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During last weeks of September in different locations all over the United Stated events have been organized with Academy Night 2010. The academy night is an event in which students, parents, and educators the opportunity to speak with representatives from the five Service Academies that provide information and answer questions about the application and admissions process related to army schools.

“It’s an informational session where the application process is explained and parents can ask questions about specific schools,” a spokesman of academy night “These are some of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the country.” Most of these sessions are hosted by congressman offices between 7 pm and 9 pm in different locations as military high schools, community colleges or high schools.

People who want to apply to a military academy must first have a nomination from a member of U.S Congress but a nomination doesn’t result in automatic acceptance because academies are very competitive. All the applicants to nation’s service academies must be citizen of United States, unmarried with no children and at least 17 years of age but no older than 23 .

Students attending to military prep schools that are interested to learn about application process and have the chance to answer questions to Service Academies representatives can ahead to congressman office on their area to have all the information on when and where Academy Night is going to be held in their community.

Is it this your first year in military school ? Are you feeling nervous about these important change in your life? As a freshmen in military school probably you are having doubts and lack of comprehension you are expected to do, this was the same situation that Keith McRae lived some years ago and now he has written a book to help teenagers to go through this experience.

Keith McRae is a West Point cadet, class of 2014, that was studying in a military high school from August 2007. At first, he had some troubles adapting to his new way of life but finally he could graduate and managed to become the Executive Officer of Charlie Company at a rank of First Lieutenant while attending to Camdem Military School.

Keith has written this book as a guide for teens that are attending military schools in united states so this help them in their transition to military school life.
The author has experienced all stages by himself and advice cadets for every aspects of their new life: from what things they should bring to school to military drill and time management while staying at academy.

Although the guide has a chapter on how to choose the best military school for your children, this book is not a guide for parents but a way to help new cadets to succeed at military life.

Book is named “Surviving America’s Military High School” and some free samples can be found on line as well as the whole book that cost $15.99.

Enviromental conscience is becoming more and more popular everywhere and happily we can now find a greener option and eco-friendly products for almost every little aspect of daily life.
Back to military boarding school is season for shopping and everybody buy all the stuff that will be needed during school year. From pens to notebooks, from clothes to backpacks now you have the choice and buy the eco-friendly option to help saving the planet.
First thing to do is to reduce waste. Thinking carefully what things would you really need when packing cases before moving to school you will save money and reduce waste. Don’t you think your last year backpack is still usable? Probably, a good clean process will make it to look like a new one.
Another thing you can reduce is clothes, while you are wearing an uniform at military high school you don’t really need so many clothes and most of your old clothes are not really so old, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, not everything is lekely to be reused. Notebooks and other stationery items can’t be used forever so you will need to buy some. When shopping them, go aroung the store looking for those products that are made from recycled paper or can be recycled when you don’t use them anymore. Some eco-friendly products are marked but other ones aren’t so to be sure don’t be afraid of asking to shop assistants.

Last but not least, the most needed thing when studying: books. Some military schools in Alabama offer their students a rental program for text books. If you have the chance: rent them instead of buying the books. This is not only a good way to save money but a green option too. When attending to a school that doesn’t held rental programs you can try borrowing books from older students or even looking in second hand marked.

When thinking about sending your kid to a military high school, sometimes, you wonder how it is daily life in on of this institutions and how they managed to fit all activities they offer in schedule. Although any school has its own timetable, most of them have a similar patron.

Rising time. The most frequent time to wake up for students in military boarding schools is 6.00 am and then they have time to clean their accommodations and daily shower to 7 o’clock in the morning.

Breakfast. Students have breakfast together from 7 to 7.30

Classes. Morning is the time when students attend to classes related to academic subjects as Maths, English, Physics or Social Studies. This period frequently last till noon.

Lunch. In half an hour, from 12 to 12.30, students must have time enough for lunch.

Tech and Practice Classes. After lunch and till 3.00 pm , most military prep schools held practical training using computers, labs or workshops.

Sports. Physical activities are really important in these schools. Every day, students has two hours dedicated to practice sports. Schools let students some time before sport to get ready for practicing and after so they can wash up for dinner time

March and salute Flag. This schools keep some army traditions as marching and saluting the flag everyday before having dinner.

Dinner. Students have dinner around 6.30 or 7 o’clock depending on the school.

Study time. Frequently, military schools have mandatory study time for all students that last about 2 hours every day. After that time they enjoy between 30 to 90 minutes of free time.

Ten o’clock is most frequent time in which “Taps” (Lights out) is set. At that time, all students are expected to be in bed sleeping.

During weekends, schedules are different and students have much more free time. Is at weekends when parades and sports competitions are held so parents and local residents can attend to watch them.