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The Northside, Columbus high school learners are expected to join the top different military academies in the United States. Considering of the mere fact that Colombus high school is just a low crawl away from Infantry military education. As a result, there will be no surprise that about three local high school graduates will already headed up to West Point in New York in order to join on the prestigious United States Military Academy. Jean C. Roman, Ian Richard Young of Northside High School, Shaina Coss of Columbus High school already confirmed their acceptance about the appointments of this prestigious service academy. Shaina intended of flying the Army helicopters in the future but two of her classmates Ryan Thompson and even Matt Melhado are planning to fly a jet plan. In that goal they are setting, it inclines them to join in the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Another group of high school learners from Muscogee high school learners are also planning to join in U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md upon receiving the acceptance of enrollment of this military academy institution. With several positive response of becoming part of military academies, it also means that there will be lots of individuals who will be serving in the military field. West Point military academy was consider long before as the oldest of the five services academies and even certainly as one of the most selective. Since, this military academy have already known for its credibility, provider of higher quality of military educational training, and got a complete military student community resources program. Although, other military academies such as the Air Force academies are also good in providing military education especially upon specializing air crafts aside from West Point academy but still several learners wanted to become part of West point because they wanted to experience military educational program.

Most of the learners who have accepted to become part of military academies especially in West Point and Air Force branch got no pressures of foregoing this career profession because of the mere fact that they like military education and be involve in the military services in the future aside of having a background of coming from a military family for some learners who choices and gaining its acceptance of enrolling in their chosen military academies.

Several learners of Heidelberg Middle School are enjoying doing the military service of youth Boot Camp such as training them about the basic lifestyle training of military system. This military training experience was entirely geared toward those children who have some parents deployed across the country or even in other nation in order to fulfill their military mission or those parents who are ready to be deployed or even those children whose parents have just recently returned from their deployment areas. By allowing their children to join these youth military boot camp, it will allow their young children be introduce and let them understand the things that there military parents do in order for this military youth become supportive to the career jobs that their military parents fulfill.

During the military youth boot camp, several students are donned for camouflage headbands and keep on watching the military working dogs doing their training of sniffing out C-4 and some drugs from 529th Military Police Company. Aside of that, this young individuals are taught about the basics of the Heidelberg Medical Activity and some physical training. According to the counselor Lynn Mattingly that this military youth boot camp is one of the best ways of supporting those children to cope up themselves especially when their military parents will be deployed for several months in other areas in order to fulfill a certain military mission. In which, these youth will gained a simple glimpse and even taste about the aspect that their parents do while they are away from them. According to Lt. Col. Robert White, the commander of the U.S. Army Garrison of Heidelberg that several learners who attended to this military children boot camp stated that they are enjoying doing in the boot camp especially upon dressing up an armor which is quite cool for them.

Although, most of these military youth that participated in the military boot camp already have an introduction about basic military education because they not only came from a military family but as well from a military boarding school. In that scenario, it’s easily for them to enjoy and adopts the military youth boot camp.

Many people are now waiting for the realization of the recent announcement of the Britain government to convert a military school into a boarding school. They have high hopes the recent pronouncement of the government will come to fruition.

It was earlier known that since 1803, the Ministry of Defense, which is owned the Duke of York’s Royal Military School has provided children of servicemen and women education and this is really one of the biggest legacies it is very proud to tell everyone. In fact, the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has already issued the so-called “statement of intent” so that the plan to grant the school academy status will be realized next year. The plan, when finally realized would be taking up at least 500 pupils whose ages range from 11 to 18 years old. The funding for the plan, according to the study, would be an estimated 37 Million Euro, plus the 23 Million Euro from the DCSF.

The huge budget will be for the refurbishment of the boarding and other facilities including another 14 Million Euro to be granted by the Ministry of Defense. This is good news for many people in Great Britain, knowing that it will a boast to education in this part of the world. It is also learned that said plans will make a way for increase enrollees of children to up to 720 but basically gives priority on students whose parents are members of the armed forces. This announcement will make students to enroll at Duke of York’s School and to enjoy for the multi-million Euro education and state-of-the-art facilities.

Jim Knight, the schools minister, said it would always be a priority of the Duke of York’s School to have its academy status to make education fore children even more exciting and fun. Many schools world wide will really envy this achievement of the school.

The New Hampshire’s future leaders in the United States military have recently meet with Congresswoman Carol She-Porter last Sunday in order to celebrate their nominations upon entering in the different military schools and programs in the country. Shea-Porter presented her chosen high school graduates by giving them a best and even brightest certificates of recognition as one of the being the year’s Service Academy nominees. With that, each year Shea-Porter nominates several young men and women towards entering into the four academy programs such as the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Beginning next year, the Coast Guard will also take part of this nomination process. She-Porter was very much proud for her chosen high school learners who recently receive the nomination certificate and she was very much determine that this young individuals can be rely and considered as the future leaders in the military field of the nation.

Bill Jernberg is one of the military academy boards that conducted several interviews to the candidates who will be receiving a nomination certificate upon entering military academy. Bill Jernberg is a former Merchant Marines Academy graduate and one of the naval career officer. According to Jernberg that board was looking for among the best to the best high school graduates applicants in this military academy schools. Even those high school graduates from the military boarding school in the country will still undergo the same evaluation just like the other learners who came from the different non military schools in the country. The evaluation is quite tough. Since, the boards military academy selection were entirely based on its academic scores, extracurricular activities, class standing, and good moral character. The selection of these learners who will be entering the military academy was just like picking a cream of crop. Some of those individuals who were chosen seem destined towards their military field preference. Megan Edson of Wolfeboro was given a nomination upon entering into the Air Force Academy. According to her, she already wanted to become a pilot and for the known years this will be the right decision that she will be making for her life.

The twin brothers Nathen and Pascal DeMeo from Derry both receive a nomination upon entering in the military academy. Paul decided to enter in the Military Academy at the West Point while Pascal chooses to join in the Naval Academy. Those young individuals came from the different High schools and got a nomination from She-Porter also gain appreciation and honor from their respective families even though their future career entails some risks.

The Air Force Maj. Mark Sanchez made a speech towards fourteen potential candidates that the various military academies are good career path to forego. Sanchez serve as one of the speakers in the service academy forum that been held in Cisco Junior College last Tuesday in order for the high school learners be able to appointed to one of nations military schools that been existed. Sanchez also stated some incorrect reasons upon attending military academy such as becoming a Division I athlete, next Rambo leader or leader of Thunderbirds, getting a free or great education because these aspects are not the prime or valid reason upon attending military school. Since, the right reason truly set in the heart. He told those candidates that the toughness training that will undergo and for that they must learn to practice the art of warfare while hoping that they could never use it.

The U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock whose office sponsored this event also stated some tough challenges anyone may face upon entering this military academy and continually developing this military career building. Since, even if some students will be nominated and accepted in the military school but not everyone will make it because there are still further evaluation or military training that they will be undertaking. According to Lance Anthony who was a junior at this Jim Ned High School is now identifying some good points about Sanchez words especially upon stating about not good reasons in joining a military academy. As he further ask himself of what are the real reason of joining the military academy, he found out that it really what he wants to become pilot someday that’s one of the core reason that he join the Air Force Academy. Aside of that also, his family background as being the son of an Air Force personnel had also become of one aspect that influences his choice.

As well, Emily Edwards who is a junior of Cisco High School are not quite thinking about entering to military academy until her coach emailed her that the Air Force Academy are quite interested to have her in their military school. At first, she never thought of entering to military school neither to a military academy even though both of her parents are serving in the military field but she’s already interested to be there and it even grow when she was fully accepted and invited to the Air Force Academy and the endorsement that been made. Aside of that, Air Force Academy also got and renewed their good reputation upon military career development. So there’s no reason for her not to forego in enrolling to this Air Force Academy.