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This article is first in a famous students series that will be posted in this blog.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is known as one of great wartime leaders in history. He was most loved and most criticized man in United Kingdom at the same time. His multifaceted genius, lead him to conquer immortality in the world of politics. He was also a remarkable historian, biographer, lecturer, war correspondent and. Of course well known cognac drinker
Churchill was born in Oxfordshire in 1874 and died in 1965 in London.
As a child he was rebel and independent. He attended two different schools : St George’s School in Ascot, Berkshire and Brunswick School in Hove before get access to Harrow Military School for boys in 1888 where his actual career began.
After he left Harrow he applied to Royal Military College located in Sandhurst. He needed three attempts to attend to one of the best army schools in the world.
Before becoming British Prime Minister in 1940 he was officer in the army, historian, writer and artist. During those years he traveled to Cuba, Sudan, India , South Africa and even he was fighting at western front during First World War.
Churchill was Nobel Prize in Literature winner in 1953 specially for his six volume work ser avbout the Second World War.
Also he was first person to be recognized as “Honorary Citizen of the United States”
After his death he was honored with a state funeral at Saint Paul’s Cathedral and finally he was buried in the family plot in Bladon, near Woodstock.

As you know military schools are not anything but a boarding school with some army traditional training programs and that some of them are really old. Here we have the oldest military schools in the United States of America. We have considered as date of foundation the year that schools have traditionally listed as the official year of their founding.

1. Carson Long Military Institute. Founded in 1842. It is located in Pennsylvania, it is a boys only school and they offer scholarships to best students.
2. Oak Ridge Military Academy. This military school located in North Carolina was founded ten years later, in 1852. In this institution there is a teacher per every seven students, 20 % of them come from outside the States.
3. Fishburne Military School, the oldest of Virgina military schools was established in 1879, offers classes from 7 to 12 grade for only 200 students.
4. Wentworth Military Academy & College, founded in 1880, is the only coed military academy in the Midwest. 200 military girls and boys study there every year grades 9-12 with a teacher-student ratio of 1:10
5. The Howe School and Summer Camp. This military school located in Howe, Indiana was founded in 1884. It is affiliated with the Episcopal Church for grades 5-12. Nestled on a 100 acre park-like setting, Howe is located in northeast Indiana’s beautiful lake country.

Any student attending to these institutions feels proud of continuing a long tradition that was settled more that hundred years ago.