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Armed Forces Day is fast approaching and so the joy of honoring courageous national servers is about to start. The Department of Defense which mainly oversees the welfare of the Marine Corps, Navy, the Army and the Air Force has enabled multiple benefits for military veterans and their families as well.

As part of the recognition and appreciation for mighty military soldiers, the United States of America have added more budgets for veteran affairs. Aside from that, military children are eligible for several scholarships and college assistance as well as benefits in prestigious military prep schools. Many of these scholarships pay full tuition for college, so that our military children can harvest the hard work of their parents. Other scholarships are depending on the military service status of an individual such as active participation as a National Guard.

Army scholarships for children and spouses include:

  • Army Engineer Memorial Awards (AEMA): The AEMA is available for descendants with parents who can pass the requirements. More often, parents who are serving in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Officers, or a retiree, or a patriot of the nation can provide scholarships for their children.
  • 10 Mountain Division Descendant Merit Scholarship: The merit scholarship is applicable for descendants who have done exemplary service to the World War II 10th Mountain Division — and could range up to five possible scholarships.
  • The Mississippi Army National Guard State Educational Assistance: Active Guardsmen and women can receive tuition assistance up to $4,500 yearly at a respective college institution. However, scholars must maintain a 2.0 grade average in order to sustain the grant.
  • Survivors’ and Dependants’ Educational Assistance Program: Sons and daughters of military veterans may receive up to 45 months of educational benefits for some degree and certificate programs as well as online education.
  • De Anza College Scholarships for Veterans: military veterans who are seeking business, medicine, science, engineering, or technology degrees are eligible for the scholarship grant.
  • The University of Idaho’s Operation: Education: the university boasts the first military veteran grant which does not only include educational assistance but mainly supports the family in terms of daily living. An applicant who has been impaired by a serious and permanent injury during the War on Terrorism or a spouse of the person can enjoy housing, daycare, transportation, and medical help aside from college assistance.
  • The American Patriot Freedom Scholarship: military dependants will have to pass an essay for the grant.
  • Horatio Alger Military Scholarship: available for veterans of the Operation Iraqi Freedom provided they will be enrolling in a four-year degree course and can document financial need.

These are just few of the hundreds of scholarship programs for veterans and their families. Many military schools in Kansas offer admission benefits for military children. These have been done by many universities to give credit for the brave veterans that fought freedom for the United States and the other countries.

The military is the pride of the nation. It is the direct reflection of how progressive a country and it’s growth on the global economic scenario. A respective armed force, projects a healthy country. This is the main reason why a military institution of a certain country must hold on to its core values and objectives.

The United States is considered to be one of the super powers of the world. Not only do they excel in commercial and industrial aspects but also— their military units show dominance by the virtue of honor, loyalty, and service.

Recently, the US Armed Forces helped Japan in recovering from the tragic tsunami disaster. American troops showed empathy and cooperation with their number ally. This makes the United States military forces known worldwide and being respected by neighboring countries. What makes them exemplary to other military forces worldwide?


“Bear true faith and allegiance to the United States constitution, the Army, your unit, and the other soldiers”. Loyalty is the greatest virtue ever existed. It is a product of faith, trust, and obedience. Soldiers are ordered not to disclose any information to the enemy even if it costs their life. Loyalty in the army is observed by respecting the national constitution, obeying their superiors without much question, and showing patriotism even in the present day.


“Fulfill your obligations”. The army is trained to be responsible individuals. What they are tasked to do, they must fulfill it whole heart knowing it is for the good of everybody. They must come home successful with their operations because they know not failure. It is their main duty to protect, therefore, no citizen of their country must be in danger. Duty is not just something to be taken easily; it should be put to the mind and soul. Early on their military education, cadets are trained to fix their bed, and do their daily routines. It is their duty to fulfill, and they find joy in every accomplishment.


“Treat people as should they be treated” Every individual must be give the deserving treatment. The military is a respective place to be in participation, and being respectable means giving due to colleagues, cadets, superiors, and even civilians. Respect without discrimination, respect even he is white or black, Asian, European, or American.


“Put the welfare of the nation, the army, and your subordinates before your own”. In every situation, dilemma, catastrophe, natural disaster, and wars; military men will always look first at the welfare of their people. It is mostly observed in Indiana military schools and the parts of the United States. Cadets are taught to put their interests back at hand and primarily serve their country and their people.


“Live up to all the Army values”. Being honorable is highly appreciated in the army. No matter what happens, a soldier must not compromise his honor and must maintain it on the pedestal for people to see. Honor is earned by living up to the goals and values of the military institution—and primarily rewarded by medals. It is something that can’t be taken away and must be protected.


“Do what’s right, legally and morally”. Supervision is common in most military schools for boys in Texas and Mississippi. Of course, as young cadets they will be monitored. But when they become soldiers and officers in the army, they will be acting on their own supervision and must act accordingly to military values—integrity. With or without someone watching them, they are obliged to do what is morally and legally right.

Living the military way seems to be the most questionable decision one can think of in their entire life. Will it worth be time to attend a military school and face all the challenges along the way? What do I earn by letting military education guide me through the path of my career?

Why Choose a Military School?

There is variety of schools worldwide which teaches less strict than military schools. I can always make excuses for being absent and will no be forced to obey a short haircut— why should I choose a military school?

Man will always hate discipline and punishment because it’s not easy to absorb. Being forced to follow a certain rule is a treat to an individual’s freedom; the main reason why many did not wish to be in a military class. But, when a cadet understands the significance of loving discipline and following orders without doubt; the whole essence of the military education will become clear to him — thus, he will consider the military ways as the perfect way of life.

Strengths in Joining a Military Academy

Discipline and organization is the core value of most military schools for boys and girls. Individuals who have graduated from military academies know that discipline have taken them far in all aspects of their life.

Responsibility is a big requirement in military school graduation. Set away the curriculum and being responsible stands out in every military academy. Waking up at 6 in the morning, fixing the bed, and getting ready for the rest of the day are the daily routine of most cadets. Cadets are trained to take care of themselves and live independently.

Laudable academic grades after graduation are no new in the employment world. Of course, good grades will always make good impressions. In a military education environment, all cadets are expected to achieve good grades or else they will face disciplinary actions or even worst – eviction.

Patriotism and love for one’s country. Nowadays, people have taken for granted the virtue of giving love for the nation. As protectors of the country, cadets are taught on respecting authority, giving pride to one’s land, and defending one’s country against harm and danger.

The Immovable Will to Pursue Life’s Purpose

In a military school, cadets are trained to never give up no matter what the obstacle is. Their superiors will always give them hard challenges during trainings in order to test their endurance—this is very significant in developing the cadet’s strong will to survive every trials of life. It’s no wonder why many men in the military succeed in their passion and came to be known as strong leaders in the society and productive individuals in the community.

Teenagers are individuals who are in search for their identity. They often go rowdy at times but we can understand that it is part of life – and part of the human process. In today’s society where morals and values have become a second option, many teenagers have grown lost and distracted.

One proof of youth as being exiled from the core values is the degrading academic performance of most youth of today. With so many superfluous things in the society, students have been into alcoholism, computer and gadget addiction, and petty crimes which are affecting their daily education.


Tufts University research show that approximately 159,000 students will most likely drop out of school due to alcohol and drug related reasons. Alcoholic teenagers do have the same problems of tardiness, irritability in class, and less cooperation. Often, they are likely to be absent because of hung-over due to binge drinking.

Psychologically, teenage alcoholism affects every student on a particular culture subtly. The acceptance of alcoholism as some sort of “coolness and manliness” has a direct impact on students and their academic performance.

Most road-related accidents are caused by consuming alcohol. In the US, it is sad to know that there a considerable number of D.U.I convicted students before they can graduate from high school.

Legal and Illegal Drugs

Whether it’s legal or illegal drugs, drug addiction is the greatest desolator of teenage dreams. Legal drugs which are taken by most students include alcohol, prescribed medications, aerosols, over-the-counter cough and cold medications, and inhalants. Illegal drugs include marijuana, cocaine, opiates, heroin, and designer drugs.

Students who are into drug abuse may encounter problems in health, emotions, family, school, and anti-social demeanors. Academic performance is dreadful with teenagers who are addicted to drugs.

What School can safeguard your Teenagers?

There’s a lot of educational institutions out there; sad to say not all have the capacity to incorporate strict discipline. Many public schools worldwide are facing the same issues related with drug abuse and alcoholism and still the problems are left unsolved. So, what is the safest school for your teenager who also offers the same academic curriculum?

Military schools in the United States are known worldwide as reputable schools. West Point for example doesn’t tolerate any act of alcoholism and drug abuse. Such military education institution maintains the highest standard over the schools in the US.

Military schools and other army schools don’t speak for themselves but through real life testimonials of successful presidents and leaders of the nation. Troubled teenagers before and now enrolled in military therapeutic schools have recovered from same problems. We should be vigilant enough for our teenagers in keeping them away from the bad influences of the modern society.

The military spending slowed down since the 2001 fiscal year as the global recession penetrated the defense sector.

The global military spending made an increase of only 3 percent in the fiscal year 2011 rising from $US 1.63 million to $A 1.55 trillion according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The United States slowed down its military spending and military investments last 2010 but still ranks number one in defense spender countries. The US military spending grew from $US 19.6 billion into $ A 19.55 billion dollars last 2010.

China and United Sates are reported to be in rivalry with military spending, however, China ranked below the United States according to the SIPRI military expenditure project.

Surprisingly, South America had the fastest growth in military facilities and military spending last year— even though the country had less military threats from the other countries. The numbers were high – with an increase of 5.8 percent in defense expenditures.

In Europe, the spending rate fell down because of the cut downs in order to cope up with the dreadful economy. Approximately over 2.8 percent of overall European military spending was cut —which was considered to be heavy in more vulnerable economies of Greece and Eastern Europe.

Asia had the weakest spending rate —with only 1.4 percent increases in 2009. China was making history for Asian countries as it leads with an estimated budget of $US 119 billion in military spending last 2010.

Middle Eastern countries had an increase of 2.5 percent in 2009 with spending up to $US 11 billion. Saudi Arabia made the greatest military spending of all the countries in the Middle East.

African countries sow and increase of 5.2 percent in military spending led by primary oil producers, Angola, Algeria, and Nigeria.

Military Spending and the Society

It is significant to know that the rate of military spending has a direct effect on the society. High military spending must mean greater effort in protecting countries over possible threats and a great threat to world stability.

Since the whole world is under recession it is crucial to designate more budget for other needs before military necessities, however, that would depend primarily on the peace issues of the country and it’s counterparts. There is more spending for artillery and military forces compared to all areas in the society – especially the world is getting less safe and terrorist’s threats are prevalent.

With the on-going wars and Afghanistan, Libya, and other parts of the world — there is a big pull for military spending into other designated needs in the society such as education. Military schools in Virginia and the US are making ways of teaching students for a less violent society.

Other schools in the world are stressing the global peace issue. Girls military schools and other minority schools enforcing peace volunteerism in the society.

The United States Armed Forces in cooperation with Oxnard High School held a military career day at the high school. Hundreds of enthusiasts attended and listened to the motivational speeches of different branch representatives.

Army representatives from the Marines, Navy, Air Force, along with the Air National Guards explained the hundreds of job opportunities in the US army which they should consider after graduation.

Harley, a member of Oxnard’s Air Force junior ROTC program – was inspired with the way military men express passion on their patriotic careers. Harley is planning to pursue a military career in the future because she wants to follow the steps of his Army Ranger father — if the “women in combat” ban be lifted.

The Principal of the school, Eric Reigert stressed that such military career program was to give a variety of options for 3,000 students in the high school —as well as pursue careers which they desire most. Mindful that his daughter is in the army, Reigert understands that military careers are not for everyone.

In connection with the options which are being encouraged by the high school, the school offered a law academy, a green based technology program, and Advancements via Individual Determination to cater to a variety of students.

Meanwhile, the military career day allowed students to choose over six informational sessions held at the school’s performing arts center —with the goal of informing and encouraging students for military enlistment after graduation; each informational session have attracted 200 to 300 students of the institution.

High school students get more motivated after every talk made by a representative. They said to observe much respect give by the army during the discussion. Many students were said to be thrilled with the informational sessions.

The main focus of the program was to get them to beneficial scholarship programs of high quality universities — especially the tuition fees can no longer be supportable this time according to the school administrators. Also, Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Mace Jr. encouraged the students to plan ahead during high school if they want to be enlisted for the military in the future.

Military enlistment is considered as an honorable career path in the United States. Most military schools in California and Mississippi have strict admission requirements — and so not all can be privileged to be enlisted. For example, West Point Academy in New York screens all applicants psychologically, physically, and academically before making a decision on opening the school’s gate at a student.

Some parent’s takes the advantage of enrolling their child early at elementary military schools. By this way, children can develop leadership and discipline at the early age. It’s also one way of gaining credentials for the military school in the future.

Academics are necessary for every school to push through. Not only academics but well-performance in academics sets the standards for an education system. These mainly include all the theories, subjects, as well as the curriculum required for every student. A laudable performance in academics is a sign of a healthy and conducive to learning school environment.

But a school can’t be a school if it’s pure academics alone. Its students must be immersed into athletics, social clubs, and musical programs commonly known as extra-curricular activities. How important is this for military boarding schools?

Military schools incorporate a lot of discipline in every aspect of the curriculum. Testimonials from students often describe a tight and on sleeve management done by the institution. When it comes to academic matters, don’t expect that you will go far in a military boarding school if you don’t strive hard. They might as well send you home if you always sleep in class — that’s very costly on your part, especially military school admissions are very selective.

Some students have the attitude of getting bored with pure academics and definitely that would be so true even for those with flaming motivations. Human beings need to have a balance with work and play — that makes life worth learning and living. It does not mean enrolling in a military school gets you eye bugs because of untaught lessons with unexpected exams, that’s a myth.

The truth is military schools understand the benefit of extracurricular activities. In fact, most of West Point’s cadets are leaders in social and athletic clubs— because in every social endeavor, a student can learn things which are not taught in the classroom. Joining a club or a musical band helps you develop cooperation and leadership. It’s necessary for a military server someday to be a good leader and a respectful member at the same time.

The usual extracurricular activities which are encouraged in a military school are:

  1. Youth Clubs
  2. Volunteer Associations
  3. Music Bands and Clubs
  4. Athletics
  5. Prom Committees
  6. National Honor Society
  7. Minority Clubs
  8. And other legal organizations

Extra curricular activities provide cadets with the sense of humanity. It is a quick refreshment of the nerves at the same time shapes their other passion in life. It is also done in order to provide fruitful employment in the future—since it’s been known to boost cv resumes.

Community services are also part of the extracurricular activities in military schools. It’s not only a diversion but a mission to serve the community where the institution sets foot. Community service includes, tree planting, visiting veteran homes, educating children, dental services, and rescue mission during calamities and unfavorable events. Have you wondered what your child will be? Enroll now and see the benefits of experiencing education, the military way.

What does it feel like being a son or daughter of a military dad? There can only be two certain things; moving to a new country and meeting new friends and living up to the strict rules of the family. This is the life of a military brat.

Traveling to Germany, Australia, and other parts of the world is not new for military brats. They have been going shore to shore when there parents are assigned in far places. As young people, they do have lots of friends despite the strict rules of the family. The sad thing is that they will always leave their long time friends at a certain time.

The environment for a military brat however is not the same with other kids. Seeing tanks and war ships are not new for them and some have experienced riding airplanes with their dads. They do have different schools to attend at the young age. When it’s moving time again, military brats will have to adapt to a new learning environment and go along with new classmates.

Military brats woke up in a life full of discipline and obedience. They are told how to fix their bed at a very young age and clean the house if they don’t want any punishments. They are motivated to excel in school for the reputation of their families. And at teenage phase, they are bounded with laws which limit their freedom to express their teenage desires.

Many base children are encouraged to like their dads someday; many have been trained since birth by enrolling them in an elementary military school, few had fought for their freedom for other passion while others have learned to love the path prepared for them since birth — to patriots.

The sad part of being a military brat is seeing their dad leave for war. Months and years could take before they will ever feel the warmth of the hug again. Unfortunately for some, memories and photographs are all that’s left.

But what makes military brats proud is that they are seen as distinct subculture in America. They have been always link to disciplined, smart, sociable, exceptional skills, a high level of multicultural and international awareness, and proficiency in foreign languages.

Studies show that military brats pursue service-related careers such as military service, counseling, teaching, nursing and police work, and high number of Foreign Service careers. World famous stars such as Jessica Alba, Ray Allen an NBA player, Alecia “Pink” More singer and songwriter and many more.

It shows that military brats are considered to be extraordinary individuals because of the environment they are exposed when they are young. Isn’t it a good indication of how military schools education makes big wonders? Definitely it is, think about all the good things that being a military brat has brought to such distinct individuals —it’s totally remarkable.

Many Americans are failing with the military school examinations. Low scores are not only visible in many civilian careers but also question the capability to enjoy military employment.

According to the Education Trust Washington D.C. 23 percent of the test takers failed to pass the 31 out of 99 percentile score. The report was extracted from the high school graduates of 2004-2009 who took on the part of Army’s Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.

What is an ASVAB?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery used to determine the qualification of a student for enlistment. The ASVAB is a multiple choice test administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command. The exam is made up of four subgroups mainly; math knowledge, word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, and paragraph comprehension. It is administered to American high schools in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. This exam is also used to qualify students in different military schools in Mississippi and the other states.

Other branches in the army such as the US Navy, US Marines, Air Force and Coast Guards even have higher qualification scores at exactly 50. Those who will score above the passing rate will be eligible for military school incentives like college repayment programs and the Army College Fund.

How Could this Affect the Parties Involved?

Military service is not like any ordinary career path. It takes years of academic, physical, emotional, and psychological trainings to be a good servant in the army. In most military schools in United States, military schools in Georgia, and the other parts of the continent; the admissions are bound to be very selective. This is the very reason why many military schools in the land recruit those graduates who have the laudable academic and extra-curricular performance.

The Education Trust does not believe on the myth that unprepared students can carry along the military type of education since every step must be paired with intellect and strong will. Failing with the examination is a visible proof of less preparedness of most high school graduates of the US.

The Education Trust also reminds high school graduates that anyone of them can be enlisted if they just strive harder. Most disqualifications tell stories of being obese which is 35 percent, 18 percent for alcohol and drug addiction problems, and a part of criminal misbehavior. Sadly, the qualified 15 percent are going towards other career paths while there are fewer than 5 million young Americans —that is 15 percent only of the total 31 million young Americans there is. This makes them arrive with the conclusion that 25 percent of the American youths are ineligible for military service.

Meanwhile, the Education Trust will implement tutoring classes for schools such as Durham Public Schools. The tutoring program will target those who did not pass the ASVAB test because they are giving the away the chance for college financial assistance.

Troubled teenagers and military school, —does both concept coincide? Definitely it won’t, because troubled teenagers need therapy and not strict education. But, there are many testimonials wherein troubled teenagers managed to change their perspective in life after being enrolled in a military school. Let’s take a look.

What is a troubled teenager?

A troubled teenager may be some individual in the teen phase —that has been diverted by many factors such as drugs, computer addiction, and other bad influence in the society—to the situation wherein they no longer strive for real world success and motivation. Some teenagers may have been experiencing a series of emotional stress, school and peer pressure. But, did they say that students should be emotionally and physically well in order to be admitted in a military school?

Definitely, emotionally chaotic teenagers shouldn’t be enrolled in military girls and boys school but should be enrolled in some therapeutic boarding schools. The cases for troubled teenagers who should be enrolled in a military school are for those with slight emotional problems and do not have depression issues.

Teenagers at their age likely sensitive on their environment – that would be varied also on the family culture and individual traits. If a parent knows that his teenager is not emotionally strong to face the challenge of military education, then the parent must not force his teenager. However, the case will also vary from the characteristics and beliefs of the parents.

How tough is the military education?

Every aspect of the teenagers’ life will be affected by military education – whether it’s his self esteem, life perspective, motivation, and goals in life. It is appropriate that parents should evaluate first the motivation of a teenager before he gets enrolled in a military school. If the teenager is into some sort of impulsive addiction, and he personally tries to escape from the bad habit, then a military education should be suggested for him.

Parents can also learn from others experiences. They may do some research about the effect of enrolling a troubled teenager into a military school. Since, first hand experience might be too risky, it is the only option left. Another thing is to do some risk and enroll your child – many military schools Texas and the United States sends home students who are found to be emotionally stressed inside the military school.

The conclusion

Therefore it would depend on the gravity of the problem of the teenager. If the teenager is just goofing in school and found to be less motivated due to some revocable stimulants, then he could be eligible for military education. But, if the teenager is extremely depressed and may suffering from anxiety and depression; do not ever try to enroll them in a hard boiled military school.