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MilitaryAs of now, military schools become an appealing option for several parents and children because it will serve as a gage for attaining a military higher military education in the different military academies here in the United States. Especially now that military career become as one of the leading career in the country due to the different benefits that it provides to its personnel and the assurance of its career stability. Not only that, most young individuals who pursue a military career or forego a higher military education program in the different academies are not entirely interested on the financial stability that it entails but rather just followed their perspective or principle of serving and protecting the country by becoming part of the United States Armed Forces. Some young individuals who entered in the military academies have already got some backgrounds from their parents about military service.

Just like Conor Hozey, who came from a military parents and now his already attending one of the military academies in the country in order to follow his dream to be on the service in the military department. The same stories have also happened to Steffon Bath who also came from a military family. In which, his father entirely serve 20 years in the Army. Long before, he admitted that military service is not his interest until a time came that he got interested on it. Both Hozey and Batt now will join the elite group of high schools football team who plans to enter into a military academy in the country. According to Hozey, he wants to serve the country through entering the U.S. Naval Academy because he was proud of what his parents have done to the country or their military services even to some point that they already risks their lives just to defend the nation and the people. Both Hozey and Batts shared the same story of having unconditional heart of serving the country through entering U.S. Naval Academy or U.S. Air Force Academy.

Even if Hozey and Batt will be taking a different military branch or having a separate life training path but still the willingness to be committed in serving the country through the military defense will always be the same and even more gets stronger as they will undertake a higher training in military services in their chosen military department.