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As of now, its been noted that the Onslow County in Coastal Carolina is needing at least three new educational learning institutes in order to accommodate this large population of influx as a result of Marine Corp’s 202 K Plus Up. This data was entirely been based by the recent report that been submitted by this Military Growth Task Force. Aside of that, this Onslow Country Schools got about nearly 10,000 military dependent learners during 2008 to 2009 on its school year based on the data gathered by the Onslow Country Schools Federal Impact Aid that been listed in this draft of Regional Growth Management Plan. It’s been estimated that about nearly 2,000 Marines were still expected to come along to this eastern North Carolina. In which, several school age young learners are also expected to come along. Much of this Onslow County’s military current related growth is occurring along with its Gum Branch Road that is located between this Jacksonville and Richlands where the report eventually suggests of building its one middle school and as well two grade campus schools.

In this present time, Onslow County Schools have already got about 19 grade schools that include the county Stateside Elementary School that been entirely set for opening this fall. It’s also estimated that about eight middle schools and about seven high schools on it. The Stateside was entirely part of this 2005-2006 urgent needs with its bond program in order to address to its existing and even potential growth. As a result, they will continually work out towards the LRFNA in order to ensure that this county leadership will be able to continue its updated information for keeping its growth. According to the report that about six elementary school, four middle schools and even one high schools are now expected to be getting over this capacity in 2011. Upon building this suggested two elementary schools and about one middle school, the Onslow County Schools would entirely need of at least $59 million.

In additional about 1,800 learners would be needing about 82 new teachers and 36 new educator’s assistance on its annual costs of $5.6 million in order to cater the military education career building to its learners. Aside of that about fourteen new buses would also need of its costs of $1.2 million. This system must be working along with the state and its local leaders in order to ensure of its staffing for appropriate basing of its available funding. Since, the growth will entirely impact to its transportation costs. Its been considered that the Regional Growth Management Plan is one effort in order to identify and even assess this needs that have already emerge as one result of its new military growth through to its military growth on its area and been identify some ways in order to address its issue and even some challenges.

Military WomenIts been noted that a new program will be coming in NAS Jax in order to support the military families to have an easy transition upon enrolling their children in the different schools in the country. With that, this school liaison program aims to provide a link that is between on its base, military parents, and local schools in the country. Since, its been observe that there are several individuals who are leaving the military field due to the transition and as a result, its quite a challenge for several military families to relocate them especially to the mere fact that most of the military families are transferring for at least six times as they have undergo a military career education. With this program, it supports several military families to undergo the process of transition in a little easy way.

Although, this program was still new but it already provided a significant progress in order to fully support the military families and also support the military school academy officials or military officials be able to fully understand the life of a military child especially in addressing its deployment that will result to a multi-level of program. For an instance, if the military parents will be deployed to its field of mission and there children have some educational special needs eventually the educational needs of the child will be catered especially upon finding the right military school that will fit them and according to their choice. This program provides assistance services that includes the accomplishment of state requirements upon enrolling to the different military schools, accomplishing the educational course requirements, career course sequencing, supporting the military deployment, transfer of records, extracurricular activities, the educational school quality and even providing referrals to both inside and even outside the military community.

Several military families have stated the difficulties over the transition that military learners have undergone. Since, several military children have already miss out the chances to become part of the school due to its transients. As a result, this new liaison program that been created will not be missing out the opportunities that been provided. As well, it provides support for several deployed military parents be able to keep in touch to their children’s need. This program will entirely allow them of logging on in order to check its attendance records, test record results, and support the families be able to stay connected to another as the military parents forego its military career development mission in other places.

CadetsThe Oak Ridge Military Academy is now trying to partner with some investor in order deal or discuss about rescuing the those military schools that been cash strapped of closure. Eventually, the investors will entirely absorb most of the academy’s educational debt for about $4.8 million and be able to infuse the educational learning institutes with the additional money in order to stay it open. This proposed deal is already fixed for a long term that entirely brings stability especially to the different schools of Oak Military Academy. The Oak Ridge Military Academy is now coming off towards their most difficult educational academic years. Since, the enrollment of Oak Ridge’s this year was already about 130 learners after the 12% drop from the previous years. Aside of that, the school also experiences significant decline in the previous years upon its $4.8 million debt due to the establishment of academic building that already been opened last 2001.

Last April about 45 faculties together with staff members agreed to have relinquished for five weeks of their salary. Last May, the Oak Ridge officials have already laid off about eleven workers and they have decided to end their schooling early. With this new proposal of partnership to some investors, it will enables the Oak Ridge Military School be able to pay their employees for their wages or compensation. This is quite important because these employees provide a significant contribution to the schools progress. Aside of that, this private investors will be a great support for the Oak Ridge Military School to develop their campus schools facilities in order to provide a higher quality of education. The discussion towards this potential partnership will be under its way ever since last month. Whether the deal will go through or else the benefactor will step forward, the school will entirely shut down during this summer.

The discussions towards this educational military deal of Oak Ridge Military together with its investors are going rough and preliminary that must be treated with confidentiality. Oak Ridge Military Academy is already looking forward for the positive outcome upon investing and supporting the development of this military academy and to its respective military boarding school branches.

UniversityAccording to the top three U.S. military academies officials that there are quite enjoying about boosting the large numbers of applicants that they got. These officials came from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at the Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy in portion of Colorado Springs have all together confirm that they got an increase of applicants towards the upcoming military educational training this 2013. Most of the military academy got into account and even credited this application increase due to the declining of numbers that become casualties in Iraq and marketing as a result of aggressive efforts.

The Naval Academy had already enjoyed their most essential increase that had happened in their academy. In which, various applications from the different high schools learners in the country are flocking towards gaining an opportunity to be educationally trained in Naval Academy. It’s already been estimated that about 15,342 individuals have just recently submitted their application papers and become part of military educational training that will be estimated consists of nearly 1,240 Class for the upcoming military training session this 2013. Since, the application papers that been submitted were been tallied and it’s been observe that the year was the highest range of application that been receiving in the history of Maryland Academy way back in 1988.

However, the West Point that been located in the Orange County of New York City have just also receive about 11,106 applicants and these huge numbers of young individuals who wants to enter military field and be challenge to become part in West Point are just enough to in order to fill in the 1,320 open section that been created for the upcoming military educational session. While on the other side, the Air Force Academy had nearly about 1,350 classes that been place and made available in order to receive about 9,890 applications. Its been noted that the tallied results of both campus schools academies of Air Force and West Point have just marked to 9.6% with a 10% increase on it that is quite a grateful result comparing to the last years total numbers of applications that been submitted.