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Military SchoolJust recently, the University of Hawaii West O’ahu was namely selected as one of the higher educational learning institutes that been included on the list of 2010 Military Friendly Schools. Those top 15% colleges, trade schools and universities in the country that do much in embracing the American veteran for its learners are deserving to receive such honors. Since, this schools that are on the lists range shared a common bond of priority upon the recruitment of learners that have military experiences.

The University of Hawaii in West O’ahu’s Pearl City school campuses and as well to its future educational campus in Kapolei is now conveniently located upon gaining access through the Hawaii several military veteran, active duty members and together with their families that been located in the Schofield Barracks, Hickam Air Force Base, and Pearl Harbor Navy Base. According to Awakuni of the UHWO Chancellor and some veterans of U.S. Marine Corps stated that they are placing priority towards of ensuring the entire learners of their school will really get a first rate of educational learning and be able to welcome its veterans and some other individuals in the military community for the inclusion towards higher educational goals. Awakuni added that the recognition of their school as being one of the military friendly schools in the country is one great honor to have but to several veterans, Guard, Reserves, active duty of military members and military family members that been graduated from their education program are not any more surprise the inclusion of UH West O’ahu as one of the military friendly schools.

So for most military personnel, military students, and even military retirees are very much glad towards the success of several military schools in the country and to those educational learning institutes who become friendly or participated actively towards the development of military educational system in the country that includes the University of Hawaii at West O’ahu. The listing range of those schools that been considered as military friendly educational learning institutes or schools are being compiled through the exhaustive research that been conducted by the G. I. and been participated nationwide for about more than 7,000 educational learning institutes nationwide.

MilitaryThe national business magazine have confirm about the new ranking of the top colleges in the United States. In this new ranking, the United States Military Academy was ranked as the No.1 from the overall colleges in the country on the Forbes magazine for its second annual ranking that been released this week. The Forbes magazine have already pointed out this military academy was already been ranked sixth place last year but it edged now out of this Princeton in order to win this top spot for this year. Especially that the undergraduate experience in West Point and some other academies are entirely been defined by its intense working ethics based on the statement of the learners, faculty, higher education experts and alumni. According to the admission personnel in West Point, there are quite thrilled about the top rising of their academy ranking. Several individuals did not realize about their military career schools that been offering for this 45 major subjects and to ensure that the entire learners will be getting a well rounded education. With that, it’s been seen that West Point was one of military academies that provide that path of career success for several endeavor.

In return for this no cost and top rate educational learning program, the West Point learners are required to serve about five years for its active military duty and three years only for its reserve duty. After those services, these military personnel are now allowed stay in the military field in order to pursue their military functions or pursue another career jobs in some other field that is not related to the military functions. It’s already been observe that several of these graduates in West Point become the CEOs and some leading other fields in America for over 200 years already. So, it’s quite clear that most of the graduates of this U.S. Military Academy especially West Point have already excel as they further their chosen career field.

Although, despite the challenging economy in the country but still this academy in West Point have not seen yet over its increase of application that can always be attributed to several learners that might be seeking some free education according to this academy school officials. So, most of the high schools who are applying to this academy are doing it because they wanted to serve the country and that’s the reason of becoming an Army officers. Some other colleges especially the Lower Hudson Valley colleges and its universities are also doing well in this top schools ranking.

School BuildingIt’s been noted that this Dunlap Stone University have just announce recently about the formation of this new DSU Military Educational Scholarship system. Part of this ongoing effort is to provide some affordable, quality of education online services and even providing training towards active military on duty and to its former military personnel. This educational scholarship entirely covers about 25% of its tuition costs that entirely applies for those dependents service members. It becomes an addition of providing honor to Montgomery GI Bill reimbursement educational programs. As a result, the educational military scholarship entirely means that there will be no out of cost pocket upon the service members who will be attending this DSU.

According to Burton who is the university president of Dunlap Stone University that their online programs are always on the go of striving hard in order to make their military student career development program become even more military friendly. The Dunlap Stone University administrators are quite proud upon offering this scholarship to its military service members and even to their family members as some small token for gratitude for their services that been provided to the nation. Since, this military educational scholarship program makes an overall completing degree much easier than ever towards the military learners especially to the mere fact that there are several military learners that cited about financial costs as one of the barrier upon continuing education of military field. Some other factors that must be taken into consideration includes about working responsibilities such as frequent travel and even irregular scheduling and some personal obligations on their respective home.

Since, finding some time and even flexibility had already been a challenge for several service military members until to the point that they have already discover the DSU six week online military program session that enables several military individuals with demanding schedules and on their deployment period be given an opportunity to earn this quality educational learning. For those individuals who will be gaining this military scholarship program are looking forward that their military career field will be develop and they will become efficient upon doing their functions and provide services to the nation.