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On Monday organisers of the conference of the West Point Military Academy invited some of the top war historians from the United States to talk about and discuss war endings in front of an audience of around 20 military students and officers from the academy’s history department. Everything was filmed and there will be some essays written so teachers can use this debate in their classrooms as study material.

Because of these kinds of lectures and discussions, students learn things like the fact that the American military goes unprepared to war but that this is not the real problem. The real problem is that they are deep in war for 7 to 8 years right now and ending the war is starting to become a big issue. But than again the question arises how to stop the war. You can stop your involvement in a war, but can you do this when you started it?

They discussed different wars, from the American Revolution to the first Gulf War. And even though the Iraq and Afghanistan wars weren’t planned, they were never far away from everyone’s minds.

It was an interesting session and students learned a lot. The historians know what they are talking about and it was a good place to discuss a difficult subject.

This year the United States Army will be performing their duty for 235 years. This is why hundreds of people gathered last weekend at The Holiday Resort in Tumon for the annual Army Ball. During this ball there was a slide show organized to honor the fallen soldiers from Guam. The goal of this event was to reunite the soldiers so they can build up a solid relationship with each other furthermore Guam soldiers got recognition and soldiers could talk about their fallen battle buddies.

So the main goal wasn’t celebrating the 235th anniversary of the army but showing respect to the soldiers, let them know that their efforts are appreciated and that we all think about their fallen friends.

As we all know, military academies offer many different educational options to youngsters. But today I want to talk about a school which offers a very specific type of education in Spain. I am talking about the Military School of Languages.

The Military School of Languages in Spain is especially designed as an educational centre to perfection the language of those staff members of the foreign soldier and the Spanish Armed Forces which includes the Spanish Army, the Spanish Navy and the Spanish Air force who are assigned to take a specific course.

The objectives of the school are to teach languages and improve the language knowledge in the Arm Forces, as well as teaching Spanish and testing the Spanish level of the foreign staff. Furthermore the school believes it’s important to maintain relations with other centres by promoting and monitoring languages being learning with the foreign staff.

There is a great variety of courses taught in the army school. They offer short, medium and long courses concerning the English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese languages. A total of 4.730 pupils took an exam in one of these courses in 2008.

If you want more information about this school, you can surf to the website of the

Today I want to talk about the different Facebook pages concerning Military Schools. Of course there are a quite some pages about the different military academies you can find in the United States, but I find some of them a bit more interesting than others.

First of all there is the Facebook page called United States Military Academy. This is actually a page for everyone who likes Military schools. With it’s large amount of friends, different videos and interactive subjects, this fan page could be interesting for you to join and interact with other people.

Furthermore the Facebook page of the West Point Military Academy is interesting as well. With almost 10.000 fans, many updates, nice pictures and interesting information, the West Point – The U.S. Military Academy fan page could be a good page for you to follow.