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Military education is one of the prime sources upon providing leadership training, discipline and civic responsibility. No wonder that there are several elementary and high schools here in the United States that applies the military education system. This military school in the country provides a basic knowledge and training about military aspects. It has been noticed also that there are several individuals who are enrolled this type of educational learning institutes due to the fact that more parents are inclined to the aspects that the military schools offers to their learners especially on the aspect of quality academic orientation, leadership training, character enhancement, and a sense of responsibility on the society. In which, these aspects are very much important in supporting the young individuals to become better persons and good assets in the society.

Most of the military educational learning institutes are also considered as military boarding schools. Since, most of the military schools in the country apply also the approaches of school boarding system. In which, the learners will live within the vicinity of the school campuses in order to be more focused on their education program and to provide a venue for interaction with their fellow classmates and teachers. Although, there are already several military schools in the country but the government have implemented a compulsory military educational training program which is the Junior ROTC. In which, all individuals must undergone this military educational training in their respective schools in high school. As of now, this junior ROTC military program is still under the controversy program. Since, there are several individuals who are still questioning about the existence of this program and the importance of this program that even the non military schools must conduct apply this junior RTOC military program training in their respective schools.

Although, the existence of Junior ROTC program in the Country is quite a controversy and there are several people who are questioning on it but most of the university and campus student here in the country are quite interested on the junior ROTC program because of the leadership trainings that they can gained.

Enrolling yourself in a military academy in the United States and other progressive countries in Europe can be a very exciting career too. However, you must know properly the qualifications in each country. There are countries whose requirements are so hard to meet. In the case of the United States, the country has the most effective and reasonable program for applicants. In fact, even if you’re not really a true-blooded American as long as you are already a US citizen, you can qualify too. Isn’t that sounds great? For applicants in military academies across the US territory you can apply for financial aid too if you think financial status is bothering you from joining. For example, you want to enroll in Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia, the school has sets of requirements too for you to be able to avail of the so-called financial aid for financially hard-up students. The tuition rate for this school is $24,664 for 2008-2009. For students joining between September and April, the tuition is prorated whole year round. The tuition fee rate of the school does not include allowance, optional fees, books and special activities. Students are also going to pay application fee of $50, non-refundable fee of $1000 for enrollment as the cadet’s space reservation. This $1000 according to shall be applied in the cadet’s tuition. There is available financial aid for students. However, both financial aids and scholarships are not acceptable during summer classes. The Massanutten Military Academy is applying the FACTS services. This is among the largest financial aid institution, grant and tuition management service company.

Your dream to join the United States military is not really a big deal as financial aid institutions are always a go-to help line for many students having financial difficulties. You just need to choose the best companies which can serve your purpose all the way. The Massanutten Military Academy in Virgina is one of the top military schools in the country which adhere to policies that are pro-students and based on the tenets of the education principles of the US government. This means joining the military forces and serving the highest good of all the Americans in the country is really among the exciting professional courses you can get in the country. The United States is always the home of top schools worldwide for military-driven individuals wanting to serve the army and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

The military education program and training of the different military schools here in the United States are quite known due to the quality of educational training and services that it provides. Most of these military schools are considered as the preparatory phase for the young learners who aspired to forego a military career. Since, military schools had become a good venue upon learning basic military training. Those young individuals who aspired to become part of the military institution in the country are quite recommended to undergone a military education in the different military schools in the country during their elementary or high school days before they can forego a formal and higher military training in the different military academies in the country for a formal training to become a military soldier. Military training does not only stop during the military academies trainings but it continues even if they have already become military soldiers in the country.

These military training for individuals who are already certified soldiers is called military exercise. Military exercise had been conducted for the purpose of improving the skills and potentials of the current military soldiers in the country in order to be fully equipped in performing their military functions as protectors of the nation’s welfare and stabilizer of peace. Aside of that also, military training exercise is also a good venue for military soldiers in the country to strengthen its military defense system and to established good relationship to other nation especially the allies of United States. Since, United States military defense system usually conduct a join military exercise to the other selected nation for the common goal for the advancement of their military system and to develop camaraderie among the foreign nation for the promotion of peace and unity of its nations. Just like the recent join international military career training exercise that had been participated by United States, Russia and Georgia.

These three countries have only common goals which are to promote unity among each other and to equip their military soldiers with great skills in combat warfare. In that case, it is quite clear that military training does not only stop during the schooling of cadets in the military schools or military academies but it still continues throughout their military career life.

A military officer in Ohio recently received a distinction award for his exemplary performance after his graduation at the 145th Regional Training institute. Sgt. Robert Kolodny, an engineer from the 1194th Engineer Co. received the distinguished honor graduate award when he finished the carpenter training this year without even depending on the student financial aid. His training course which a month after has earned him the best award after garnering at least 1,400 points from various examinations and quizzes. Kolodny fortunately garnered a total score of 1,390 out of the 1,400 perfect score missing only one point after also failing to answer one question.

Kolodny said he was confident he answered it correctly unfortunately he got the wrong answer. He said his experience in the navy has helped him excel in the carpenter training course. Kolodny was 14 years in the navy service as a navy engineer. His wide background has also been one of the best factors for his achievement in finishing the course with flying colors. He demonstrated his superior skills especially in the military occupational specialty. Even 1194th 1st Sgt. Christopher Wisener congratulated Kolodny’s performance as he brought great honor and pride to his group at 1194th. Wisener said Kolodny was a good example of professional soldiers displaying their professionals and excelling in other endeavors. His unit was ultimately proud of his excellent performance because he bested other colleagues in the training although he has other commitments in the navy unit he is connected with.

Kolodny was also very proud of the school and said that in his 24 years in government this is the best military school that his been enrolled in – that he did not join in the student loan program of the school because of the very affordable fees yet it does have competent teachers. Kolodny was even regarded by Wisener as the best soldier that takes his best and shares his knowledge to other soldiers to also excel like what he does. He maintains the highest honor to make his unit as well as his country proud of him.

It has been known that here in the United States, several young individuals especially the men are very much incline to pursue a military career. As a result, there are several young individuals both male and female who are enrolled to the different military academies in the country in order to undergo a higher military education program training in the military field due to the fact that getting a military profession will lead them to a very rewarding career. In which, there are several benefits that they will be receiving and a good amount of compensation rate. Although, military career jobs are quite risky but several young individuals are willing to undertake this kind this kind of risks. Aside of that also, not all individuals who want to pursue a military career are interested much on money matter it entails but rather on the leadership training that it offers.

With the increase of individuals entering in the military field and the high risks that it entails especially right now that the government is combating against terrorism, the different military department in the country have technologically improve their system in order to give support in protecting the welfare of their military soldiers as they go on for a combat mission. One of the recent technological improvements in the military system is the creation of different kinds of military robots where in there are designs according to the version of flies, ants, dogs, wolf, and other animals. These robot animal versions are not only design to capture the physical features but as well, it captures the natural defense behavioral of the animals that can be useful enough for the combat usage in support to the military soldier’s welfare and to fulfill its combat mission.

As of now, some of these military robots are already introduce to different military schools and academies in the country in order for the students to be technically oriented on how to operate this military gadget. Since, these military robots are considered as military partner for the soldiers especially for those individuals who will be assigned in the battlefield. Indeed, these military robots will be a great support for the military system in order to avoid the high rate of military soldiers who lost their lives due to combat mission.

Military schools have created important role in the field of military education and to the different military academies in the country such as West Point and others due to the fact that military schools offers a basic military training. In that case, it will be helpful for the young individuals who will be foregoing a higher military training in the different military academies in the country especially West Point to be competitive enough to meet the expectations and standards of this military academies. These videos have just a presented a modern overview about the modernization of West Point and how the cadets are oblige to meet the standards of the school.

With the start of allowing the female to obtain a military career, the different military educational learning institutes especially the military schools are opening its institutions and educational training services for the young female individuals. One of the well known military schools that open its venue for female individuals is the Charleston Military School, in which female cadets will receive the same kind of military educational training just what the male cadets are receiving but female are will just receive a minimal amount of extraneous military training. For several years of the acceptance of female cadets in Charleston Military Boarding School, it has already been an school policy that female cadets are prohibit to have a long hair that will reach to the lower level of their school uniform collar. With that aspect, the female cadets are required to have a regular haircut and maintain a short hair that is already above or level to their school uniform collar. But just recently, this policy of hair length of the female cadets had already been abolished. In which, the school administrators already allowed their female cadets to obtain a longer hair as long it is tie and pulled back with a bun in order to have a clean outlook especially when they will be doing their daily military formation program and military education program training.

With the new school policy of allowing the female cadets to obtain a longer hair, it gives them a sense to exercise their gender even though they undergo a military educational training.

He is now ready to join the West Point Military Academy and to become a future leader of the US infantry battalion. For him, it’s been a dream comes true after he received the good news of him being accepted to the elite military school in the US. Christopher Liggett is now very excited to meet his comrade-
students and start training to become among the elite forces of the United States. A graduate at the Clark County High School, this 18-year-old US military-wannabe hopes to succeed in the future and to defend the country from the threats of terrorism and other threats.

Ligget is a proud son Christopher and Nancy Liggett. They are proud of their son’s successes in life. During graduation this month at Clarke Ligget was awarded the Times-Courier’s leadership award. On June 30, this month, he’ll be reporting to the academy and attend military boot camp. He will start to join physical strenuous activities during the boot camp which include firing weapons, marching, obstacle-course training and wall climbing. Liggett said his ultimate goal of joining the military and become an officer is to defend the country and lead infantry troops. With this career choice he hopes that the Clarke County will be proud of him. Just like other students he also comes from a very respectable Christian boarding school.

Liggett’s parents are both retired high ranking majors of the Air Force and this becomes his fascinations being exposed to a military lifestyle during his early childhood. However, he said, his parents never push to join in the military, saying that it is actually his own choice. He said when he was a little kid they used to live on military bases and he is thankful his parent taught him the kind of discipline and training to become a good citizen of the country. He said some of his classmates and friends were also sons of US servicemen who graduated at the West Point and he has high regards of their chosen profession. Liggett legally follow the whole processes of applying at the West Point and completing the requirements.