical training. Well, what do you expect? It’s a military school right?
  • Marshal arts. Military students will be taught how to punch, kick, and how to defend one’s self. Sparring is very common while on training. So if you have had a karate, taekwondo, or jujitsu training before, that is a great advantage.

Of course, you can’t miss the classroom setting inside military schools. Military school Texas is one of the schools in the United States that does not just give physical training to military students but provide also an academic learning as well.

For more and further details about the setting of a military school and how students live in it, feel free to browse our site more.

Looking for a prospected military school for you to study? There are actually lots of options you can certainly choose from. Military schools in Kentucky are a good recommended school especially if you are particularly looking forward for an excellent learning. If you want another option, well, military schools California are also good choices too. You can assure that you will have a quality learning that you have always been looking forward to.

Nonetheless, regardless of what military school you choose to go, you will guarantee a positive result once you begin your learning.

Take a look at this particular military school described through the testimonials below. St. John’s Military School has touched the lives of various young people. Perhaps you want to be one of the many? Take a look at these.

“I want to thank God for giving my parents the knowledge and insight to know that sending me to St. John’s Military School was the right decision. You see, it is at St. John’s that I was taught true leadership. I was shown that a person’s observable behavior is an indication of his character. To have the reputation of being of outstanding character is, in my mind, the greatest of attributes.

I loved St. Johns Military School. When I reflect on that part of my life it seems that my teenage years were characterized as fortunate providence that somehow, contrived to embed in me a sense of discipline and responsibility. After five years of SJMS, Virginia Military Institute was a splendidly blissful complement.”
- Peter Wilcox, Battalion Commander, 2002

“To all the St. John’s Military School family, many thanks, for I would not be where I am today if wasn’t for all your hard work and dedication. For a young man with a poor self-esteem, I have since considered myself somewhat of a “little engine that could,” never saying “never.” You not only provided me with confidence, but a perspective of industry and integrity that will forever serve myself and this country. You cast the mold and did the shaping, I only carry the brand.”
- Matt Rohlman, 2004 graduate

“My memories of St. John’s Military School are rich and varied. It was there that I learned the important concepts of leadership, duty and honor to country, and the importance of faith in the development of the whole person. As I look back on my life, I am grateful for what St. John’s provided for me in my development. I credit all of my accomplishments to the character building that began at St. John’s. The uniqueness of my high school experiences at St. John’s make me appreciate my 4 years there in a way that could not have been as rich and varied had I gone to a regular high school. I have an optimism and steadfast belief in my abilities that all began at St. John’s.”
- Jeff Broome, 1971, Professor and Author

So we urge you to go to military schools if you really are interested. For more details, click more about what our site contains.

Military school daily life is honestly very challenging; enjoyable and life-transforming, but definitely challenging also. Whether it could be elementary, high school, or preparatory college military schools, there is no exemption that students will really have a tough life inside since they will be staying in there for a few years.

And one, of all the most threatening situations a military student will encounter inside their military campus is to handle extreme superiority from their seniors. We are not frightening future military school students here. It is but a fact that students will encounter extreme superiority—or worse, bullying or abuse inside the military school.

Such issue is recently being updated when a certain military school in Kansas has extreme superiority issues posted. In fact, the issue was severe to the extent it was brought into court. According to, certain students were mentally or physically abused by his superiors. Quoting the said statement in the taken resource, a student suffered severe mental distress. There was someone also who was also forced to roll in mud, and students urinated on him in the shower. Another student was also alleged that he tried to leave the school and hitchhike home but was tracked down by several students and a ranking faculty member on a highway. He was beaten, hooded and beaten again in the presence of a faculty member.

This is a dreadful experience indeed for a young person who goes to military school. But, like what we said here, it is a military school. If you ask the former students who went to military school, they can assure that they have encountered extreme superiority from their seniors too. Yet, they finished the years of “suffering” and finally won the ultimate price of success. Each student has different experience inside these kinds of schools. Like I said, it’s a tough life inside.

However, if we look on the other side of the coin, it could be indeed threatening that students encounter such abuse inside those schools. If the recorded facts above are really what the military students encountered, does that mean our life is in danger?

I would like to personally hear your side concerning this issue. If you are familiar with the recent news about the military school posted by, I would like you to comment and express your point of view. This is an issue worth discussing for, and reactors like you would mean a lot to the circumstance.

Yes, you read it right. Though not every military school is accepting troubled teens to welcome them, most of the military institutions are aiding teenagers that need emotional and psychological attention. In fact, various military programs in Texas alone are implemented just to render assistance to the troubled teens that need immediate attention.

According to Parents resources, any child that has behavioral issues needs to be assisted in a military school program. Such issues cover the following descriptions:

• Family Conflict
• Blatant Disregard of Rules
• Withdrawn From Family
• Abrupt Change in Personality
• Never at Fault
• Uncontrollable Anger
• Poor Emotional Control
• Manipulative
• Lying – Stealing
• Lack of Motivation
• Conduct Disorder
• Hanging With the Wrong Crowd
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Bipolar Disorder
• Low Self-Esteem
• Attention Deficit Disorder (add)
• Hyperactive Disorder (adhd)
• Depression
• Attempted or Threats of Suicide
• Drug Abuse

If you know someone who has such symptoms, I urge you to help that person by letting him or her be sent to a military school in Texas. In fairness, Texas has so many programs to offer that specify such need. Interested in knowing the details? Here are the lists.

• Military School Texas
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder Treatment
• Conduct Disorder Treatment in Texas
• Wilderness Programs and Brat Camps
• Residential Treatment Centers in Texas
• Eating Disorders Treatment
• Teen Juvenile Brat Camps
• Military Schools for Troubled Teens
• Military Schools for Girls
• Depression Treatment Programs
• Teen Suicide Prevention Programs
• Drug Rehab Programs in Texas
• Substance Abuse Treatment
• Find Your Runaway
• ADD/ADHD Treatment
• Boarding Schools
• Vocational Military Schools
• Equine Therapy in Colorado
• Young Adult Boarding Schools
• Halfway House
• In-Home Coaching
• Parenting Tips and Advice
• Therapy

For further inquiries and necessities, feel free to comment and browse more in our site.

Parents are usually the first people who will be so proud seeing their sons and daughters finish in their schooling successfully in military schools—and of course, excellently. They will really be proud of the achievements their children had attained, and these testimonials will mark as the witness.

Here are testimonials taken from parents and cadets themselves. Parents have really given such credit among military prep schools.

“Our son performed poorly in public school, as he skipped classes, did not turn in homework and earned low grades. We were concerned he would not graduate from high school. We sent him to the MMA summer ERA program to retake two 11th grade classes he failed. The structured, supervised environment provided by MMA proved to be a recipe for success. Not only did he earn superior grades in both classes, but he also achieved the Award for Academic Excellence given to one summer student. We decided to send him back to MMA for 12th grade and his academic performance has shown remarkable improvement, including being named student of the month. The MMA experience also has molded him into a more respectful and responsible young man. For our son, we believe MMA was the right choice.”
Mark W. Beatty, DDS
Lincoln, Neb.

“I am writing to you today to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for my son. William arrived at Lyman Ward in August 2010 an immature, undisciplined, and unfocused l7-year old. I knew he was a very intelligent individual, but he was struggling to pass any of his classes at the public school he was attending. I honestly feared he would never achieve his full potential. Nine-months later he is a confident, well-mannered, and respectful young man who maintains an “A” average and has been accepted to college.
Please pass along my gratitude to your amazing staff.”

Marge Dwyer

“This school has opened my eyes in so many ways! Before I didn’t see a purpose in life, but now I do. This school has changed my life! First, I have never met teachers that care so much about me. Before, in my old school, the teachers could care less about my grades. They didn’t even care about whether I learned or not. Here it’s a different story. All of the teachers, even the staff, care about you. They listen to what you actually have to say.

Next, I have brought up my grades a lot. Now I have matured. I have not only made my future better, but I have made my parents a lot happier. Also, my attitude has changed since I came here. This school means so much to me. It has completely changed my life. I am a lot happier here. I am no longer rude and disrespectful.

Finally, this school is great! You can definitely feel the love in this school. Thanks to this school I have a great future ahead of me!”
By: Bianca Vallejos

One of the sad facts about troubled teenagers is that they honestly have not admitted that they are troubled at all. They are aware that they have the symptoms, but they don’t want to be treated. Worse, they refuse to confront their issue because they wanted to be just as they are. They don’t want to be treated. They refuse to do so because their thinking is usually this: “this is my life. As long as I’m not hurting anyone, I will with this.” Well too bad they actually didn’t know that they are hurting the people around them already.

A troubled teen has the usual symptoms that they are indeed troubled:

• Distancing from the Family
• Lying
• Isolating from the Family
• Drop in Academic Performance
• Separation from Established Family Identities
• Dress and Grooming
• New Friends
• Lack of Motivation
• Drug Use
• Cutting
• Promiscuity
• Running Away
• Insubordination
• Intense Smoking and Drinking
• Suicidal

If few, most, or all of the mentioned lists above describes your friend, sibling, classmate, or neighbor, they desperately need guidance. In fact, they need to be treated, if we should say that. California military school may be a good option but boarding schools are even better—specifically military boarding schools for this manner. And if you are thinking that there are only a few known boarding schools that will assist such need, think again. There are actually lots of boarding schools around United States willing to render assistance. Here are just a few:

• Alaska
• Alabama
• Arkansas
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Florida
• Georgia
• Idaho
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kansas
• Kentucky
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Missouri
• Montana
• North Carolina
• North Dakota
• New Hampshire
• Nevada
• New York
• Oklahoma
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• South Dakota
• Texas
• Virginia
• West Virginia
• Wyoming

When a student chooses to go to military boarding schools, one of the things he or she will adjust the most is the dorm life. Yes, there will be lots of lessons to learn, meet new people, encounter various weights of training, and a whole lot more. But the most challenging encounter students, particularly military girls are encountering is the dorm life.

Yes, students will really have the challenge of highlighting dorm life because there is a big difference between living at home and going to a boarding school. Of course, with the kind of bringing up that parents are showing towards their children, those children will really have to undergo intensive adjustments. If that child is used to waking up very late, inside the dorm, it will be a whole lot different. The lifestyle alone will really push the students to their limits—and even their patience as well—as to how they should deal with such modifications.

One of the most exigent parts of a dorm life among students is how they should socialize to their dorm mates. Some may not really have difficulties in dealing with dorm mates, but for those who find touching one’s stuff, getting or using things without permission, too much familiarity, and annoying attitudes supremely disturbing, they will really struggle inside. Some students are even socially or verbally abused inside their dorms. For some, staying inside the dorm with a stranger is suicidal to them.

But of course, not everything inside the dorm is really that bad. In fact, there are more good things than the bad things that we can name of. Friendship is one of the most essential things. Students will really develop intimacy and friendship when they are inside the dorm. They may meet new faces in the beginning, but as months pass they will become good friends that they will even be closer than a brother.

Another is the training of the school itself. Since students will live inside the campus, the learning will not only be rotating along the students’ academic aspect. Even their social, moral, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and psychological aspects will be tackled as well. Learning inside military boarding schools are but holistic approach, indeed.

So if you are looking for lists of prominently excellent military boarding schools, feel free to Military School site.

Assisting troubled teens is one challenging thing to do. It’s in fact, very exigent because you will not just let that troubled teen know that he or she is troubled but you should also let him or her be opened to medical and emotional assistance. For some, this fact cannot easily be accepted. They don’t even recognize that they are troubled already. So for signs and symptoms about how a troubled teen behaves, here is the list:

• Teens struggling with basic family rules and expectations
• Has been suspended, expelled, truant or had a drop in school grades
• Associates with a negative peer group
• Teens’ appearance or personal hygiene out side your family standards
• Has troubles with family authority

Other military institutions like the military schools in Mississippi may give assistance to such troubled teens. Indiana military schools can even be of some help as well. However, it’s a whole lot better if these troubled teens will be taken to treatment centers and specialty boarding schools to be rendered with utmost care and attention. We all know the issues of not letting troubled teens get inside military schools because it is a school for the norms.

Here are some of the programs boarding schools are offering to troubled teens that I think would be best for your troubled teen as well:

• Top Rated Youth Programs
• Excellent Locations – Easy Access
• Teen Transport Services Available
• Residential Treatment Centers
• Annual Payment Discounts
• Long Term Results
• Accredited Specialty Schools
• Individual Education Plans
• Character and Self-Esteem Building
• Financing Available
• Boarding Schools for Boys and Girls
• Help with Drug/Alcohol Addiction Problems
• Certified Teachers
• ADHD Treatment
• Specialized Help for Struggling & Troubled Teens

So don’t hesitate to allow your troubled teens to wander around their crooked paths and get them to the rightful path instead. Do this by letting them go to specialized schools that will help them with their needs.

We parents have always wanted only the best for our children. And of course, when it comes to our kids’ education, we don’t want to get procrastinated with it. We will still and choose excellence to it. That’s why if you are looking for a comprehensive, complete, and holistic approach of developing your kids with their academic, mental, and even spiritual aspects of your child, choose to let go to military boarding schools.

Boarding schools are famously known to fully teach kids in various ages. Its curriculum is versatile, and so as their staff, teachers, and students as well. We have written in our past articles how these kinds of exclusive schools can push students to their limits, and with the influence and training in a military perspective, the results will be even more impressive.

And in fairness, there are lots of choices you can select when it comes to these kinds of schools. Whether you like girls military schools or military schools for boys, in the United States, you have several choices. The lists of schools are listed below as follows.

• Army & Navy Academy
• Chamberlain-Hunt Academy
• Culver Military Academy
• Fishburne Military School
• Florida Air Academy
• Fork Union Military Academy
• Georgia Military College
• Hargrave Military Academy
• Howe Military School
• Kemper Military School & College
• Lyman Ward Military Academy
• Marine Military Academy
• Massanutten Military Academy
• Millersburg Military Institute
• Missouri Military Academy
• New Mexico Military Institute
• New York Military Academy
• Oak Ridge Military Academy
• Randolph-Macon Academy
• Riverside Military Academy
• San Marcos Baptist Academy
• St. John’s Military School
• St. John’s Northwestern Academy
• St. Thomas Military Academy
• Texas Military Institute
• Wentworth Military Academy

I assume that with these listed schools you have chosen a specific school that you have in mind. For more inquiries, you may search for your prospected school in your favorite search engine and familiarize it. Perhaps that is already the school that you are looking for—the perfect institution that will unleash your children’s potential.