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Children of military personnel are mostly suffering the inconvenience of transferring from state to state. Every time the military server is assigned to a different country, their children will have to move also. They will need to adapt into a new environment as well new set of friends. What’s more difficult is they have to cope with some education issues.

When a student transfers from school to school with a different state, he will need to cope up with the requirements of the respective state which could be different from the previous state. This could be very inconvenient especially when students will be required for additional credit hours by the school district. What could be the solution to such dilemma?

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children is the solution created by the federal government. The Interstate Compact is a powerful tool which ensures full cooperation from state-to-state for quick actions. The ICEOMC is an agreement among member states that they will address school transition issues for military children in a consistent manner.

Fro example, a military child was about to graduate – but eventually his father was assigned to another country so they have to move. The student has to transfer, but the problem is the school to be transferred requires higher requirements and so the student lacks the credit hours to proceed into graduation and must take additional hours to cope up.

But because both states belong in the Interstate Compact, a negotiation was made and the student can now graduate on time without additional time of study.

However, negotiations can only run among member states and the compact has limitations appertaining to enrollment, Course waivers, Exit Exams and etc. You can check the American Association of School Administrators for more details.

How does the Interstate Compact works?

Each member state is obliged to establish a State Council and appoint a state military education liaison which will support military families and aid in the implementation of the compact. Each member state will also appoint a state commissioner who will serve as voting member of the National Interstate Commission.

This is one of the most beneficial military policies. Children of military servers won’t have to worry about their children’s education conflict due to reassignments. There are also military policies and grants which are created for military personnel and their spouse.

There are scholarships for military children in many military boarding schools. Veterans also have various benefits like pension plans, and health benefits. Military schools in the United States often give honor to veterans by visiting them in aged homes and giving them credit during Veterans Day. Regarding the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, it has been currently improved to serve more military children in the US.

Pay Freeze — a presidential commission recommended freezing the basic military pay and housing allowance – for three years starting 2011. Will it be justifiable to just freeze up salaries of military troops who have spouse and children in various schools including expensive military boarding schools back at home?

In order to save up some budget, the presidential commission has recommended freezing temporarily the compensation categories of US military troops. This is second to the nationwide budget cuts in education. The compensation freeze would save up $7.6 billion in compensation and tax expenditures. Plus, a $ 1.6 billion in less accrual or a $9.2 billion total discretionary savings by 2015.

Currently, there have been on-going combats in Iraq and Afghanistan – which means troops won’t be so happy upon hearing such news. “There won’t be much of an appetite to freeze military compensation while our troops are immersed in Afghanistan and Iraq” according to Josh Holly – the spokesman for Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee.

The Average Salary of a Military

Median Enlisted Pay

82 percent of the military personnel are enlisted officers. The salary scales from $2,761.80 monthly or $33,141 as of 2010. The figure is for pay grade E-5, Army Sergeant, Navy petty officer 1st class, Air force staff sergeant and Marine sergeant -with years in the military. The average salary varies from $1,447.20 to $5,112.90 depending on the rank and years.

Median Officer Pay

This accounts to more than 18 percent of the armed forces servers in the US. Serving as highly trained military men, they are paid higher than enlisted troops. Median salary ranges from $6,258.60 or $75,103 annually as of 2010. The salary is for O-5 – a Navy commander and lieutenant colonel in all other branches.

Median Warrant Officer Salary

There are an estimated less than 20,000 warrant officers in the army – median warrant officers have an average salary of $4,254 monthly or $51,048 annually as of 2010.

Salaries by Specialty

Intelligence analysts receive average annual salaries of $51,362 as of 2010. IT specialists have an average pay of $41,538 each year, mechanics has an average earnings of $31,571 and members of the military police earns 433,845 yearly.

This is the average salary for the military for the fiscal year 2010. There are more expected raises as the House of the Representatives passed a defense spending bill which will enable troops to enjoy a 1.9 percent pay raise next year. While the Representatives ask for 1.4, the Senate is calling for a 1.4 salary raise – but hasn’t voted on the matter. The Congress still has to come up with an agreed defense spending till the end of the year or else, the salary will remain flat on the first month of the year.

Military schools blog question: Will it be justifiable to freeze military compensation?

The military schools in the United States is composed of federal military academies which recruits and places graduates on different military branches and senior military academies which offers Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. The federal military academies are more of an exclusive school for students who are aspiring to be in the military while some military schools are part of large universities in the US.

These are some of the most prestigious military schools in the United States of America

The United States Military Academy

The Academy is also known as West Point Military Academy. The army school have been founded in 1802 and considered to be the one of the oldest academy. West Point is also known for its strict and selective admissions. Students will need to pass the standards including a nomination from two congressmen. The tuition is charged on the army and will be paid by students after graduation with corresponding service in the US military.

Texas A&M

The military school in Texas was founded in 1876. Texas A&M is a large state university with approximately 1,900 cadets. The military college has two Air Force wings, two Marine regiments, and two Navy regiments.

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, Maryland. The United States Naval Academy produces quality officers for the Navy. The admissions are very selective that it could only enroll 4,400 midshipmen at one time.

United States Air Force Academy

The military academy is known to be the most laudable liberal arts college in the country. The military school is home to approximately 4,500 cadets. The primary role of the academy is to train undergraduates for officers. More than three quarters of the school faculty are officers in the Air Force.

Norwich University

Norwich University is home to both cadet corps and regular student body. The university is considered to be the oldest private military school in the United States – and known to be the origin of ROTC.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The University is known to be the most military-friendly university. Virginia Tech is home to Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets – a separate college inside the university. The university has been founded in 1872 and has 2,200 cadets.

United States Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Marine Academy trains officers for the United States Merchant Marine. The midshipmen are trained with subjects related to running a ship, such maritime law, and navigation.

Military schools for boys have been long connected with US military academy history. Most of these schools and academies have started recruiting boys in the past decades. However, times have changed and more women are getting into the military institutions which was considered a taboo decades before the current period.

American forces are marking a good reputation in aid for the disastrous Japan tsunami calamity. About 20,000 troops have been deployed to the rising sun to help out the suffering of the Japanese people.

The operation Tomodachi is considered to be the biggest humanitarian mission the US has done for their most important ally in Asia, Japan. As the management of supplies and transportation of relief goods gets improved, the US military have been targeting hard-hit spots and providing relief goods for hundreds of Japanese who were shattered by the tsunami.

People are astounded how the Americans help out Japan in these of disaster. Many Japanese near the American base are thankful for the hard work such American soldiers employ in helping them. The American soldiers have been successful in cleaning up the Sendai airport so far. To mention that Sendai have been the center of much destruction during the tsunami.

Today, the airport runways are now clean and free of mud, tossed cars, rubble, and destroyed fragments of collapsed buildings. The site has been like going back in time wherein US forces do not know where to begin cleaning. It was like an archaeological site wherein everything was mashed up.

Over 19 ships, 140 air-crafts, 18, 282 personnel were supporting the mission. They were sending barges filled with freshwater to help cool the broken nuclear power plant which has been expected to explode anytime if not cooled. US fighter planes are also helping the Japanese authorities in search for survivors while two of its air-crafts are helping in monitoring the nuclear power plant.

And over 500 of US Soldiers have been giving blankets and supplies as well as support in refueling military helicopter for smoother operations.

The 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami

A magnitude of 9 quaked off Japan’s Northeast coast Friday, March 11 which triggered a huge tsunami resulting to humanitarian damages, and about 18,000 people killed. Chile and New Zealand also suffered massive devastation brought by the shaking of the earth. These regions are belonging to the Pacific Ring of Fire and are expected to experience such inconveniences.

The US Armed Forces

These are military forces trained in the United States in many of its military schools and academy. Recently, these brave men are sent to Japan to help out Japanese brothers in search, rescue, and support.

As part of the mission and virtues of the US Armed Forces, they have been obliged to help out those who are in need, specially their allied countries. Such principle is taught in most military schools in the United States as well as other countries. As of now, there has been visible progress in the continuing effort of American-Japanese rescue operations.

The world is getting dangerous and dangerous everyday especially for women. We often hear bad news and crimes involving women and children on the radio; most of them are victims. In school, were our daughters are left on their own, we often have the born fear of bad influence, alcoholism, unwanted pregnancy, drugs, and petty crimes. Children and women at young age can be easily drawn to unhealthy associations because of their curiosity.

What steps do we employ in order to keep them or at least draw them away from such bad influences? Here are practical methods of keeping them on the tract.

  • Communicate with them – training them to open up things is the biggest achievement for every parent out there. Women are emotional individuals and thus prefer to have someone listening and asking about their lives. Parents should be the number one advisor. In order to keep them from hiding anything, don’t immediately judge them but try to listen and give support instead. If they ask about having a boyfriend, then tell them the right age, and let their boyfriends be open to the family. It’s a mixture of giving them freedom but also bracing them with appropriately.
  • Enroll them in a military schools – the environment of the school allows women to grow with discipline and motivation. They will also be far from bad influence of alcohol and drugs because of the strictness. Elementary military schools are preferable for young women, since they are still in development compared to admitting them when they already become teenagers. Children will not be rebellious compared to a teenager who gets enrolled in a school she does not want.
  • Have a complete and happy family – according to research, children in broken families are more likely to be involved in drugs, crime, and alcoholism compared to a happy and complete family. Don’t think about getting much wealth if you would sacrifice the life of your family. It is better to have an average family and happy together than a wealth without love in the family.
  • Give them enough freedom – rebellion is the end result of oppression. Being too strict will always backfire and results to more emotional damage to women and children. Give them the freedom to go out during weekends but should go home at the given time. Open up and know their friends, you can bring them together for dinner. By giving them freedom, you must also show them that they are given the responsibility to act appropriately; you can employ punishments for every mistake they make but don’t go to hard that they might even forget they are human beings and become perfectionists.

Do you have the qualifications to be at West Point Military Academy? The academy is one of the most prestigious military schools in the United States. The standards and expectations at the institution are basically high compared to several military schools. Mostly, students are chosen from different private and public schools. And they aren’t ordinary students, but leaders and top athletes.

Everybody can be qualified in West Point if the aspire and work to be. Aside from the factors which are governed by self hard work; there are also requirements which are created by the institution to screen prospective enrollees.

West Point Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted at West Point, a student must pass the three areas of evaluation; academic performance, demonstrated leadership potential, and physical aptitude. Strict medical requirements should also be grasped and applicants must be a United States citizen, at least 17 years and not yet 23 years old on July 1 of admission. Applicants must not have any legal obligation to support a child, pregnant, or married. Naturalized citizens are required to pass certain documents.


West Pont is particular with the high school and college academic record. Applicants will be asked to pass a full record of attendance or transcript of records to be evaluated by the recruiting committee. They must also have high scores on Assessment Program Test or SAT Reasoning Test.

Course Requirements

Applicants must have:

  1. 4 years of English with strong emphasis on grammar, composition, speech and literature.
  2. 4 years of college preparatory mathematics comprised of geometry, algebra, immediate algebra, trigonometry as a minimum.
  3. 2 years of foreign language.
  4. 2 years of laboratory science; chemistry and physics
  5. 1 year of US history comprised of geography, economics, and government.
  6. Pre-calculus, calculus, and basic computing course are elective courses but still advantageous when studying at West Point.

Leadership Potentials

Participation in high school athletics and other extracurricular activities such as student government, clubs, and other leadership development organizations are things which will give more advantage upon enrollment at West Point.

Medical Requirements

The applicant must be physically and mentally healthy to pass a Department of Defense qualifying medical examination. For students on glasses; their eyesight must be correctible 20/20 to the eyeglasses or the contact lens worn.

The Candidate Fitness Assessment is consists of basketball throw, pull-ups for men and women, flexed-arm hang for women who can’t do pull ups, modified sit-ups, shuttle run, and one mile run. Note: each student is entitled one examination only so practice is definitely needed.


During junior high school, probably at spring, applicants must apply for a nomination in order to open a candidacy file at WestPoint. Applicant should write a letter to the congressional representative to request a nomination. A candidate can’t be offered admission if they don’t have any nominations. For further information, contact West Point Academy or visit them online

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of the most prestigious military schools in the world. Students here are carefully chosen from different schools. West Point is not a military school for troubled teenagers, but a military academy for future leaders. Let’s know about the current happenings in West Point.

WestPoint Cadets Seek Wisdom from Veterans from Tut Fann Home in Huntsville

Cadets, Harrison Tyler and Drexel Martin visited the veteran home and talked with some former military servers to ask about life experiences. The two young men met James W. Reach, 85, a former Nay Reserve in the World War II.

Both cadets have been joined the military for one purpose—serving the nation. Tyler was from Bob Jones High, while Martin is a graduate of Randolph High School. Tyler was an aspirant for military service and always dreamed of serving his nation while Martin had been inspired by a suggestion.

They have been designated as Cadet Public Relations Council and so they’re work to educate every student out there regarding the military schools program of West Point. They are also ordered to visit civic communities which they can learn life experiences not taught in school.

Bordes Receives Affirmations from West Point

The Catholic High School Senior Ian Bordes will be enrolling in West Point – making his way to the path of most military heroes of the US. The son of Lt. Col. John Bordes, a 28 year veteran of the US Army’s AMPC, an army Reserve Medical professional organization.

Ian Bordes have received a recommendation from President Barack Obama despite the tough requirement of West Point including a nomination from a respective US Congressman or Senator.

Ian Bordes is a member of the Panthers football team, and earned a second team All-District honors for the previous two seasons playing as linebacker, tight and punter. He is also a proud member of the boy’s soccer team.

Even though Bordes has been scouted many times, he is determined to pursue his education some army schools and that is West Point.

Pinkston Heads to West Point
I talked to a lot of people and got interested with the academics, the military, and the physical demands of West Point Academy

Seth Pinkston is exited with the challenges the military school will offer him. After several years of being into basketball, the lad is of to pursue the passion in the military. He wants to become an officer in the army and believes that the environment at West Point will help him chase that dream.

Pinkston is a graduate from Warsaw High School and is expected to report on June 27 at West Point Academy, New York to begin a six-week basic military training before the classes starts at fall.

The military schools are institutions established to provide the thorough discipline needed for success. It has been known that such education brings students to the peak of their career. Many leaders nested in most military schools early in their lives.

However, we always know that success strives from deep inside. The military schools are their as a guide to stray away from the crooked path. Army schools offer the restrictions, curriculum, and physical training. And the rest will depend on the student.

So, what does it need of you to be successful in a military school?

    1. First is, Passion. Even though the school has been spoon feeding all the necessary things and building the bridge to success, without the love of the student to improve. All would be like sand castles on the sea shore. It wouldn’t be good for parents to enroll their child in a military boarding school when they want to attend a music school. If the student has the passion to lead then he is more prone to be successful when enrolled in a military school.
    2. Second is, Determination. This comes next to passion because when a student loves such field of interest, he will have the large probability to push himself for excellence. However, there comes a time when individuals ran out of motivation. This could be because of hard challenges, rejections, and failures. This time, determination will fire up the spirit to succeed and every time a hard block gets passed, the passion burns hotter.
    3. Third is, Sound Mind and Body. All our emotions, moods, motivation, and confidence are greatly affected by our body processes. If the chemicals in his brain will begin to move out of balance, the student gets into the state of depression. Usually, students will be tested physically by military school recruitment officers. Individuals who will not pass the exam will not be accepted for the institution. This is enabled to screen the mental and physical health of prospective enrollees. The military school training and drills won’t be that easy – thus having a sickly body can be dangerous with rigid training.
    4. Fourth is, Self-Assurance, this virtue will be developed or have been developed through out the years. Self confidence is a big thing in leadership roles. How can one succeed in a very challenging world if he does not believe with the sovereignty of his existence? Their will be hard times in military school. Every one will challenge emotionally and having doubts with once competencies will not lead to further success.

Ideally, military schools develop individuals who will lead the society. Therefore, they will role models of the civilization because of their strong character. People will believe them because they have the charisma and the self confidence to move mountains.

The military uses a lot of warnings especially when they are on the field. Never the less, some instructions might too funny to read that it even signals comedic aura underneath its serious intentions.

In our previous articles we have seen military men dance like never before and it was totally funny. Now, the military schools blog searched for some seriously delivered military warnings with a humorous twist guaranteed to put a smirk on some lonely readers out there.

  1. “Aim towards the Enemy” – the instruction written on a US Rocket Launcher. Except if you managed to do some friendly fire.
  2. “Try to look Unimportant; the Enemy might be out of Ammo” — Infantry Journal— the question is how do we look unimportant that our enemies won’t waste their last load of ammo for us.
  3. “If you have a Personality Conflict with your Superior; He has the Personality, You have the Conflict” —definitely no more arguing with your superior, it’s useless.
  4. “Success occurs when No One is Looking, Failure occurs when the General is watching” — Heads up cadets, make sure you’re on your perfect mindset when this person comes.
  5. “If you see a Bomb Technician running, try to Keep Up with Him” —U.S.A. Ammo— it’s the only way to get an unfair advantage against the equal opportunity landmines or maybe He did some error on cutting the green wire.
  6. “The Best Armor is staying out of Gun-Shot” —and the best tip ever in staying 100 percent alive.
  7. “Even if Submarines should work by a Miracle, it will never be used. No Country in this World would ever use such a vicious and petty form of Warfare” — William Henderson, British Admiral
  8. “The complexity of a Weapon is Inversely Proportional to the Intelligence Quotient of the Weapon’s Operator”.
  9. “Never share a Foxhole with an Individual Braver that You”
  10. “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re Afraid” — Col. David Hackworth— Very true.
  11. “Artillery is the King of Battle: the King can’t swim, However, which is why we Need you Guys” — USMC arty specialist to a group of Navy officers in an Amphibian Warfare Indoc course.
  12. “When in Doubt, Empty your Magazine” — no coward is allowed in the army; only truly brave men and men who tries to be brave.
  13. “If you are Short of Everything but the Enemy; you are in the Combat Zone” — so fire up your guts because you aren’t in some house party.

About Military Academies:

—Commonly called as service academy, an educational institution which prepares candidates for service in the officer corps of the Army. There are several military schools in the United States, Russia, and other parts of the globe.

Have you seen obese people in the military or in any military schools? I bet you won’t find one even how hard you search the area? Why can’t these people get fat? Are they taking any slimming supplements? Or maybe they are not sleeping at all? Definitely no, will find out what is the secret of the military in staying fit.

  1. They run like there is no tomorrow – of course they do rest and they run in flocks. And before you can even step into a military academy, you must first score high or at least pass the real-world physical exam. Air force aspirants should run 1.5 miles, and 3 miles for marines. Now you should start running now if you want to be in the armed forces.
  2. They hate couch potatoes – for all we know, standing is very normal in the military. Have you noticed the British guards? They won’t move unless they are told to. Can you imagine standing for such long hours? Military schools don’t impose these of course. Sitting for 30 minutes burns 33 to 63 calories (for 110-lb. up to 216-lb individuals) while standing for 30 minutes burns 39 to 78 calories.
  3. They like to move it – The officers aren’t that friendly to exempt anyone from military drills. Marching exercises are rigid and tremendous. You don’t even have the right to scratch your back during those times.
  4. They eat right and sleep right – the military and army schools train cadets to sleep early and wake up early. It has been found out that obesity and malnutrition is due to stress, improper diet, and lack of sleep.
  5. They are punished in a healthy way – trespasses and breaking of rules have corresponding punishments such as push ups, and marching until they get tired.
  6. Definitely no video games allowed – sedimentary video games have been known a big factor in today’s obese society.
  7. Whether you like it or not, you will be involved in sports – the military institutions are usually jocks in terms of sports. They are often champions in football, basketball, running, diving, and other rigorous sports.
  8. They are awesome performers – whether in singing, playing an instrument, or dancing; military people are best at it. Dancing alone is a good outlet for getting fit and —believe us, these dudes have a lot of it to show.

The stuff above is basically just a tip of the iceberg these military people are doping “everyday”. Mentioning the sweat and physical rigidness of all these activities is definitely draining to the bones. This is the biggest idea why military people and students in most army schools succeed not only with life but as well maintain a life full of challenge and vitality.