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Military educational training is very much important in the country because it’s the core source of defense system in the country. With that case, no wonder that military cadets especially here in the United States will undergo a tough training just like the video presentation. Since, the military cadets will be trained to become even more courageous and strong willed individuals in preparation for their career. Here in the country, it is already quite known that the military system is quite known for its effectiveness in providing a good quality of military educational training due to the fact that there are several military schools that have existed in the country aside from military academies. Most of the military schools that have existed in the country are for elementary and high schools learners. In which, as they academically tackle the subject matter for their educational level; they also apply or exercise the military educational system in order to gain the military values and characters.

Military schools are very much important because it’s the starting phase upon forgoing a further military training in the different military academies in the country in order to attain a military career. Even though, some the learners in the military school will not forgo a higher military training but it will be a great venue for them that will serve as their career builders in order to become responsible individuals as they go on with their preference career path. In line with the military educational training in the country, just recently the government of the country is willing to provide funds for the establishment of a military training center for aside from the military academies. In which, these military training center will be use as the training center for the military soldiers who have already finished their military educational training in the military academies but needs more trainings in order to much prepared for facing a challenging battle or combat against its enemies.

Indeed, military educational training is an ongoing process of training especially for those individuals who forego a military career. In which, it does not stop their in the military boarding school but rather it continues as to a more higher version of military training in order to produce a high caliber of military soldiers in the country.

Serving the country is the best decision one could ever decide in his life. Serving the country could mean working in government, becoming a politician, or enlisting in the military to defend the constitution and protect lives and properties.

Matthew Hartman, who is a native of Richmond, Virginia, has been dreaming to join the army ever since he was young. Two years after his high school graduation, Hartman decided to finally fulfill his dream but Col. Sterling Stokes as well as some of the military staff has convinced him to proceed to college first to make emotionally and professionally prepared when he join the army for good reasons. Just like other disciplined students Hartman followed their advice. Hartman is a junior student at the Franklin Military Academy where the principal is also Mr. Stokes. He said it was actually Mr. Stokes who persuaded saying he could serve the army more if he is a college graduate. During the 2008 National Chemistry Olympiad he has shown his prowess in the competition and obtained the highest score.

The Franklin Military Academy is greatly a part of the ever growing program of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). In fact, the Department of Defense is helping fund academies like Franklin to be able to become a growing military school in the country.

In 1916, it was the former secretary of state Gen. Colin Powell who was instrumental in the JROTC program. He is also accredited for the advancement of the program today in the greater American territory. He is also behind the program which doubled in 1992 when he persuaded then President George H.W. Bush. The program reportedly doubled from 1,500 up to 3,500.

In Virginia, Supt. Richard Hunter and the Richmond School Board were able to conceptualize the academy which is now famous for Franklin Military Academy, dubbed as the first military academy in the country. In 1980, it started with 130 freshmen to join the academy and the number keeps growing as people realize the need to strengthen the military forces of the US because of many threats of terrorism. Thereafter, academies like the St. Louis as well as the Sandy Hook in New Jersey also open its doors for many interested people.

What should my kids benefit if I enroll them in high school military academy? This is the usual questions parents tell themselves when they are at the middle of deciding for their children. Of course, our parents want the best education for us, aside from the fact that they also want their hard-earned education funds be put to good use. Sending your students nowadays is much harder as many schools cannot exactly give the quality of education we aspire for our children. Most parents would only rely on their common sense that private schools are better schools than government-run institutions. However, we cannot also deny the fact that we have garbage and profit-oriented schools that are only after the monthly profit they can add to their banks.

Discipline – Military academies are always known for their good training on disciplining the students to become responsible and respectable citizen of the country. The training modules in most high school military academies in major schools world wide are patterned from the real training in military academies in the United States. This means even when they are still high school students they are already taught the right discipline every person should do like obeying of schools rules ands regulations as well as rules in the communities they live. Being obedient to the different set of rules in schools, communities and the country is part of their training. As you can see, many of those who graduated in military academies have become officials in the US army because they have learned leadership and the discipline.

Value life – Well disciplined high schools students from military schools have always valued the importance of life and its purpose. This means they are properly taught what to do in order to give life to its full potentials. Many officers in the military usually are fit people and they cannot afford to become fat and have problems of obesity. They are very particular of their waist lines because they are look upon by many of their followers. You can really find and differentiate the trainings of students in traditional schools or those from reputable boarding schools.

To make active participation of the high school students, Rep. Bud Cramer is reported to be hosting the annual celebration of Military Academy Day in Alabama’s district on September 7, 2008. The activity will be held at Madison Academy School, it was learned. Those who will be invited to join the celebration include students and their immediate families as well as guidance counselors. During the affair, the students would be able to learn many things about joining US military schools.

Also invited to attend the celebration are representatives from US Merchant Marine Academy, US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Coast Guard and US Air Force. There will be forum in which these representatives will answer queries from interested students. They would also distribute important information and brochures about the life in the academy as well as the importance of defending the US constitution by the members of the military.

Cramer said the academy day is a good opportunity for high schools students to learn more about the activities of various military academies in the country and also about the appointment process. Many students don’t get interest in the academy because they are not properly informed about the noble missions of the men and women behind the academies. In fact, many schools world wide are encouraged to promote the academies to their students so that many will be joining the army of their countries.

It must be noted that Rep Cramer will be nominating outstanding students every year that will be joining the five military schools of the country as long as students meet the eligibility requirements. Cramer’s district is composed of Madison, Jackson, Morgan, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone and Colbert counties.

Rep Cramer hopes that the academy day will be very successful with many of the students participating in the questions and answer portion to help them realize the importance of the military academies in the US and even in many countries of the world.

Here in the United States, it has already been noted that there are several military schools and academies that have existed in the country in order to provide different phases of military educational training and academic educational services. In that matter, no wonder that the country had been known as the prime provider of quality of military education. As of now the country is extremely in need of more individuals to forego a military career in order to produce lots of military soldiers in the country. Especially right now, that the country is fighting against terrorism and for that matter the nation needs lots of military soldiers to protect and ensure that the nation’s welfare and peace has been sustained. In that case, the military defense officials are very much at hand in producing new sets of military soldiers in the country.

Just recently, it has been noticed by some military academies that there are only few cadets who have enrolled to their military boarding school such as Francis Marion Military Academy. With that less numbers of learners who are enroll to the this Francis Marion Military Academy, the school administrators of this military school created different campaign programs in order to increase the numbers of military academies in the country. Since, it has been reported that the latest record of enrollees that they got in Francis Marion Military Academy was still 50 cadets. This numbers of cadet enrollees are quite small to start the scheduled military education program training. With that case, the school administrators of Francis Marion Military Academy have decided for the meantime to postpone the scheduled training classes for the cadets and wait for more individuals to enroll the academy that will reach in 80 enrollees. But, if the given period of time of extending the start of the military educational training will not take effect or can’t attain the number of 80 cadets; the Francis Marion Military Academy will continually pursue their military educational training.

With the latest observation about the numbers of cadet enrollees in the different military schools or academies in the country, the different military defense departments are creating several strategies or programs in order to motivate young individuals to forego a military career.

Military summer training is one of the best experiences for students and especially for those people wanting to join the military organization. This is what happened when Territorial Army in the UK gathered over a hundred youngsters to participate seven weeks training. The said activity provides participants basic army training and experience more fun in first aid instruction, off-road driving, and other outdoor activities. Many students joined as they did not only enjoy it but they are also paid 1,500 Euro and there are no obligations also to sign up for the military, except for those who might be interested after their training. Those who become qualified are also given a total bounty of 382 Euro upon completion of a first year. However, due to injury it was also reported that the number of participants was reduced to 118 from the original 150 students, shop workers, and chefs after some of them got injured and are no longer interested to pursue the training. Students from private boarding schools got impressed of the training.

Dubbed as Summer Challenge, many of the participants have also shown interest of joining the army although some accepted military life is not their cup of coffee by making this their future careers. The Cameron Barracks were filled with the students when they started a month ago but now it had already reduced to 118. There were also reports that students got homesickness and they decide to stop their training aside from the injuries. In fact, he said, he is very impressed of the performance of majority of the participants. They have become very enthusiastic and begin to love the idea of serving and defending the constitution of the country. Even though most of them are showing their apprehensions at the start of the training because they have no experience on military life except from the television shows they’ve seen in their homes about the military. A plumber participant Corporal Donald Kerr from Ayrshire was very optimistic he can finish the training and is currently having infantry training at Fort George. He said everyone is training hard everyday and this is also a good sign many would soon join the army because they have already shown remarkable interest about the future project.

The military system in the United States is considered as one of the most important system in the country. Since, military system is one of the core foundations of defense system of the nation for the purpose of defending or protecting the people living in the country with the assurance the peace and harmony will always reign. No wonder that the nation is the very much tough in training their military soldiers to the extent of deploying them to one area to the other in order to become flexible in their military career which helps them a lot to grow in their field as military soldiers of the United States. Part of the deployment or having a different assignment to several areas, it can’t be avoided that they will be distant from their families especially from their children. Although, they will be apart of their families especially to their children but there are given an assurance that the welfare of their families are been taken cared by the government.

In which, the children of the military soldiers are been given an assurance that they will be send to schools especially to those military families who don’t have enough financial resources to spent over the education program of their children are given a privileged to receive an scholarship program which consists of free tuition fees, daily allowance and even the school supplies are being provided by the government. The operation Homefront Illinois which is part of the national organization of the country are one of the institutions that supported this military program for the families or children of the military soldiers who got a low earning of their military career. Aside of this financial support that will be given to the military children or families, the Operation of Homefront Illinois is planning to open an Military boarding school which is only exclusive for the sons or daughters of military soldiers especially if there parents both serve in the military institution of the country. Since, the government and the military institutions want to look after their welfare especially their educational growth while their parents are serving the military defense system.

Many parents now are accepting the military school idea in the US and other countries in Europe due to the fact that many traditional institutions are losing their might as far as properly disciplining the bad behavioral pattern of the new generation kids. Psychologists leveled this information and observation as a result of many bad influences in schools, televisions, and other forms of periodicals which tend to destroy the young minds of many children. Parents said military schools are now better alternatives for busy parents who cannot afford to impose harsh penalties to their children.

There are good observations that students in military schools for kids perform better in many school activities as well as in academic subjects because they have strictly implemented school rules and regulations as far as students study habits and discipline. This is the main reason why many parents are now open to the ideas of military schools and accept the realities that today’s children are far different than the students twenty years ago. This means there is really a break down in traditional schools as far as imposing the proper discipline among student’s behavioral patterns. Based on studies conducted by reliable organizations, students in private schools perform better and behave well as compared to students in public schools. There maybe factors why this problem exists in schools that are operated by the government. Among them is the problem that public schools are enrolled by many students and overcrowded classrooms are always the main concerns of teachers in these places.

Military schools for kids are not very effective in third world countries and this maybe the reason why these countries also experience problems in regards to taking good care of the attitude problems of many students. The bad behavioral patterns of many children in public schools as observed by many psychologists also go back to the old problems in these families that their concentration is focused in getting the food they can give to their children and the responsibilities of imposing disciplines are now forgotten. This simply resulted to the surge of elementary children having these type of bad behavioral patterns.