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Here in the United States, it has been known that the military soldiers have undergone several combat warfare at the cause of the protecting the nation’s welfare and the campaign against terrorist attacks. With their military service, there are several soldiers that have been wounded and some died in the battlefield Despite of that case, the soldiers have always maintain their courage, honor, true service to its country and countrymen. With that aspect is it very much important that the military soldier’s welfare will also be given an attention especially for those soldiers who are in the battlefield and as well to the survivors of the combat. But right now, there are several issues that have arise regarding the military healthcare of the soldiers who have serve in the battlefield here in the United States. In which, it has been reported that several military soldiers who have wounded in the battle haven’t a high quality of medical care in the hospitals or healthcare institutions were they have hospitalized.

This report was based on the observation that has been gathered by the military cadets in the military school or academy in West Point. In which, they have conducted a study in regards to the medical care that been given to the military personnel’s especially to the soldiers who are serving in the battlefield and it has been find out that there are several hospitals who didn’t give enough medical care to the wounded soldiers and this study was been based on the survey that had been conducted by the cadets. Since, this military study has been part of the education program requirements in order for the cadets to accomplish their military educational training. With their findings, it gives a two way impact for both of the cadets and the soldiers because it encourages the government to give address immediately this military medical care concerns. As well, it gives assures to the upcoming certified soldiers or those individuals who will be pursuing a military career jobs that they will no longer experience any insufficient medical care and treatment to the different hospitals or healthcare institutions in the country that they will be confine in the future but rather receive a high quality and dignified medical care service that the medical institutions can offer.

Here in the United States, there are several military schools that have existed. Most of these military schools are a preparatory stage for young individuals who will be pursuing a higher military educational training in the different military academies for a military career but as well, this educational learning institutes are also available for young individuals whose parents wants their children to be academically educated in a military manner. Since, most of the parents believe that this military school is a good venue to help their children acquire leadership skills that lead them to become good and responsible individuals in society with the potential to lead other people. No wonder that there are several parents who really wants there children to be educated in the different military teen boarding school in the country.

Most of the military schools that have existed in the country are the private which are usually owned by the religious sectors or catholic religious sectors because this will be their way in continuing to spread their faith in the younger generation. One of the military religious boarding schools that had been existed over the past years was the Benedictine Military School that had been located in Savannah, Georgia. This military school had been flocked by several sets of catholic young male learners coming from the different areas in Georgia. Since, this school had been known that provides a good quality of military educational and religious services to their learners. In which, most of the learners who have graduated in this educational learning institutes have testified that things they have learned in their school help them to excel in all areas in their lives even though they haven’t pursue a military career but still they have continue to apply the things they have learned in the military education which is the leadership program.

Benedictine Military School was owned by the Benedictine priest orders of the Roman Catholic Church. This school is a combination of both religious and military educational training. No wonder that their learners are taught how to pray and spiritual facts or practices about the Catholic Church and at the same time, the young learners were also educational trained in a military concept which is bounded by responsibility, honor, courage, commitment and service to others and to the nation. In that way, it is very much expected that the learners who will be graduated in this school will really become a good assets in the society as being a good leader and an obedient citizens.

It has been known that the military schools and academies here in the United States provide a high quality of military educational training to the cadets who are willing and determine to forego a military career jobs. As well, there are also some parents who want to enroll their children to one of the military schools in the country for the purpose of disciplining their children and be shape to become good individuals endowed with knowledge and skills. As of now, quality of military education program in the different military educational learning institutes in the country continually to exist. With the popularity of the good quality military education in the country, it encourages other nationalities to be enrolled to the different military educational learning institutes which offer an international military educational training.

Aside of that also, some military academies are open for those allies countries of the United States. In which, those allies of the United States who wants to gain more military educational training in order to enhance or develop their military warfare are allowed by the U.S. government to take an military educational training here in the United States in the different military schools or academies. Most of the international students in the military academies came from the developing nations but are allies of the United States. These student soldiers have been chosen by the governance in order to gain the knowledge and skills of advance combat warfare in order to develop their military system in their nation.

Since, the role of the military system is to provide protection and to ensure the security or safety measure of the nation and to the citizens on it. No wonder that the military systems are given much important by most of the government all over the globe. As a result, every nation is very much incline to develop their military system to a highest degree especially to the developing countries and for that matter they need to seek the military education of the developing countries in order to improve their system and the developing nation that provides a good and high quality of military education and training is the United States. In which, there military educational facilities and gadgets are very much hi-tech or advance. As well, there combat strategies are well developed to a high degree of modification. No wonder that, military academies here in the United States are the target of most nations who wants to learn an advance military system of education.

In the United States, different colleges and universities are given an equal chances to promoted their schools and the programs that there are offering. In which, the colleges and the universities usually conduct a school visitation to the different private and public high schools all over the United States. In this visit, the school administrators or school representatives of the different colleges or universities will be given a chance to conduct a career symposium for the learners to gain more information about the different career course program that these higher educational learning institutes are offering. As well, the United States government has also allowed this activity because it helps the young learners in high school to decide about the career course program that they will be taking and where to take it. In which, the government have provided a law on that regarding the legality of the promotion of the different colleges and universities with its career courses in the different high schools in the country.

With that legality of higher educational learning promotion to the different high schools, the military educational career had also given a special advantage. In which, those high schools that will not allow or doesn’t give any chances for the higher educational learning institutes especially the military higher educational training institutes to promote their career programs will lose a federal funding. Since, it has already been discuss that all individuals shall be given a freedom to be educational trained in all aspects of the world and there will be no one left uneducated.

This concept was had already become a legal law for all citizens in the United States to abide. With these law every young individuals are given an opportunity and freedom to be educated with the freedom to choose on what career educational course they will be taken and where to take it as they continue their higher educational learning in the different career schools or colleges and universities that are available in the country. This law has defended the side of the learners to get to know the truth because they are some schools or individuals who oppose the idea about promoting the higher military education because of the high risks of the military but still the young students must be given a freedom to know the truth. Besides, there are the ones who are in charge of their lives.

Every military schools and academies here in the United States provides a high quality of educational training to their cadets. The toughest military training that a certain individual can ever gain is when they will be enrolled to the military school that offers a highest form of military training for combat warfare. These military training programs are only given to the individuals or cadets who want to pursue a military career and be part in the front liner in the battlefield. This video entitled military combat training had just simply presents the scenario of the military combat training. In which, the cadets are trained on how to apply or actualize the military concept that they have learned in the books and lectures especially upon using the different tactics in defending their selves and working as a team with the usage of their weapons. Since, they have know that military career especially in the field of combat is highly at risks which is means that anytime if they are not careful to their actions they will die.

Despite the fact that military career is quite risky but still there are several individuals who take up a military degree in the different military academies or schools in the country. Even in the virtual military schools, there are still several individuals who are enrolled that took up a military bachelor degree online course program. Since, military course program are already available online but it is limited. The reason for this limit is because of the fact that the online military education only tackles conceptual aspects about military education. In that case, the online learners must forego in their further military training in the different military schools or academies in this nation so that they can actualize on what they have learn during their online learning. The only advantage that this military online learning gives is to allow the learners finished their military course earlier and can only spent a lower cost of educational expenditures.

In that case, this military education online is very much recommended for those young individuals who want to forego a military career without spending much money as they take their military career educational training program and can also obtain the course program for a short time period.

For over the past years, the United States higher educational learning especially college level are very much expensive. For that reason, there are only few individuals who can afford it using their own family income or resources but for those individuals who have much desired to pursue college education will have to use the student’s assistance program such as the student loan aid, scholarship and grant programs. Those learners who avail the educational loan program are experiencing lots of burden in paying its debt. Although, that debt is worthwhile but at some point it creates burden whether we accept it or not but it is the reality because the learners will be paying for several years until they have paid all the remaining balance of the debt that was done. Even though that was the case but still several learners who take the risks in availing these kind of students assistance program because they have know that they can repay it as they will be got a job employment of their own.

Despite that was the case, there are still other options aside from availing educational loan which requires a great debt repayment and other students assistance program. This other alterative is in line with the military service. In which, those individuals who have a great desire in finishing a higher educational learning but don’t have enough financial resources to do it maybe the answer for the need is to pursue a military educational learning or career. Since, those individuals who don’t have much money but are very much willing to take a military educational training in the different military educational learning institutes and academies will be given an scholarship program with an allowance on it in order to sustains its living as they have continue their educational training program. Despite of the fact that those young learners have the desired in entering the military field but not physically fit and they already have given an scholarship program, that scholarship program will still be given to them but that will be use for getting another course program.

In that case, it is quite clear that those individuals who have already given an scholarship program by the military government will be taken upon away from them but it will be use for their career college as they will proceed to another course program if there will be cases that can’t continue the military educational training program for several reasons especially if it involves the health of the person.