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Military training at military schools is a rigorous form of activity. It is designed to test and develop the physical aspect of a student. Hard trainings are also carried through in order to perpetuate discipline and coordination with the cadets; so if you are planning to or had enrolled in some military school, the preparation of mind and body is definitely essential to survive all the challenges in a military training.

  • Have enough sleep – the training grounds are no place for sleepy and weak cadets. Resting after tough exercises will prevent the body from over exhaustion. Take you time and do some relaxing activities during the break.
  • Eat healthy foods – this is very common yet usually been taken for granted by many.
  • Drink plenty of water – you will be sweating so much in a military exercise. It is best to drink after breaks and at the end of the training.
  • Take a bath – cool your self before training. A hot body during training will result to a hot and irritated mind.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – most of the time, there will be standing positions during trainings. It is also important to have 2 pairs of boots to alternate with the other one being washed and dried.

These are personal and hygienic tips to maximize military training performance and below are behavioral factors which should be adapted during military exercises.

• Speak talk unnecessarily – believe me, you don’t want to be the center of ridicule during training. Just speak accordingly, in the right time, and with the right words.

  • Obey rules and regulations – consequences will lead to more exhaustion, so, if I were you, follow simple and complex rules like getting up early, fixing the bed, and folding clothes.
  • Follow exact orders – what is commanded should be done no less, and no more. Doing more projects a show-off attitude which is very disrespectful to higher authorities.
  • Never take things to the personal level – ridicules and other issues shouldn’t be taken to heart if you want to be a soldier. Military students think with the head and with the heart if they needed to.
  • Respect your fellow trainees with respect – Military camps train their cadets on how to cooperate. It is always best to stay polite with fellow trainees because you will never know they could become your teammates the next day.

These are few of the hundred ways you can survive the military training. Most of the drills done in most military schools in the United States are similar with other military schools worldwide. Whatever, the hardship experienced during military drills, it is important to remember that these are just test deigned to challenge the perseverance of students. The big tip: always have a “never-quitting” mental state of mind.

The Philippine Military Academy, the only military school in the country is proposed to be abolished in order to bring rise to many military schools in the nation.

The proposal was given birth because of the flaws and anomalies inside the Philippine army. The revelation regarding the million dollar budget which was pocketed by many military officials instead of giving due to many Filipino soldiers questioned the credibility of many army officials as well as the Philippine Military Academy where most of the graduated from.

Traditionally, graduates of the army school are noted to be elite of the Armed forces of the Philippines’ crops officers, having the inside track privilege to several promotions not purely dependent on merit but due to nepotism and old boy network solidarity among fellow classmates.

Recently, the retired, ex-defense secretary, General Angelo Reyes ended his life after getting torn with accusations as one of those who benefited from the revealed million dollar anomaly.

However, Senator Escudero countered the proposal saying that the wrongdoings of the army officials should not be blamed on the institution. Fixing and improving the military institution should be looked at, instead of abolishing it. “We have many schools in the nations which are producing bad graduates but no one had ever asked to abolish these schools. Perhaps the Philippine Military Academy should be given considerations as well, defended the Senator.

He also said that closing the PMA and creating several military schools in the country is definitely aping the military schools in the United States – questioning the financial ability of the government to pay for the expected expenses. “It wouldn’t be much appropriate if we copy the US military structure and implement that in our country especially we are not a rich nation, plus we are not often involve in present wars which needs a lot of military troops.”

However, isn’t it a part of the myth that military schools are only for individuals who wants to have a career in the military? Several individuals which enrolled and graduated in most military schools have chosen other career paths.

Traditionally, the Philippines have not particularized the benefit of military schools and its interdisciplinary relevance to other fields far from military science such as commerce, education, medicine, and the others. Though, civilian advance trainings are prevalent at high schools and ROTC subject is incorporated in some courses especially criminology.
On the other hand, their will be a designated technical working group to further scrutinize the feasibility of setting up several military schools in the Philippines. This committee will find out if building more military schools will be appropriate or the improvisation of the Philippine Military Academy would conclude all the on-going arguments of the country.

Who says soldiers can’t have much fun? And military schools only teach boring lessons all day long? After a long day of training or a victorious operation isn’t it justifiable for these tough guys to perform some groovy dance steps? Check out our collection of dancing soldiers recorded on video.

  • How about a dance party in Iraq? This music video performed by G.I.’s surely put some electrifying energy in this electric avenue video.

  • These US Marines don’t’ only know war because they are here to show you “What is Love”. Lets hit it gentlemen.

Perhaps these G.I.’s just out to prove that they got the groove and definitely another way to show their concern for peace. Keep it up guys, the head banging was definitely to be a hit.

  • It was a boring field day at the camp so these Joes did some booty shaking routine instead.

Well done captain… those steps weren’t that hard to follow and definitely shook the boredom out of our pants and rolling around put some Russian accent on the groove.

  • Let us introduce to you the Souja boys of the United States Marine Corps. These crunk guys tell you how to put it down like soldier boys do.

Thumbs up guys. . . You have proven that extra large clothes aren’t exclusive for hip hop steps but tight military suits can be good for booty shaking as well.

  • And the award for the 2011 military dance step competition goes to Michael Jackson-wannabe troop who danced around his fellow troopers. This soldier should have been a professional dance instructor if the military allowed part time jobs.

There it goes our top military dancers for the year. A good proof that military guys aren’t that serious at all and do have a certain level of humor. It’s not bad to laugh at our funny acts sometimes. Even these tough guys who are exposed in great dangers can be awesome dancers and great performers’ in-cam and off-cam.

These activities belong to the R&R, a military slang for rest and recuperation (or rest and relaxation). This is a free time for soldiers in the US military or UN Volunteers. Activities include various forms such as mail, sports, film screenings, and leave time if granted (usually possible in United States Military Institutions).

This allows military troops to go home and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. This policy is also prevalent in military schools in the United States wherein they allow students to go to church on Sunday, socialize with their peers, and call their families. These also provide parents with the guarantee that their child is not isolated from the rest of the community.

No question—a military school, military boarding schools, and any of its sort is definitely expensive. Just imagine the extra cost which could rise to $1000 and remember its “extra”, the real tuition fee is about $35,000 for nine months of education.

Prestigious military schools in Mississippi and Georgia are known for their well rounded education; so as military schools in the United States. Well rounded education would mean add on cost for musical instruments, special gear for outdoor activities, and athletic uniforms for physical education. Don’t add the cost of school uniform and military combat suit because it’s totally cash-strapping.

However, that is not the case. All prestigious universities have the same expensive charge for quality education. And what is money compared to the brighter future of your child? The real and firing question is—what does my child get by swiping my credit card to the limits?

The answer is for you to see. Have you gone to the military school institution? What do we mostly find there other than wide sports complex, new classroom structures, and a couple of marching cadets? We see real and determined education. Students who are trying striving hard for academic success and several goal oriented staffs.

In continuation with well rounded education, pointing to hiking, swimming, sailing, basketball, and performing arts, all these programs have been tested for centuries and had made presidents, leaders, and powerful personas all of time. It’s not totally bragging but the military schools speak for themselves.

The myths of hazing, unbearable punishment, and isolating students were totally legends. Students in military schools are taught with discipline, being punished and awarded depending on their individual acts. But they are not deprived of freedom and still can see their classmates, peers, and families on rest and recreation days.

So how’s that for a $35,000 dollar tuition cost plus indefinite additional costs? Your child could have stayed at home because you want to save money. Well, the student could go on shopping, booze at night, and definitely you will be washing their own clothes—totally a hard knocks of disciplining them. How much is the cost?

Whereas, if the child is enrolled in a military academy, they will learn to wash their own clothes, wake up early, and take keep away from boozing every night. Plus, you can save up the cost of pizza, beer, and extra shopping and only paying the standard monetary charge every year in a military school.

Think about it, military school or traditional one? Spending yearly to spending everyday? The cost of military education is definitely more than any university package one could imagine. The success of your child and discipline he could carry through all this life will be the greatest gift which you did not —save up—for him.

  It’s no easy job to a military officer. They compromise the quality time they should be spending with families to safeguard their nation. A military career also requires daily attendance to the area of designation.

After graduating from military schools, these individuals have sworn their lives in service for the state. As we see in movies, military workers are immersed into danger and hazardous conditions. This is why any individual who looks forward into a military career must be prepared to face all the challenges of the profession.

In the same manner, most military school Florida, Alabama, and Kentucky train their students rigorously – to make their body and minds strong. Of course, militaries are not being abandoned by the state. They are offered with great privileges and discounts in hospitalization, family support, pension, and education.

In the United States, there is full support for military troops and their families. Military kids are granted scholarships more than $1000 worth and could vary on the educational institution.

NETC Military Family Scholarships – the educational travel provider announced its military family scholarship in support of American Troops and their families. The scholarship program is aimed to make the educational tour of —students with parents on active duty—came true.

Park University Military Family Scholarship – applicants should be non-military family members of active duty military personnel residing in the Beaufort area. Deadline of application will be on March 31.

New England College of Business – offers an associate degree in business administration for all spouses of active duty service members. The discount will bring the entire cost to $4,000.

The Pat Tillman Foundation – the veteran’s service organization partners with USF to provide financial aid for veteran and military dependent students. Scholarships can range from $23,000 (highest), and $1500 (lowest).

GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) – five $1,000 scholarships at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) for the spouses and children of federal and military service members.

General Motors Foundation – announces a $4.5 million-a-year college scholarship program for students pursuing careers in science, technology, math and engineering. Though the scholarship is open to all, their will be special considerations for military veterans and children of military personnel.

The Aage and Margareta Scholarship for Veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistan Wars – the scholarship sponsored by Aage Moller, a Behavioral and Brain Sciences professor, and his wife is available to all veterans while the other scholarship shows preference to veterans of Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars.

These are few of the several scholarship programs available for veterans and active military service. The federal government had also improved the G.I. Bill to provide more services for them. This allowed additional budget for the Veteran Affairs Department enabling them to initiate privileges and protection for all veterans.

Military schools which recorded having the least number of students in the past years are now seeing a gradual increase in their student body. Could this be a piece of evidence that military education had produced quality results – enticing every parent out there to send their children on prestigious military schools in the United States and the rest of the world?

Last 2009, a Lexington, Missouri military school had a dramatic increase in enrollment despite paying $30,000 annually. The army school was Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington.

According to the report, parents are getting concerned on the change happening everyday on the society and how it’s affecting their children. With so many distractions of the high technology world, such as cell phones, computer games, alcohol, bad peer influence, and etc. parents are afraid that their students might not get the best of their education in a traditional school.

In the present time, the New York Military Academy also observed a faster growth in their student body than expected this comeback year. Enrollment records an 83 student body including 36 new students. There is also a reasonable number of students who held enrollment and looked forward in the fall opening due to NYMA’s future.

The college preparatory school almost closed last spring because of financial problems. Mid-July came when the rescue was there to help the institution –as approved by its board of trustees.

Looking at the scenario, some students said to enroll into the military school because they want to be have some “pushing force” to motivate them to perform better. A musically inclined student joined the military band because she likes Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Most of students are coming from home schools wherein they find difficult to work on their own motivation. Definitely, the heavy implementation of discipline enticed home schooled students to enroll in military summer schools.

On the good note, academic programs have improved in NYMA; it might be due to stable financial support and effective strategies in saving up some expenses. Light and energy cost are being saved by housing students in Jones Barracks resulting to an untouched emergency fund which was provided by the board of trustees.

More developments are to be expected with NYMA including a sports complex on a parade ground which will also be used by the community if the school has no events of their own. The initiatives are also targeted to provide goodwill within the community. Recently, a community dance group performed at the NMA chapel.

Initially, there will be an expected fast increase of enrollment in these institutions just like online education had. The products of excellence will be the seed for the boom of military education towards the future. No question, these year is the dawning of a new age for military schools and as the society changes, more parents will be inclined to send their children in expensive and strict military schools to be keep away from unpleasant influences of the society.

With the growing competition out in the real world, women have to be equipped with the best training they could get in school. There is a direct competition on different fields among men and fellow women as well. In order to surpass the all, an edge in one’s personality crafted with discipline and determination is badly needed.

Military schools for girls serve the same goal of crafting the wings for success—but in a more specified and disciplined manner. Ordinary education isn’t a good weapon for most goal-driven individuals. The pedagogy in which women can bring out the best in them and sharpen potentials needs not to be taken for granted. No question, the military type of education has proven wonders and testimonials of success over the years.

Pointing to leadership and strong sense of commitment, military schools especially girls military school has told true stories of success. Definitely, the main key for much triumph in most graduates of military schools is due to the discipline—students learn from a straightforward method of instruction.

“Disobey a certain rule and expect a corresponding punishment.” Students are taught on the effect of their deeds and decisions. Punishments don’t serve as oppression for students who trespassing commandments are but set as examples to let students reflect on the consequence each unwise decision they make.

The same is for military schools for boys wherein every though should be reviewed before they are enacted. Aside from the strict implementation of discipline, women are given the chance to develop their leadership skills to lead the pack. Women will be challenge to the maximum in order to extract the intellectual and extracurricular potentials they inhibited.

A military academy for girls will also include sports and recreation sights. Sports teach cooperation and team play which is a significant ingredient of career success. Most of the time, girls will be divided in teams and will work together as one.

The environment in the military academy is covered with determination, hard work, and aim for success—a great place for crafting leaders in all generations.

The military way of doing things is as interesting as other subjects were designed. The English language maybe tagged as the funniest and weirdest lingua franca of all but the military talk is also one confusing jargon of all vocations. The good news is army schools also use the same codes which may seem peculiar to an ordinary person.

The military time – the military operates in a 24 hour clock and so midnight is (0000 hours) while 1 p.m. is 0100 hours. Here are some time codes which military school students should know.

Midnight (12:00 AM) — 0000 hrs
1:00 AM — 0100 hrs
2:00 AM — 0200 hrs
3:00 AM — 0300 hrs

4:00 AM — 0400 hrs
5:00 AM — 0500 hrs
6:00 AM — 0600 hrs
7:00 AM — 0700 hrs
8:00 AM — 0800 hrs

Until 11:00 PM which is equivalent to 2300 hours. So when officers tell their cadets to “report on 0800 hours”, the commander wants to see you at 8:00 am, local time. During training exercises, communications, and deployment on different coordinates and other time zones, the military uses the time in Greenwich, England, known as the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The military refers to this time zone as “Zulu Time” and attach the letter Z suffix of Zulu to make clear of the referred time zone.

This is not new in the military field and prevalent in some movies. All military institutions, military schools in the United States, and the rest of the world uses this standard time format.

For those interested in attending military schools, this course is often thought in ROTC subjects and Civilian Advance Trainings. For those who did not attend any ROTC trainings, an understanding of these terms will help you along the way.

So when the commander says “the ship will cross the area of operations at 1400Z.” That will definitely mean the ship will be arriving in the area of operations when it is 2:00 PM in Greenwich, England.

Military school reputation should never be underestimated. Excellent men and women were products of military education; from great athletes, writers, musicians, businessmen, up to politicians and US presidents.

US Presidents who are graduates of a military academy:

• Ulysses Grant, Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhower.

US Senators:

• Warren Rudman (New Hampshire), Barry Godlwater (Arizona), Jefferson Davis (Mississippi), Evan Bayh (Indiana), John McCain (Arizona).

US Governors:

• Gray Davis (California), John Sununu (New Hampshire), Frank Keating (Oklahoma).

Military Leaders:

• Ulysses S. Grant, Stonewall Jackson, Philip Sheridan

Foreign presidents and head of states:

• Guillermo Endara (Panama), Fidel V. Ramos (Philippines), Anastasio Somoza (Nicaragua).

Most graduates of military schools in the United States like the military schools in Mississippi, California, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Texas, pursue their career in the military field while the others develop professions in the administrative positions. More than half are becoming politicians and strong leaders of various states.

It would also be bias to exclusively mention those in the military and political field, whereas, there are thousands of military school graduates which branched into careers not related with military work but with their passion and leadership learned at their alma mater.

Who says military school attendees cannot become actors?

• Robert Wagner, Hugh O’Brian, Tim Holt, Guy Williams, Buster Keaton Jr. are few of the hundreds of actors which has a military education background.

Movie Directors:

• John Frankenheimer, Cecil B. DeMille, Michael Douglas

Poets, Musicians, and other literature fields:

• Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen Sondheim, Gary Lewis, Thomas Hart Benton, David A. Dowdy Jr.

There are also a number of coaches and sports enthusiasts which military schools. Military schools are known for being sporty and several trophies in basketball, football, and other sports. Few of the known sports coach and athletes are; Julian Peterson (San Francisco 49ers), David Robinson (San Antonio Spurs), and Gene Stallings (University of Alabama).

Three Greenwich High School students will be joining the most prestigious military school in the United States, the United States Military Academy at WestPoint, NY. All of them will break a record in the history of military schools as chosen individuals—highly appraisable through the land of Greenwich.

Who directly inspired Michael Dustin, Patrick Robben, and Francis Ambrogio to join the army school and pursue their military career goals?

Dustin was never been a first consideration until his sophomore years. He always has second thoughts of going into military school for boys. Born to lead, he was swim captain and the vice president of Key Club, a community service group at GHS. Now, he is determined to walk the path of leaders and develop more of his military aspirations.

Also, Robben never opted for military education—not until he made a visit at West Point. Robben found the environment in West Point the perfect place for him. Instead of enrolling into a traditional school, the young lacrosse team co-captain and an active member of the Christian youth group, Young Life,—now stands behind the gates of West Point military school.

While, Robben and Dustin were not that motivated at first, the 18 year old Ambrogio developed military aspirations at a young age. He used to listen to WWWII stories of his grandfather and watched family members carry military services. The young leader who is currently working towards an Eagle Scout in the Boys Scouts of America pursued his military interest and made his way to West Point.

Truly, these students possess great potentials—passing the most competitive admissions any school can establish. On June 25, the three students will head off to the military boarding school in order to have their 5-day summer vacation before the rigorous basic training camp which will prepare them for the real military education at West Point.