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Oak Ridge Military Academy has gone from nearly closing its doors due to finnancial problems to a time of rebuilding. This military high school has designed new programs to attract new student, however those programs allow students to obtain additional academic credit they need for college. About 30 students, who are not in the 100-member corps of cadets, are enrolled in the “fifth-year senior” program.

The army school has also fielded a football team, something that’s been an off-and-on proposition for the last several years. Not in a conference, the team struggled to find opponents, and with several fifth-year seniors, many people think Oak Ridge Military Academy annihilated its competition; the first three games were won with combined scores of 118-13.

Even before the homecoming game, some teams that had agreed to play the Cadets were backing out. Games with Hargrave Military Academy for Oct. 15 and Woodberry Forest Academy for Nov. 5 have been canceled.

Clint Alexander, head coach of Woodberry Forest, says his team of 15- to 17-year-olds doesn’t play post-graduate players. “I don’t feel our philosophies are the same,” he says of Oak Ridge Military Academy. “It takes time to build a winning program”, Alexander says, “something it appears the academy is trying to do in one year by recruiting talented, post-graduate players”

Oak Ridge Military Academy’s headmaster Mebane says many schools have programs that allow “reclassifying,” which allows for post-graduate players, and that the academy has no plans to change its football program.

The school is also ramping up other athletic programs with the hiring of Yelverton and coaches such as Stan Kowalewski and Delaney Rudd as its head mens and womens basketball coaches. Kowalewski and Rudd have longstanding ties to AAU basketball.

Rumors that the academy will cease to exist as a military boarding school are unfounded, Mebane says. “I can dispel any concerns that there is any talk about losing the military focus of the school,” he says. Military programs excel at exposing students to leadership – “both being led and leading,” Mebane says. “You don’t get that in secondary education these days.”

Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) is an organization that councils a group of college preparatory schools, two-year colleges, and colleges and universities which educate in a military environment. Those schools are all concerned about quality education , strong values, readership development, citizenship, and service to others.
Although all this military schools in the United States belonging to AMCSUS are different, they all share a tradition of academic excellence and have a culture that fosters close relationships between faculty and students. All these institutions provide a high level education, challenge their students, develop leaders, encourage spiritual growth and personal development, promote self-discipline and are fully accredited by a recognize evaluative process.

The AMCSUS was founded in 1914 and is a non-profit organization that works as a service and communication hub between its member schools and it acts as liaison with the Departments of Defense and Education.
Member schools in AMCSUS include nine military colleges and universities, five military junior colleges, twenty-five military preparatory (institute) schools, and one associate member school in the Association.
Military colleges and Universities offer optional programs that could lead to a commission in the United States Armed Services.
Two-Year Colleges purpose is to provide a smooth transition form high school to university . The junior colleges have unique programs that offer the opportunity for early commissioning in the Armed Forces. Surfing through this association web page you could find among different military prep schools the suitable one for you.

College Preparatory Schools and Military Academies(K-12) prepare each student for success at college and develop necessary skills for future life as adults. There are AMCSUS associated military schools in Virgina, Florida or California among other states.

This film shows you what an great influence an military school can have on kids who have difficulties with the regular school system. They learn about themselves and they learn skills which they can use the rest of their life to become productive members of society.

This is an example of a military school, the West point recruitment is an school who focuses on the military profession. Like most military schools they go beyond that and they will teach you leadership and a true warrior’s spirit! Hopefully this gives you an impression about what military schools are about.

Are you looking information in the web to apply for the best elementary military school yo can? Would you like to attend to a famous and prestigious military school? Well. Then you would have to avoid these following names as these institutions only exist in fiction (films, books, theatre , TV shows or even games):

1. Bunker Hill Military Academy. It appears a “Taps” a 1981 film in which young Tom Cruise and Sean Pean where cadets.
2. Davidson Military Academy in Damien: Omen II, it was actually Northwestern Military and Naval Academy and St. John’s Military Academy.
3. Fort Berk Military Academy which Bobby attended for one episode in “King of the Hill” animated series broadcasted on FOX
4. Kent Military School, from the film “Child’s Play 3” an horror film in which Chucky made many people to hate dolls.
• Marlin Academy a group of fiction military schools in Alabama is part of “Malcolm in the Middle” TV show, which Francis (Malcom’s brother) attended prior his emancipation.
• Rommelwood Military Academy appears in an episode from longer animated series in United States history, “The Simpsons”. The episode in which this military high school shows is called “The secret war of Lisa Simpson”
• The Battle School appears in Ender’s Game Series, a science fiction books series written by Orson Scott Card and published in the 1980s .