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For so long, the military occupation have become as one of the leading employment here in the United States due to its career development and the need of the country. Although, this type of occupation entails lots of responsibilities but still several young individuals are responsive to forego this type of career. One of the people who are known for their military services is the Army National Guard Spec. Gregory J. Marcotte. This young man has already served the military services for several years. Just recently of this month, he has returned to the 2nd Battalion of the 18th Infantry Regiment in Gloversville after for several years of being deployed in overseas countries in support of the mission of Operation Enduring Freedom. Marcotte graduated in Corinth Central Military Boarding School in the country.

As Marcotte returned to the 2nd Battalion of 18th Infantry Regiment, a ceremony of transition command of Gloversville to the central New York base together with its military soldiers was also celebrated. This includes the Infantry Soldiers of 2nd Battalion together with the 108th Infantry, CBRNE and CERFP. The CBRNE stands as the New York’s Army National Guard’s Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear High Yield Explosive. On the other hand CERFP stands for Enhanced Response Force Package. Both this New York group and the military soldiers of Gloversville join together in celebrating the transition of command and recognizing the contribution that Gloversville soldiers had made towards the military department such as allowing themselves to be trained for fully yielded military education and services that comes from military schools or academies in Gloversville. As well, for allowing their selves to be more open to a higher military continuing education training in order to be prepared for another level of responsibility and give out a quality services to its field of function.

Part of this ceremony is the awarding of medals to the local soldiers who have completed their mission as part of the CERFP element such as Sgt. Scott T. Dingman, Sgt. Ronald W. Spanton, and Sgt. Michael Lynch. These local soldiers that have received the awards were been evaluated, recommended, and appointed by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Military schools in terms of disciplining are effective according to graduates who’ve been in this learning institution few years ago. They said the discipline the school is able to accomplish is really a big help for parents who’ve been very busy with their respective jobs.

The Charles Rogers Academy in Detroit is recently named black army general, is now offering the same quality program of education as other military prep school does. This means they have already designed a very effective formula of running a good and refutable school. Students in this school are enjoying the high standards of the academy. Discipline is also tight and students also learn a lot. The boarding school type of education is very effective and outstanding in CRA by making students become responsible leaders. A military boarding school in Massanutten, the reveille is scheduled at 6:00 o’clock in the weekday morning. In this, at least a 45 minute formation is required of the cadets. They are also mandated to dress in complete uniform and also polish with boots.

The Alpha Company members that are all girls are being checked for reported excessive grooming, nail polish as well as heavy make up and some students are already banned. The rules also strictly imposed include neatly-cut hair. This means in this situation it clearly indicates that military boarding schools are considered positive influence for many students in the US. In Massanutten academic achievements are rewarded with ranks and those with ranks also have privileges. This is how active and dynamic this military boarding school is working.

Even before every meal, a formation will be called for cadets and in al most all activities scheduled everyday in the school. This is done so that teamwork among cadets can be seen and whoever group is active and dynamic also receives and award from the school administration. This is the main reason why they are very successful in running the school every year. Graduates in military boarding schools usually have good CV resume. This is because they are well-organized and knows about proper discipline and good presentations.

The medical military school is obviously not for everybody that wants to join in the military profession. It is only limited to the students that want to become involve in the military profession specializing in medical education. Medical training in the military as well as their medical career also depends on how they are connected within the military organization.

Usually, the medical personnel, that is both enlisted and officer, worked in the Army, Navy or Air Force. The marines are only supported by the Navy personnel that are in the medical profession. The US Public Health Service is also a uniformed service even though they are not in the military force.

The general rule in joining the military profession when it comes to age limit is 17 up to 35 years old, either a citizen or legal alien, in good health and with good moral character. For interested people joining as enlisted person, the minimum requirement should be at least got a minimum score in the examination conducted by the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) When aspirants passed the ASVAB they may be able to sign up for the medical technical training.
Most medical officers join the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), the Uniformed Services University and the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program. The ROTC offers scholarships to interested ASVAB passers if they commit for a post-graduation service to the military service. However, the service commitment can be delayed also if the applicant wants to complete a degree related to the medical profession. The Nursing ROTC program is also offered in the Army. The online degree programs are now incorporated in the training.

There are also other scholarships for medical related professions offered in the Air Force, Navy and Army such as optometry, dental, medical, nurse anesthesia and osteopathic students. Qualified students can enjoy a full tuition, books reimbursements, monthly stipends, including a 45-day active duty during military training.

There are many benefits you can get in a top military boarding school as compared to students enrolled in this type of learning institutions that are not ranked as among the best of the world. This is also the main reason why many parents want their kids enrolled in the best possible schools if they can afford. The benefits you can get are priceless because the education your kids can get is also amazing.

Among the cited best boarding schools of the world as published in the Pittsburg Gazette include the St. John Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin. This military boarding school is considered the best boarding school in North America. Other military boarding schools named as best also include Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Culver Academies in Indiana, Carson-Long Military Institute in New Bloomfield, Howe Military School in Indiana and New Mexico Military Institute.

Among the benefits students can get if you are enrolled in a top military boarding school include:

1. Students enrolled in top military boarding schools are proud because they also receive recognition from friends and relatives about the good reputation of the school. Many people would regard the school as top performing school in town because of the recognition by a competent organization, which is also having an authority to recognize good schools.

2. Students enrolled in top boarding schools are assured of the quality of education they can get. These military boarding schools have this recognition of being the best in military education.

3. The parents are not sorry for their education funds because they knew their kids enrolled in top military boarding schools are given the appropriate education such as quality education and other best recognitions receive by the school.

4. Graduates from these schools have great privilege when they apply for jobs in military organizations of the United States. They have the edge and advantage because they belong to the most reputable schools.

Even though that the economic status of the country here in the United Status are not that stable but still the recruitment of military cadets are still one of the priority of the government in the country. Since, military soldiers and personnel’s are very much important in preserving the security system of the country. In that case, the government provides a large amount of budget in order to financially support the educational training for the military cadets in the different military schools or academies in the country. Aside of the budget fund that been provided for the military cadets, the different military departmental branches in the country also provided a large amount or fund for the recruitment of newly military soldiers or personnel’s to be part of their military offices. This is very much evident as of now, that the Pentagon keeps on recruiting and attracting military cadets or young individuals to be part of the different military branches or offices.

Last week the figures about the trends of military career education and jobs become more appealing as the elect President takes its office in the Washington D.C. Although, President Barack Obama pledge its campaign to pull out the all the combat forces in Iraq and drop all the violence that happen there but still he also stated to put some additional forces in Afghanistan for more security measures. In the Army department, they target about hundreds or thousands of young individuals that will meet the qualification standards of the department but they just received 750 individuals who signed and meet the basic qualification of the academy. In the Navy, they receive around 2,306 individuals who also meet the qualification standard of this academy while the Marine Corps academy gained 2,392 signed up. On the other hand, the Air Force has gained a sign in of 2,967.

Although, the functions that awaits to the young individuals to become military soldier entails lots of responsibilities but still there are several young individuals who pursue it. All the more the different branches of military department in the country strengthens their support to this newly cadets and military graduates through the presence of quality education program, competitive salaries, and job skills for civilian military personnel’s. The different military officials are expecting that the quality of military troops will remain high regardless to the economic status of the country.

There are many reasons why we need our children become responsible citizens of the country as well as of becoming obedient to their parents. However, if at an early age your kids are showing a very different thing which might not be the one you hope them to grow, there are also some avenues that can help you solve this dilemma during their growing period. In most cases, it is the attitude or behavior that we can detect at an early age of the children. They’d become disobedient to parents and want to do their own thing even beyond what is right for the kids.

The military schools for teens are among the best avenues we can go to if we need help. Experts in this educational structure are saying that boot camps and military schools can help remove the negative attitude of children which they have generated from the outside influences of their friends or the people around them. When our kids are enrolled in this type of educational structure they would certainly learn to develop and choose a good career development program in the future.

For teens, there are several programs such as residential, therapeutic, long and short term program and even the so-called wilderness program. Each program can be defined and enrolled by students depending on the student’s needs. For parents that want their kids be back in shape, become teachable and motivated again, the boot camp is the best for this, especially when the boot camp is coupled with a teen boarding school program. As parents, you can expect transition from your child in his behavior and other developments he will learn from the boot camp. Your child will then start to prove his new skills, and self discipline as he goes back to normal life again. This is how great boot camp and military schools can influence your kids.

There are military benefits in terms of education that service members and veterans can benefit and you will have all of these benefits in this article. The benefits and privileges vary because it will depend on the qualifications of those who want to benefit just like if you are in a nursing school program. Take a look at this so that you will know whether you are one of those qualified applicants for these privileges.

When you join the military you can still continue your education by earning a college degree because there are also suitable programs for you. The military has spent at least 445 million dollars in voluntary education few years ago. This means you can still earn a degree in college while you are serving the military. You maybe in the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Army or Air Force, the following are your options:

1. Montgomery GI Bill.
According to the Montgomery GI Bill, you can get cash benefits if you are interested to proceed to college in business school, vocational or technical courses, job training, flight training or even correspondence courses. The bill stipulates that those veterans and active duty servicemen can qualify if they already serve at least two years. Those that qualify can receive $1,075 a month if they study full time.

2. Top Up program.
There is also another assistance program for schooling soldiers called the “Top Up” program. This is to supplement the GI bill which cannot actually fully support today’s schooling expenses because of much higher tuition fees and other matriculation. The program has accredited colleges and universities.

3. Veterans Education Assistance program.
The Federal Aid is another supplemental program for service members who are making contributions through the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP). If you are a contributing member, for every $1 dollar contribution the government doubles it.

4. Loan Repayment programs.
If you enlist in the military you are given the privilege to pay off Perkins, Stafford, PLUS and other consolidated loans.

5. ROTC Scholarships.
You can also enjoy a college degree scholarship program if you are a member of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). The best benefit for this is that you can pay all tuition fees, books and others but you are so required to enroll at a military science school of your choice. When you graduate you can join the service with a rank of an officer. This means you have all the qualifications to join and a very qualified CV resume.

Funding is not a hindrance to success and this has been proven many times over by many people that succeed in life even through meager budgets. This only goes to show that even with a little budget the show must go on no matter what. The success is sweeter when you are faced with challenges before achieving it.

This situation is also true with the cadets of the Francis Marion Military Academy. They have continued their marching and other activities despite budget cuts – because they are the so-called eagles that want to soar high. Career education for them is very important and they can continue dreaming even with very limited funds.

Just recently, four cadets discussed homework assignments on mathematics and world history and sat a picnic table. This, despite of the fact that they knew of the situation of organizers and volunteers having a hard times coping with financial crisis that is also now shaking the budget of the school as well as on the student’s career education.

Legislators knew that the economic downturn is challenging them in which they headed to Tallahassee this week purposely and conducted thorough discussion in the school’s shrinking finances. It was known that this year an estimated shortfall of the state is estimated to reach $2.3 billion. Lawmakers are now looking for the solution to minimize budget deficits before the economy could rebound in April of 2010 according to economic analysts.

Unfortunately for the Marion County Public Schools a shortfall close to $40 million is also seen to challenge legislators. This is also the main reason why the budget shortfall of schools also came. It is reported that the military academy which has been receiving $23,000 in monthly checks is now dwindling to only $18,000. It was also reported that even a boarding school is also faced with this kind of dilemma.

Col. Martha Cieplinki, school’s director also feared that another cut of 20 percent will be made again soon that would also reduce it to $3,000 from the present $15,000. As a matter of fact, Cieplinski said to be able to control the continued reduction they are now considering of applying for a $250,000 grant for school year 2009-2010.

American individuals is always on the go to respond to the call of service in defending the nation against the powers who threatens the security and to always fight in order to attain peace especially if conflicts arise. To counteract these threats of the country is to keep the American individual dwell in safety, to still secure freedom, put the economic stability at hand and the human rights of every people and to the future generation in the country. Amidst the crises, the next generation of the American people must be willing and be able to set themselves to serve especially in times of crises. Although, American individuals and youth are willing or have a heart to continually serve but they are inadequate do to so because of lack of educational attainment or military educational training. Some another reasons of being inadequate or not being prepared to serve the country through military service are lack of high schools diploma, poor physical shape or some undesirable records in the society. It was found out that there are several youth who does not meet the basic educational attainment, physical fitness, and the moral standards required for its service.

The former chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of the Navy have stated that these inadequacies of the youth to be part of military department or enroll to the different prestigious military schools in the country is quite difficult and alarming since, its in the hands of the youth that lies the future of the next generation. Although the United States military is very much firm to set place rigorously the standards of accepting military cadets or enrollees because the county’s military department needs competent, healthy and educated individuals in order to staff the world’s most professional and technological advanced military system.

The long term investment in making a strong military system of the country lies in the health and education of the American people especially to the youth. If the government wants to ensure the strong and capability of fighting force of the country, we need to help the America’s youth to succeed in terms of their academic and must graduate in high school level and most of all obey the law of the country. The early education program had already proven to be as the solution in order to support the Americans in order to achieve academic success and work more towards a productive citizenship and employment.

Military SchoolInternational military schools are kind of institutions for learning that are aimed at developing the well-being of people around the globe. Many students around the world are now showing interest of becoming full pledge international students, simply because of the generous support they can get from friends and supporters. There is the so-called student loans and other benefits and privileges.

The following are main reasons why the US military schools are better equipped as compared to its counterpart in other countries of the world.

1. International military school in the US gives a good picture of how developed and organized the institutions for learning. The military schools are also good venues for training to become leaders because of the best training students can get inside the training camps for the military. This means you would not be disappointed when you decide to have a military career if you are committed to render military service.

2. The international military school is now one of the best options left. A student would always be interested because the knowledge he can get is very important. The Japanese doctor is also following this trend where. Even a boarding school is also committed to give the quality of education the students need.

3. The military school is also a kind of an alternative solution that every student should try to consider. It may be a good career education in the military but the celebration and recognition for teachers is also vital. This means even within the premises of the military schools, the recognition of military teachers should be considered also because they are also behind the success of military students.

4. The military school is a good training ground for everyone that wants to become disciplined and devoted to service mankind. The commitment a military officer should have in his life is full pledge.