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The University of Maryland College is one of the prestigious military boarding school in the country but somehow this military educational learning institute also accept college learners who do not stay to the boarding school. In which, there are some learners who opted to stay in their home rather than in the vicinity of their school campus while they will be ongoing to take their college education program. Aside of that also, the University of Maryland College is expanding in providing their higher educational services through online education system which allows the learners from the distant places in the country or outside the country to still avail the educational program system of University of Maryland College.

Although, the traditional boarding school system of the University of Maryland College is still available but somehow, the expansion of this school in giving out educational services to its learners had become a great opportunity for lots of learners to experience the tremendous good quality of educational services that this school provides. As well, it also allows the university of Maryland to become as one of the schools that been enlisted in the schools world wide directory. Aside of that also, this educational learning institute provides advance military educational training for those military personnel’s who wants to enhance their military career by taking up further educational training on its field through campus setting or online education. But, it has been noticed that there were more military personnel’s worldwide who have enrolled to the online learning system. In which, it has been noted that there were about 60,000 military personnel’s that were enlisted on this University of Maryland College to further their military educational knowledge and skills. Since, most of the aspects that been tackle on this online military education is more on theories and concepts that does not need much time to learn it by actual teaching.

With the great expansion of this University of Maryland College, it encourages several young learners to take up its higher educational learning program in this school due to the good educational reputation that it brings out to the world.

This is good news for students in the US who are planning to join military academies and eventually become servicemen and women of the US forces in the future. This, as the US military schools have accepted 12 students from the 24th congressional district which represents six high schools coming from Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Reports that were sent to this paper have it that those successful applicants for the academy were identified as Anson Harvey and Krystin Shanklin, Westlake; Daniel Nelson, Oaks Christian School and Ethan Salgado of the Royal High School. There were also four students accepted to the naval academy. They were Robert Nordlund, Oaks; Blaine Worthington, Moorpark High Schools; Cooper Shockley, Weslake and Cory Poudrier of newbury Park High School. It was learned that the applicants were thoroughly screened by a board composed of retired official John Moriarity as well as Charlie Tennant of the US Military Academy, West Point; retired commander Andrew Barton and Geoff Broderick of the US Naval Academy; retired air force officials Rosemary Heredy and Maj. Carl Ferraris of the US Air Force Academy and Ken Fidyk from the US merchant marine academy.

During the screening, the committee received free CV samples from the applicant which included more information about them. This is done so that the screening committee will have good background check of the past and recent activities of the applicants before they will be included in the list for successful applicants – which shall compose the next batches of students to the US military academies, according to the report.

One of the common profession that most young individuals especially the men undertakes to become a military soldiers. Although, this career field is quite risky and the educational training are quite tough but still it can be seen that a great number of cadets can be found in the different military schools in the country which provides a educational training for military profession. There are several reasons why a lot of young individuals choose to have this kind of profession but the most common of it is more on financial stability, benefits and the chance to experience a good quality of academic education. Since, individuals who are undertaking a military training do not only be trained in the military combat but as well, academic is very much prioritized.

Most of the cadets who will be pursuing a military educational training for a military career are usually enclosed in military boarding schools in order to deeply concentrate with their military training or exercises especially that these trainings are quite tough. For that case, the military cadets need focus upon performing this challenging trainings that the military defense prepared for them. Just like this video presentation in which, the military officers expect so much with their cadets to perform excellently the different military exercise and drills that been given by their training masters. Aside of that also, the cadets are expected to apply the seven military values in every days in their lives because these are the core source is being a good and high caliber military soldiers in the country. These seven military values are the following: loyalty, respect, honor, duty, selfless service, integrity and personal courage. With that these seven values, it help the military soldiers to do their duty well and being a well diverse individuals.

Military trainings doesn’t only applies to the incoming or aspirant military soldiers but as well, to the individuals who already have a military career jobs for the purpose of advancing and widening their horizon about their duty as protector of this nation. Just like the recent military training exercise that been conducted in Denver which been participated by the lots of military soldiers in the country especially the Army and its pilots. No wonder that there are lots of helicopters that flew over in the area of Colorado.

Joining the elite group of class 2012 at West Point military academy is young and energetic Keaton Burns from Nashoba Regional High School, Keaton Burns. Burns was class 2008 salutatorian of the school and all of his classmates, friends and teachers at Nashoba felt proud he was accepted by the elite military academy in the United States. He will be joined by some group of students as part of the class 2012 at West Point. Burns decision to join the army is triggered by his passion to give service to his country. Although, he said, at first it was not in his mind. Later in his senior years he began to realize the noble task and honor to serve the country. He said he just wanted a simple life as a student and never expected to become one of the top graduating students in the class. Luckily, he was at the number two spot of the graduating class and graduated salutatorian. He said he had been searching in a school directory to finally decide what career to take in college until his decision came to join the army and eventually serve the country with pride and honor.

Burns said though he was recently accepted at West Point but all the efforts he did was pretty hard before he was finally in. It took him several months this year for the application process to prosper and to comply with all the requirements. The application, he said, is much more demanding than applications in other colleges. He underwent the usual physical test and military interviews. He also needed to have nominations and luckily he got the nominations from Senators Kennedy and Kerry and also of Rep. Niki Tsongas. Burns grandfathers were military and maybe it’s already in the blood for the family to have another one as he also dream to become an army officer in the future like his grandfathers. He first tasted the life of a military at West Point when he joined a one week Summer Leaders Seminar. The program made him to fully understand the life at West Point and the responsibilities of being part of the system. Burns is now living at Bolton but he also had been a resident of California and Colorado in the previous years. At his former high school at Nashoba, Burns was part of the student council and also at the ice Hockey team, country teams and Lacrosse.

Nashoba principal Jeremy Roche said Burns was very proficient and intelligent leader of the school – and this also paid off as he got the second spot as salutatorian of the graduating class. Many of the students in the US are getting private student loan to attend schooling but for Burns intelligence can help you get free education.

Joining the so-called elite forces of the United States of America is not easy. There are rigid trainings such as high combat missions and other difficult tasks trainees should hurdle before they could be considered to the academy. Still, the US army is a dream comes true for people in other countries that are already living in the American territory. Just recently eight lucky students were admitted to the military degree program after passing the rigid and mind-boggling physical and psychological examinations.

Congressman John Murtha accepted the appointments of eight students who graduated at Greensburg Central and Laurel Valley Catholic High Schools. They were among the successful applicants nominated by the United States military academies.

Laura Henderson will join the Air Force Academy and she is the daughter of Joyce and George Henderson that resides in Bolivar. She was active member of the Student Council and Theater Club, Laurel Valley’s Sign Language group and Junior ROTC. She is also an active member of the track and field, basketball and volleyball team. Henderson is also a respectable religious member of the Ligonier Covenant Church as camp counselor and liturgist.

Nathan Wilson is joining the Military Academy at West Point, one of the famous military boarding school academies of the United States. Nathan plays baseball and football and part of the National Honor Society, Spanish club and the student council. Nathan is also part of the Christ the King Parish. He hopes that involving himself in the military would successfully transform him as a real servant of the people in his way of serving the military and to protect the people and the country from the threat of terrorism and other challenges ahead.

Other successful students to join the military academies were identified as Ryan Bassi, Naval Academy; Michael Brant, Naval academy; Andrew Wolfe, Naval Academy; Kara Yingling, Naval academy; Ian Mathies, military academy and Patrick McQuaide, Merchant marine academy.

As far as we know, there are several military schools that had been existed here in the United States. These military schools provide a high caliber of basic military educational training for the young learners in grade school and high school level of learning. Although, every military schools have their different approaches on how to teach the young learners with the basic about military education but still they are able to make it to the point that the young learners be academically educated and militarily trained. As well, these military schools is not only applicable for the young learner who have a desire to forego a higher military educational training in the different military academes for a military career but as well, this military schools are also applicable for the young individuals who just want to be educationally trained in a military way for personality building.

Although, it has been known that most of young learners in the military schools don’t usually forego a military career but it had been noticed that lately that most of the young learners in the military schools especially in Southland are very much incline to forego a higher military education program in the military academies in the country such as West point for the pursuant of a military career. This observation was based on the population rate of the enrollees in the different military academies. In which, it has been found out by the different that most of the enrollees in the different military academies comes from the different military schools in the country especially from the Southland.

The inclination of the young learners to pursue a military career comes from different reasons. Some are really incline to the military career because of the character change that it could offer which help them a lot to deal with their selves. As well, some really want to serve the country by protecting and defending the nation against any aspect that will endangered the peace and unity of the country. There are also some who pursued a military career because of financial reason. Since, pursuing a military career entails a lot of money and privileges in exchange with the dangers that they will undertake for the service they will be rendering to their country and to its people.

Here in the United States, it has been known as one of the good training grounds for military education because of the fact that there are several military schools that had been established. Usually, most of the military schools that had been established are available for learners who are going to take their elementary and high school educational learning phase for the purpose in preparing the young learners to be educational equip if they will be undertaking a higher military learning for the pursuant of a military career. But, it doesn’t mean that those individuals who will be undertaking a military education in the different military schools are required to forego a military career. Since, there are several parents who just enroll their children in the different military teen boarding school for the purpose of disciplining their child and be brought to become better individuals in the society.

With that aspect, it is quite clear that military school is not only for young individuals who are very much incline to pursue a military career but as well very much open to the learners to be shaped in order to become better individuals in the society with the character of loving the its own nation and be open to supporting the country by becoming a good asset on it. Aside of that also, it has been noted that based on the different military school testimonials that most of the learners who have undergone a military education in the military schools whether public or private high school and elementary that the learners had greatly attained success in their lives especially in the field of their career. No wonder that the learners from the different military schools and public school give much respect and honor to their military educational training. One of the aspect that they can show their great acknowledgement upon learning the military educational training is to proudly wear their military uniforms especially during their graduation day. But just recently, the Chardon High School military school forbid their students to wear their military uniforms because the school administrators wants to let them wear the traditional suite for graduation day.

With that opposition, discourages lots of learners in Chardon High school about their great expectation of their school. Despite that was the case, the school administrators are just hopeful that learners can accept their decisions and be joyful during their graduation day.