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Military boarding schools often receive false impression regarding the system of their education, as if students regularly involve in fighting against their co-students, otherwise, trigger more their aggressive behavior; however, all of that fallacies only poison the parents and students mind. When you really view the fact about these institutions, the proven success could be the only key to determine your own opinion, whether you deem as well the whatsoever wrong accusations about military schools.

Innumerable counts of students who graduated from military educational institutions have obtained their successful life due to the comprehensive benefits they received while they are studying in this type of educational environment. Most especially to those students who wanted to endeavor the existence in military career, once and for all, the largest part of them have indulged in the line of work they wish to attain whilst enduring the education indicating the whole aspects of a human being to be all positioned on positive side.

Laying upon you some proofs that’s evidently supporting military prep schools, boarding schools, day schools, and all of its type, the subsequent M. S. Testimonials was disclosed by the alumni of one of the most reputable military institution for girls in the United States such as Culver during a couple of interviews-

Question: What do you think makes your military boarding school exceptional relative to other boarding schools?

Answer: The balance involving the academic system and a military leadership system is made in a way that permits for creativity and careful studies while developing the life practice and leadership at the same time. I think it is this sense of balance that is to acknowledge and credit for the high evaluation of successful alumni. Compared to the growth opportunity in public schools, there is no comparison. Compared to other boarding schools, this balance is what makes Culver so outstanding. Cadets have to learn to become pro-active and take care of all the small problems before they become large. They become masters of doing things in a timely master and not leaving anything out. Yet at the same time they can focus on their studies. When CQ (class time) comes, the primary thought is education. There are many things beyond this at this school, yet the balance between academics and leadership is the reason why makes these boys become balanced young men.

Question: What might you have done differently during your boarding school experience?

Answer: Be passionate about your opportunities. It is hard work and patient to truly succeed, and as a freshman lots of students see themselves in high level in 2 years, with several gold stars as academic awards on their jackets. Those goals should be kept back and are worth working for. Students have the chance to have some remarkable experiences and grow from them, but to acquire the best rewards students have to be pro-active. The staff in school will assist with any problems, inquiries, or idea, get to know them.

In this deep reflection from the certain military boarding school in the US, deep and sincere estimation from the alumni is enough to realize how this school helps cadets/ students.

When it comes to private schools, the United States comes always first. Including elementary military schools administered mostly as private-owned institutions that deemed to be the constructive modifying educational environment of young men and women.

Young boys commonly are in worrisome behavior on their early age, and oftentimes they are not following their parents’ rules. As a consequence, increasing number of parents settle their kid to an educational institution that can assist them in this particular difficulty such as elementary military school.

The firm and steadfast programs and system of learning in military schools tend to be the most idyllic backup to train kids to follow rules. Teaching them austerely about right values of discipline make them discover the positive values in them.

General Information

Top elementary military schools admit students if they reached the 6th grade, and there are schools that accept if they reached the age of 7 to 12. In the United States the following schools are grade schools designed for military education:

  • Fork Union Military Academy located in fork Union in the State of Virginia, available exclusively for boys.
  • Hargrave Military Academy located in Chatham, a Baptist-Christian school.
  • Army and Navy Academy located in Carlsbad, California, available exclusively for boys.

These schools have operated on the belief that young people as kids are not too young to learn on the subject of valuing doing fine services for the advantage of others, by no means. It is better to implicate the values in the period of their age to set reinforcing value of the military service no matter the situation may encounter.

To train these kids along with the main focus of these institutions’ set of courses and programs is the acquisition of a concrete foundation that primarily develops kid’s aptitude in personal, social, and professional viewpoints.

However, another imperative way to inspire kids to attend in a military school-type institution such as military schools for elementary students can only be found at home. Obviously, the home is the only place on earth that offers an intensive and thorough environment for teaching as much as military schools can teach to the kids. If what you intend to send your kid in a military institution, simple things such as teaching and training them to commit positive values and commendable proficiencies in regards to his outlook in life even without sending them in an elementary military school.

Primary education is the important stage of learning. To send your child in an elementary military school establish a great extent to recognize the optimistic side of them leading to know what they will be going to be tomorrow. In their early age of 7-12 they will learn to enhance their abilities and discover characteristics within the period of military schooling time.

With the main spotlight of firm foundation in mathematics and basic science, as well as language, the military students encompass to advance preparation on their next educational stage. Knowing the getting tougher life of students, the rigidity of military institutions instill the virtues of self-discipline, honor, teamwork, leadership and other strong skills that can help augment every individuality aspect of the young student.

In Virginia military schools there is an association for military educational institutions to help the parents of their students to find success in education. The Virginia Association of Military Schools stated that an environment of military boarding school for your child to be with is one of the best and the oldest avenues for achieving triumph in education.

The association assured parents that the state of Virginia offers military schools where education is the choice for more and more young learners and their families who look for successful preparation towards higher education.

Being young cadets, the schools including elementary military school put into the open a precise path for better environment structure and organization by making available a stronger focus of their set of courses and training activities. The real opportunities of this type of learning setting prioritize to create goodness and friendliness to cadets whilst attaining their objective about conferring military guidance.

Aside from elementary military schools, several schools have (MSCC) Middle School Cadet Corps program, (JROTC) Officers’ Training Corps program is reserved for juniors, where both are financially supported by the Defense Department in the country.

Approximately, elementary school cadet corps is a charitable after-school program. The young students are taught first aid, character-building, and responsibility activities. They are entitled to neat wear uniforms too on certain days additional to have military-style training.

As a result, the literature advised that a young individual studies in a more disciplined and structured background, coupled with a basis of responsibility may able to make the most of his/her potential. This view has been confirmed the case by the Virginia military schools through a surfeit of college admissions.

Military schools are aiming to build their students hard-workers, motivating, and good people with copious benefits. Military schools in Alabama are good examples of academies that offer career in the armed forces. These schools give education providing modern and excellent facilities. In fact, student from military schools are known to be most distinguished learners and leaders in the society.

Several parents have believed by mistake that military schools are limited to students who have behavioral issues or who are falling behind. What parents should know is the meaningful accessibility and outcome of the academies given the truth that they foster responsibility and discipline and other character building that are advantages to their well-being.

To support our children to succeed, it is good to give them all the edge they can attain; the opportunity to learn how to be assertive and steadfast. Young people to support their life need to be striving and objective-driven, which is absolute to achieve in a military high school before going to face college.

In the United States, military institutions are not essentially training schools for those military forces. Military high school is often used in the framework of middle schools and college preparatory high schools that employ code of rules, discipline and structure of military.

Military schools are the finest educational setting to prepare a young person to become constructive particularly those who aspire to join military services varying the branch. What should parents know and need to recognize about military schools?

  • Military schools provide an above standard education and academic excellence, apart from the intensive physical and training drills.
  • It differs from traditional schools, because military schools teach the students to control their behavior and show only disciplined character in a manipulative environment.
  • The small classes and the mentors with proficient knowledge about military codes and ethics furnish quality education that will go along way in enhancing all students’ intellectual capacities.
  • It is a comprehensive institution since military schools mission is to modify and instruct their students in both academic and military topics. They administer to competently produce a well-geared student for their future personal aims.
  • In terms of ‘military’ this is the sole institutions that hone students to develop them into future leaders and responsible citizens. Because they instill copious encouraging values: leadership, intelligence, assertive, independence, responsible, prudence, and respectful, all of these characters will help maximize the effectiveness.

Just be noted that military high school and all of the types may not be simple, but expectedly grant great benefits and advantages for your child’s future.

Are you currently looking for military boarding schools? If you are located particularly in Kentucky then these two schools might be a good or even suitable option for you to choose. Since military boarding schools are proven to be excellent schools in nurturing and developing children and teens in a holistic manner, these two highly recommended schools in Kentucky are schools worth commending for.

Oakdale Christian Academy
There are honestly lots of options to select from when it comes to choosing a particular school, but if you are precise with a kind of school that offer rigorous academic environment, and excellent spiritual values pertaining Christianity, Oakdale Christian Academy is certainly the school that you will want to choose.

Targeting the learner’s holistic aspects like physical, emotional, and even spiritual aspects, this military boarding school provides a high quality education with a traditional curriculum infused with a Biblical world view and supported by cutting-edge technology. In most of their small classes, teachers challenge and encourage students to excel academically, and through the living and learning environment students are directed toward a Christ-centered life of service.

Oneida Baptist Institute
Another Christian boarding school for an option in rigid learning and education also accounts this particular school. This is a school for students in grades 6-12. They have an inspiring mission to provide a structured living, learning and working environment in which each student is challenged to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually in order to acquire an Education for Time and Eternity.

So if ever you are interested to know more details about these two excellent schools, feel free to make inquiries.

Most of us have been very familiar with military boarding school and other kinds of military-related schools. We’ve also been oriented as to what these army schools have done in order for the young generation to grow and develop into responsible citizens.

But how effective are these schools really? How are we going to attest it? Well, testimonials from parents who chose to let their children enrol to these schools will definitely serve as good evidence. Here are three of the various quoted testimonials that parents shared in a post. It was specifically detailing a definite military school to which some of you might have been interested to go to.

Here are the quoted testimonials.

“My son attended the Marine Military Academy and I must say that it was a very positive influence for him. He just earned his Doctorate in Education and is a Superintendent of Schools at a large school district in Texas. Thank you MMA for what you did for him.”
- Submitted by a parent

I really cannot believe what some people say about the MMA, It’s the most wonderful school environment ever. Our young men become well rounded and strong in all aspects of their world around them. My Hats off to the MMA.
- Submitted by a parent

My son attended the summer camp program and he had an excellent experience. He worked hard, made good friends, had a lot of fun, got to feel an enormous sense of accomplishment running the obstacle courses and he even learned to make his bed and sweep the floor (lol). He was also in the aerospace elective so he now has knowledge and some experience flying small planes which is SUPER COOL! I am very satisfied with my decision to send him for a month this summer. It was an experience of a lifetime for him and he will take the memories and many of the lessons he learned with him.
- Submitted by a parent

I hope the listed testimonials above served as your evaluator that indeed, military schools are worth enrolling to.

Are you currently looking for an elementary military school for your kids to enroll for the upcoming semester? Perhaps the lists of military schools in Georgia enlisted below might get you interested with.

Riverside Military Academy
For the past 100 years, RMA has help lots of boys to develop into people proud to serve their country. The school is actually an all-boys college prep school serving grades 7 – 12. If you want your kids to grow up matured and responsible, get them in this elementary military school.

Benedictine Military School
For those who are well-concerned in terms of faith and religious beliefs, Benedictine Military School is the best school. It specializes to educate men provided with the right education aligned in a Christian teaching. If you are interested, you can get your child to enroll here as long as he shows an exceptional history of school records, academic testing, interviews and teacher recommendations. Priority enrollment consideration is given to family of current students, alumni, and those who are of the Catholic faith.

Georgia Tech NROTC
According to a military source, Georgia Tech NROTC program was established to instruct and train qualified young men and women for service as commissioned officers in the unrestricted line Naval Reserve or Marine Corps Reserve. The best way to succeed in and enjoy an NROTC career is to become involved.

Henry County High School NJROTC
Do you know that Henry County High School NJROTC is the largest in the United States? Its program is even the top 10% of all 565 NJROTC units nation wide. Moreover, it was also awarded as the #1 overall units in the area 12 by the Area Manager, Commander Hibbard.

Duluth High School NJROTC
When it comes leadership training, Duluth High School NJROTC will really emphasize such training.

So, which elementary school in Georgia would you like your kids to go to?

Have you ever considered your children going to girls military schools? Such option may not be the primary choice especially when your child is a girl. But if you look beyond the feminine side of your daughter, things are really going to be different when she, from a dependent, immature, and irresponsible girl, grows up to be a matured and independent woman.

Your daughter must have been used to doing things yours or her way. She must have been growing up to be given with what she wanted, probably became spoiled. When she get to a military school, surely, she will have a different life.

If your daughter is used to become lazy and happy-go-lucky, in a military school, such attitude is not tolerable. She will have no room for idleness. The school will really push her to her limitations and release the kind of accountable and academically inclined attitude. Besides, with the kind of training and teaching she will encounter inside the school, she will be free from any drug or gang temptations, promiscuous behaviors, and extreme peer pressures. In fact, with the kind of life she will live as she stays inside the campus, she will become academically excellent.

Your daughter must have had a potential of an excellent leader and become a successful person in the future. With the proper training and development she will encounter in our military school, such potential will surely get untapped. Each lesson and activity she will live out from day to day is a stepping stone towards her personal success; thus become a better person. Many people have posted their testimonials and praise reports as to how they used to become too passive, dependent, and mischievous. But when they decided to go to military schools, especially those who had gone to military schools for boys in Texas, their old and rotten attitude melted and they developed a kind of attitude they and their parents will certainly be proud of.

So don’t hesitate to let your daughter—or even your son if you have one—to enrol to a military school. Look for options and various selections in our site if you are interested.

Looking for military schools for boys in Texas is one of the options parents are choosing when they want their sons to go to military schools. For some, California military school is their choice as well.

But no matter what choice of location a parent like you would prefer choosing, as long as it is a military school, you can guarantee that your child will learn the full maximum results. You want verbal testimonials? Here are positive feedbacks from alumni themselves who enrolled in a particular military school.

“It’s been nearly twenty years since I graduated from [MMA], and I often think back on my experiences there…The strict academic curriculum and wide variety of extracurricular activities obviously contributed greatly to my learning experience. However, what I regard as the most important aspect of my education stems from my close interaction with such fine human beings as my drill instructor, MSgt John McLaughlin, my teachers, and others on both the military and academic staffs. They provided me with such diverse perspectives on life and its many challenges that I learned to adapt to my ever changing circumstances in ways some would find impossible.”
-Tim Parkhurst, GySgt (Sel)
MMA Class of 1986

“At the age of 11 I had no discipline or direction. I was what one might call a street urchin. I passed my time getting bad grades in school and causing trouble with my friends in the neighborhood. I was very excited about the prospect of going to [MMA] though. My dad was in the Air Force and his dad was a Marine. I had a lot of respect for my Granddad and thought the Marines might be “fun”. It was not a lot of fun in the beginning but it gave me what I lacked. After six wonderful years at the academy I learned to follow, to lead, establish realistic goals, and achieve them. In 2000 I retired from active duty as a USAF Major following 21 years of service. I saw my share of combat and left a string of subordinates that feel they are better officers and NCOs for serving with me.”
- David E. Shepard, Major, USAF Ret.
MMA Class of 1977

“As I look back at the years that have passed, I wonder what series of events brought me to where I am today. Success is a matter of interpretation but I have always thought that success is measured in personal, spiritual, and business balance. Being where you want to be, with those that you want to be with and those that you deeply love. If I had to make that call in my own life, I would consider myself extremely lucky and a huge success. I attribute that, or a large portion, to those individuals that I met in my teen years at the Marine Academy. Those men, Master GySgt B. Wolf, First Sgt. LaCourse, Sgt. Major B. Steigerwald, and many more, instilled in me values, integrity and Esprit de Corps.”
- Allen Alexander, USMC (Ret.)
MMA Class of 1970

One of the premier military schools in the U.S. exposed how intense their commitment to yield their curriculum and trainings to their cadets as to militaryschool daily life occurrences. Provided that military schools traditions differ a lot from school to schools, but the widespread result still win through to deliver a strong military influence through their daily operations in the vanguard of education most recently.

Though others have some misconceptions, young men and women can be trained inside military schools for success. For over a hundred years ago, Hangrave was one of the military modeled institutions in America with their vision to set the foundation for an institution that will remains triumphant in its operation which still lingers until of today as it soldiers all the way through the years.

In U.S., by and large, military high school, day or boarding military school, co-educational academy, etc. has all similar missions, they intent to focus on their responsibilities in teaching and to discipline cadets. It is apparent that parents really want their children to be disciplined, do their homework, do household tasks, and keep themselves tidy. In a military environment the chance to develop these manners can be achievable.

Everyday in this institution, students are taught to clean their rooms, take their meals on time, wear their military-styles uniform neatly, and attend their classroom lessons and trainings in the field punctually. Military schools furnish many opportunities for their students including leadership and self-discipline that are attainable both in the classroom and on the outer area.

The development of behaviors is highly regarded and to making sure that each student gets a lot of opportunities to use on their adulthood. The interaction with other cadets can build up a lasting companionship that may possibly develop into a real friend where a child is able to turn to in times of burden during school period or after they graduate from militaryschool.

Many of the most excellent and most outstanding military successful leaders have gotten their initiation at one of military institutions; their graduates have come away from the practical experience with a perceptive of special and team regulation, in which serves them the will to well throughout their real lives. Up to the current century, military schools have enthused with the times and encourage future aspirants. Now the exciting new technology courses and the spiraling of traditional curriculum took place to most military settings.