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It had already been noted that there were several military academies or schools that have existed here in the United States. Even the young children were already taught about the basics of military education and its system through military prep schools that been established in the different part of the country. No wonder that most of the learners who have undergone military prep school at their younger years were quite inclined to forego a higher military educational training as a gage for entering a military career. In that case, these military prep schools are very much important because they have played an important role in the society especially in the military system.

Two of the toughest and great military leaders here in the country who undergone a military education in their early years in the different military prep schools of the country are Col Jeffrey Sanderson and Ft. Jackson’s chief of staff in the army. Both of these men have served well in their military field and had showed a greater inspiration to the cadets or even their subordinate soldiers. The leadership skills and character that they have both acquired were already been learned at their early age and it was even more exercised as they continually further their military educational training in military prep schools or to the different military boarding school and academy in the country. According to them, making a difference in the field of their work is their greater aim in order to provide a quality service for the American people and to the country. As they continue to inspire their fellow soldiers and cadets to do more in their respective military field, they also encourage several young individuals to join them in the military task force. As well, they also give much acknowledgement to the different military schools and academies especially the military prep schools that been enlisted in the national school directory of the country which become as a gage in order to trained more young individuals to become future military leaders in the country that can defend or protect its people and country from harm with the assurance that no one will invade its peace and harmony.

Military academies are very much important because it the core source of higher degree of educational training in order to become military soldiers or be part in the military field. Here in the United States, there are several military academies that been established. As well, there are several young individuals especially men who aspire to become part and serve in the military field in the country. Although, there are several young individuals who aspire to this career field but entering the military academies is not that easy. Since, it needs recommendation from the different higher government officials in the country most especially the president of state in order to allow a certain individual to take military career education training in the different military academies in the country. Winning the recommendation of higher government officials is quite a challenge for those young individuals who really want to enter in the military academies. Since, young individuals must prove itself worthy for the recommendation that they should be getting. One of the factors that they can be needed in order to win the recommendation upon entering into the military academies is the followings:

  • Must have obtained a higher or average rate in GPA.
  • Posses a good leadership skills
  • Physically fit
  • Participation in any sport activities
  • Possess the necessary character especially integrity
  • Shows abstinence from any drugs or alcoholic liquors

Most of the time Congresswoman Heather Wilson is one of the main sources in order to provide recommendation for those individuals who wishes to enter in one of the military academies of the country that been enlisted in the national military school directory here in the United States such as Naval academy in Annapolis, West Point, Merchant Marine Academy and the Air Force. According to her, she can provide her recommendation to a well deserving individuals who does not just academically performing well but potential leaders or military soldiers who can survive the different exhausting military trainings in the military academy and become future defenders in the society. Since, entering a military life is never that easy due to the fact that it entails risking its own life for the service of the nation and to its people.

In order to fast track its recruitment to the new members of the United States naval academy, it presented its new tool and other promotional materials. The goal is also to make a new look on the way the naval academy invites potential cadets to join the naval force. The new naval academy marketing tools is designed to invite more students to get interested in the training and later join the US forces. The new tools include a promotional video which reportedly features Asian, African-American and Hispanic midshipmen. The US naval academy is planning to increase recruitment for minorities in its campus in the Annapolis district.

Jeffrey Fowler, the superintendent of the said academy is hoping that at least 47 percent in its enrollees in the Annapolis campus should belong to the minorities. It was earlier reported in a report that with the 1,250 plebes that joined the Annapolis campus only 351 are minorities. Fowler said this 28 percent population of the minorities is not enough and they are still planning to double the number through the use of this new recruitment tools now ready to use in their campaigns in the next weeks. Just like the recruitment in many schools world wide, the US naval academy is also planning to visit the countryside during recruitment period.

Fowler said the one minute video commercial showing minority midshipmen manning the planes and ships should set an example what exciting life could be inside the academy. The official believes it’s just in a matter how the recruitment officers present the idea to the students to steal their interest on the very exciting and memorable life in the naval force. This if you are already enrolled or serving the country.

Aside from the 60-minute video there is also another 15-minute clip in film version so that students would feel like they’re just watching a film during their visitation schedules in Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Cmdr. Jim Jackson, who is class 1975 of the naval academy, said, he is supporting the good plans of Fowler. His plan can help students in the right path, instead of destroying their lives in vices and other temptations of the outside world.

The presence of military defense system is very much important in a certain nation because it is the core source of defend system that will protect the nation against from any territorial attacks from foreign or local enemies or invaders of peace. With the great role of this military defense, every nation especially here in the United States ensures the credibility and quality of training that they provide to their military cadets in order to assure that they can produce a high caliber of military soldiers that will protect the welfare of their people and to their nation. No wonder that military educational training are usually tough and very exhausting because this will trained the military aspirants to endure whatever difficulties or challenges that they will encounter in the midst of the combat.

As the country is innovating, the military career training is also technologically innovating. In which, part of the military training in the most of the military academies in the country is the involvement of robots and how to use in order to become partners to its combat mission. This military robotics will not be considered as just military gadgets but rather as a military partner in order to succeed to the military mission that the military soldiers will be assigned to accomplish. It was been reported that the Department of Military Defense system in the country is providing funds for further research and development of the technological military robotics that will be used that will accompany in whatever military combat and missions that the military soldiers in the country will undertake. As of now, most of the cadets in the nation are trained and got oriented on how to deal and operate this military robotics as they forego their military education program. Since, in the future this robotics will serve as there partner in fulfilling its mission and that will preserve their life.

The creation of this military robotics will be a great help to accomplished their mission and be victorious over their enemies and as well, to minimized casualties or losing lots of military soldier lives. Indeed, military robotics is a great support for winning the battle and developing the system of military defense in the country.

Here in the United States, there are several military schools that have existed. Since, it had been known that the educational systems in military school are very much helpful to the improvement of the growth of the youth in the society and most of all to raise future military soldiers here in the country. It had been noted that most of the military schools that have established here in the country are for elementary and high school learners which means it’s very evident that this type of military educational learning institutes will serve as a preparatory institutions for those young individuals who will be foregoing a higher military educational training in the military academies in the country in preparation for a military career. Although, not all students or cadets of these military schools will forego a military career but rather they will become even more efficient in whatever career field they will be taking.

As the good educational reputation of the military school system in the country have sustain, it leads to some military school administrations to expand all the more and established another military educational learning institutes. Just like the case of St. John ’s Military school, in which they have launched its new school last Monday. Together with that launching is the hope that this new military school will become a future hope for lots of youth to become future military soldiers or future leaders in the country. Aside of that also, its remarkable that there are several parents who have responded to the establishment of this military school since there are about 115 learners who have enrolled this week and it was expected that there will be about 140 young learners that will be added. Besides this school had been well funded which is about $ 2 million in order to sustain the educational learning facilities of this military school and to other educational learning resources. No wonder that the school can still be able to sustain and cater lots or wide range of enrollees to their military educational learning institutes.

The military educational learning institute of St. John’s Military schools administrators are very much hopeful that they can be able to cater and sustain or increase the numbers of learners that will be enrolling to there military educational learning institutes. Most of all, they are very much hopeful that through the system of their military school will become a gage to support the young individuals for their career building and be successful individuals in the society.

Military preparatory schools in the United States are helping parents in the development of discipline among their kids. These schools have proven they have what it takes to develop the discipline of the kids while in their primary education. Military prep schools are known to be disciplinarian schools in the country. Their numbers are growing every year, as the need to educate more students especially in the disciplinary aspects, is also growing. Although military prep schools worldwide are not as excellent as in the US as far as their performance – there are now aiming to develop like the US did in the previous decades.

Many parents who enrolled their kids in military prep schools in the US have been saying they are very grateful they send their children to these schools because they have become more discipline and properly-oriented individuals. They said the military prep schools are really following the disciplines in the military to their students in order to become leaders of their communities in the future. The schools have always emphasized to their students the value of discipline as well as having good manners and right conduct towards other people especially the older ones. Military prep schools world wide are saying they have properly developed a very effective training program for their students and these programs are what keeping them among the best and quality schools in the US.

Sally Shoemaker is a mother of three little boys in Arizona and she said having three boys is really difficult to handle especially their behavioral pattern. She admitted she is busy from her work in an advertising firm only have lesser time as far as disciplining her children. Until she realized that the military prep schools are there to help parents having the same problem with her.

“Actually my busy schedules everyday really hinders the supposed times I should be with my three boys. When I heard good news about military prep schools I said to myself might as well try this type of a school. I was amazed few months later there were changes in the behavioral aspects of my children,” she narrated.

For so long, it had already been a fact that the educational system here in the United States is very much expensive especially upon foregoing a higher educational learning such as college education, master’s program and PhD level of education. Although, there are several student financial that been created by both the federal government and private sectors such as the different scholarships, grants or student loan program but still these student financial aid program that been created were not good enough to cater the vast increase of individuals who needs financial support in order to forego and finish their higher educational learning. In that case, no wonder that there are several individuals in the country especially the men who enter a military career. Since, it had been already a fact that those individuals who don’t have much financial resources to support their military educational training are been given financial support by the government.

Especially right now, that gas prices keep on increasing. As a result, there are several families that been affected on it which leads for some families to have some difficulties in sending their children to a prestigious schools especially to the well known and colleges in the country. In that case, it moves several young individual especially young men to try entering into the military academy because in both ways they can also gain an academic educational learning and at the same time gain a rewarding career. Since, the military government is the ones who provide financial support for those individuals who will be foregoing military career education training but don’t have enough financial resources to do it. As well, military career entails also a great opportunity to improve the quality of living since it offers a good compensation rate and several benefits to enjoy upon for themselves of their families.

In that case, it can’t be denied that most of the individuals who forego a military educational training are having some concerns over their financial resources in attaining a higher educational learning and they make the military career their gage in order to attain a quality but even thou that was the case, most of the individuals had become a successful and high caliber military soldiers here in the United States.