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MilitaryYearly service academy day have allowed the high school students able to learn about United States military academies and applying it towards admission. The US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart will be hosting on this Saturday about the third annual service academy day in Homestead Air Reserve Base in order to encourage and nominate several high schools students in order to join military academies in preparation for military career and as well support the students be able to learn on how to apply or getting into the different military academies in the country. Beginning in 8:30am of this Saturday, the different representatives coming from Air Force, Merchant Marine, U.S. Naval, and U.S. Coast Guard military academies will now be talking towards the perspective students regarding the educational program and different career opportunities that offered in the different military service academies.

According to Diaz-Balart that this Academy Day provides a great opportunity towards these high schools students in the community especially to those young individuals who are quite determine and interested of serving the nation. In which, it allows them to know on what are the aspects that this talented Armed Forces have done each day or the significant functions that they have done upon serving the nation and to its people. With that, Diaz-Balart is now encouraging both the students and their families be able to join this Academy Day in Homestead Air Reserve Base and know the different opportunities about the military service academies that been offered. Rolando Machado Jr. who is one of the persons who applied and receive the Diaz-Balart nomination stated that he was glad about it. Since, he went on to this Naval Academy in order to become one of the officers and its one of the best decision that he ever made due to the mere fact that it really support of improving his whole life especially developing a humble character for the service towards others.

According to Diaz-Bert that this U.S. servicing academies support of fostering its future leaders and there is no work function that is quite honorable than serving on its nation. In which, it can be seen that they serve on selflessly every now and then especially upon protecting the nation and its freedom. For those young individuals who are interested to about military career development, students needs on a recommendation from students congressman, vice president of the nation or from senator. With that, students must be able to fill out some application packet that entirely includes about its demographic information, grading point averaging, the SAT and ACT scoring, transcript and three letters of recommendation. Then, the applicants must be able to go through interviews with nomination from its board before they will be selected. Machado is giving out its suggestion that for individuals interested in military academies must be able to do lots of researching about the different military academies, the course program that been offering and the life that been offering through the questioning the people that been there already. Then, never stop trying to do its best especially determining to forego its military career.

I bet every young boy wishes to defend his loved ones and his country on top of himself. And every parent dreams of having a decent and brave son who is capable of defending his country. The best way to accomplish these goals is to enroll in an education program institute of choice for higher education in a military school. Such institution is a good guide to go through the significant periods of life’s where examples are set to its alumni and show encouragement that leads them to follow a path most suitable for them. Life in a military school is different from other schools world wide. It can be challenging, educational and fun. Order and routine are dominant characteristics of the institution and the student should become accustomed to the structured schedules that endorse complete focus on the given tasks. Boarding facilities are furnished in military schools and the campus environment generally promotes a special bond built among the students. Each student is treated as an individual and the school ensures everyone reaches his full potential by their given tasks and study courses.

By and large, students who graduate from a military school are generally more satisfied and more confident for having overcome underlying challenges and getting through it all. However, one will find that there are variations in different military schools. But whatever school it might be, a student can really change his life with the time spent in a military school. For the most part, a military career is vital for the man’s life that chooses it. No one can underestimate a student who graduated from a military school. The rewards that one garners ensure a physically, ethically and educationally healthy character. I think troubled teenagers are fitting to be in military schools to help them learn discipline, and parents have better alternative for their troubled teens in military schools.

schoolThe Lawrence Technological University was already been included in the list of Military Friendly School for the year 2010 that entirely compiled by the G.I. jobs. This list entirely honors those top 15 percent colleges, trade educational learning institutes, and universities that do their best in order to embrace this America’s veterans as their learners. With that, a certain amount of money was already been funded for Post-9/11 GI Bill in order to make it quite easier towards the veterans be able to pay towards their college education. But it’s quite difficult of finding over a right institution or educational academic program. According to Rich McCormack who is the publisher of this Pittsburgh that is based of G.I. Jobs stated that veterans needed trusted friend in order to support them of deciding where to exactly educate their children. With that, this Military Friendly Schools lists are just one of this trusted friend.

Since, this U.S. Department Veterans Affairs had already designated this Lawrence Tech as their Yellow Ribbon School towards 25% match of GI Bill funds that are already quite available to any of this veteran. Aside of that, Lawrence Tech also offering a military discounts to the entire military personnel’s whether they are active, reserve, inactive or retired military. This 25% off career education tuition and fees towards undergraduate learners and 16% off towards this graduate educational programs. According to Lisa Kujawa who is the assistant of this provost towards enrollment management in Lawrence Tech that they already got a veteran affairs coordinator who are entirely been working one on one together with their entire veterans in order of ensuring their benefits are already been applied correctly. As a result, their transitions are already been seamless according to Lisa Kujawa who is the assistant provost towards the enrollment management of Lawrence Tech.

As of this year, the Office of this Student Affairs in Lawrence Tech is now already been adding its veterans learner club and veteran supportive groups. The criteria upon making this Military Friendly Schools lists are the inclusion efforts towards the recruitment and even retaining military and veteran learners that will result of recruitment military and veteran learners and even academic accreditations. This lists was entirely been compiled by an exhaustive researching that is already more than 7,000 campus schools nationwide.

The educational learning institutes district in the portion of North Chicago, Highland Park, Highwood, and Glenview that serve on those children of Great Lakes military personnel are just one step close upon getting an additional federal student financial aid. As this Great Lakes personnel have already took over its military housing that been left behind during the time that Fort Sheridan and this Glenview Naval Air Based had already closed down. The tax crunches had already increases towards their educational learning districts due to the mere fact that this military housing is quite a tax exempt. Since, two years ago Sen. Dick Durbin had already negotiated about a comprise that entirely brings about $4,500 of its financial federal aid support towards each child from this military family of elementary and even high school educational learning districts that serves in the Highland Park, Glenview, Highwood, and $6,000 per learner for the military family in this portion of North Chicago District 187.

This Durbin sponsored bill that will be renewing this additional aid for more than two years had already won its approval in the Senate committee. Some of the government officials in North Chicago stated that this additional support just provide a difference between having a good educational learning institutes and without any schools or have not join any schooling. Since, there are some schools that been closed due to enough financial funding in order to allocate its educational supports. Durbin entirely seeks action towards this two year measure of the House where in it just stuck on the committee but would just like to have it in permanent setting. With that, the Highland Park officials especially Belsky stated that they are quite confident that they will eventually winning its House approval due to the backing from the United States Representative Kirk.

With the approval of this federal aid it will entirely support several children of military personnel’s to be able to continue their education especially upon foregoing a career development and be able to practice their field of expertise of their chosen career course or career field.