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In the system of the military defense in the United States, military personnel’s are given different and several sets of assignments to different places. In this way, they will become flexible and adaptable to the different scenario or situations that there are in that helps them a lot in growing their field of work. With the different places that this military personnel’s will be deployed, it is been a fact that they will bring along their families. Bringing their wives and children is a good idea but it creates much hassle for the children who are studying because they will be transferring from one school to the other. As a result, it create a great exhaustion to the part of this children since they will be adjusting to the educational system of every school that they will transferring and it will not create a healthy scenario of their part. In which, it might block in developing their selves a person.

In that situation, the United States government together with the officials in the different branch of the military defense system had gathered and tackled the issue about this educational issue of the sons and daughters of the military personnel’s who are deployed to the different places. Along with their discussions, it lead to an agreement of the establishment of a public boarding schools in every state for the young individuals whose parents are serving in the military defense system especially for those military personnel’s who are deployed to several places across the nation. The main purpose of this boarding schools are to give importance to the educational and personal growth of the children as of the time that there parents are serving in the military defense system. Also, the parents are also well assured that their children welfare are being taken care of and there have been under the protection program as their parents do a tough military mission in the field.

Even though parents and children will be physical separated but it doesn’t matter because inner connection is still with them. In which, this public schools boarding system will provide a 24 hours daily availability of communication resources and anytime the parents are allowed their children in this institutions. With this new strategic educational system, the United State government together with the military defense system officials is very much assured of the positive impact that it brings to families of the military personnel’s.

Over the past years, military education system in the United States had been establish in order to sustain the stability of the military defense system of the nation especially that there are some threats on the national security. In that case, the different military training institutes must give a good educational training to their students in order to become a higher caliber soldiers in the future. Also, some military training institutes have also been establish not just for the reason of strengthening the military defense system but for the purpose of developing oneself in order to become assets for societal change or transformation. For that reason there are several individuals or parents who are very much incline to enroll their children to the prep military schools in the country.

With the vast increase of the enrollees in the prep military schools, it leads to establish more prep military educational learning institutes in order to cater this numerous enrollees. Just recently, the Georgia Military College Foundation is about to expand their educational learning institutes through building a prep military educational learning institutes. It has been plan that they will be allocating about $ 1 million in order to build these prep military educational learning institutes. Aside of the establishing a military prep educational institutes, there are also planning to establish a military flight instruction school. The plan of including to build this type of educational learning institutes had came along because of the fact that there are several individuals who are very much incline to become pilots especially pilots in the military defense system. This observation was based on the career survey that had been conducted to the different high school individuals who will be graduating and planning to take up a career course program.

With that case, the planning of Georgia Military College Foundation of establishing a prep military educational learning institutes and military flight instruction educational learning institutes will be a great venue for several individuals to pursue a military career and improve their self to become assets for societal change. As a result, it will also help in strengthening and increasing the military educational learning system in the nation.

In the United States, it has been a fact that the government had given prime importance and attention towards the development of their military system. In which, they want that their military defense system will always stay strong and unmovable to whatever threat to the national security. With their desire of developing their system to a more progressive military defense system, there are several strategic ways that has been develop in order to achieve this goal. One of this is the advancement of technological gadgets that the military personnel’s are using such as combat weapons, detecting an intruder and several gadgets that can be use for defending the nations. Aside of that also, there are certain technological system that has been develop in order to provide convenience to both military personnel and military learners.

One of the best examples for technological advancement is the presence of military education online for both military personnel’s and aspirant soldiers. In which, online military schools are very much available for those military personnel’s or soldiers who will be advancing their military career in order to be get promoted. Since, one of the requirements in climbing up the ladder of promotion is the higher military education that they have attained. Aside of that, online education is also possible for military learners. Just recently, the military schools in Iowa have developed an Online Achievement Resources or SOAR. This online program was designed for the students in the military boarding school in Iowa to connect with their family and friends who are far from them.

Since, the learners in the military educational learning institutes are bounding inside the vicinity of the school campus and they can only go home or go outside the school campus if its vacation time and if there are important things that are needed to do outside the school campus. With that case, it is been normal that students will usually miss their family or friends outside the school. As a result, the schools administrators provide ways in order to maintain a strong relationship with their family and friends who are far from them.

For several years, the different military schools in the United States provides a good quality of educational learning and training to their learners in order to be more prepared to take a higher educational training in the different military academies if they had a planed to pursue a military career. Some of the parents enroll their children to these military schools not for the purpose of preparing them to a military career but rather to obtain a military discipline and values. Since, it has been known that military education that the military schools provide is a good source of training and molding the learners to become better individuals in the society. With that also, it helps the learners to enhance their self esteem and discipline within their selves in order to become successful in everything that have undergone.

These views about the good effects of the different military schools had been testified by several learners who have undergone its educational phase on the different military educational institutes in the United States. In which, there lives are becoming better because of the military educational learning that they have gained on this schools. As a result, several individuals and local governments officials are more convince about the good benefits that military school brings to the lives of every person and to the community that they are residing. In that conviction, several local government officials are proposing to about the establishment of military public schools in their area. Just like the case in Yorkville, Illinois where in, the local government officials in Yorkville are very much inclined to establish a public military educational training institutes for the sixth and twelve grade learners in western Racine County. The proposal was lead by Jeff Starke. He was one of the local government officials in the local state in York University who was very much inclined about the establishment of this military schools in there area.

Also, the local government officials in Yorkville have plan to established a military teen boarding school that will cater the for those learners after their educational learning phase in the 6-12 grade in the military schools in western Racine County. The local governments in Yorkville, Illinois are looking forward that realization of their proposals. They are very much hopeful that the national educational government and national budgetary system will grant or approve their request.

Over the past years, it has been noted that women have played an important role in the field of military defense system in the United States. In which, women are present in the military offices to do clerical works or paper works. Just recently, the military defense system have accepted or allowed the women to be included on the team that will do combat field warfare. With that, it is quite clear that there is already equality with the treatment of male and female individual in the military defense system in the United States.

With the acknowledgment of the female individuals in the military system, it can be observe that there are several female individuals who have pursued a military educational training in the different prestigious military academies or schools throughout the nations. There are several female cadets who are challenge to purse a military career jobs especially in the combat field and do the military mission in protecting the country by eradicating the enemies. The female cadets in the different military schools and academies receive the same treatment and educational training program just like the male cadets have received. Despite the case that military educational training is quite rigid but still there are several women who are very much inclined and determine to undergo the military educational training. The reason behind the willingness of several women to undergo a rigid form of military training in the different military school or academies is because several benefits that a military cadets will obtain upon doing continuing its educational training such as student loan forgiveness. In which, a certain cadet who have avail a student loan financial aid in the federal government but have serve in the military system will be given a benefit not to pay the loan that loan that have been avail because the government will pay it for them. Aside of that, cadets in the military academies or schools will receive an allowance every semester as they continue their educational training.

It doesn’t mean that the benefits will stop just stop in the training but it will continue as the cadet will become fully part in the military defense system. Becoming military personnel in the United States entails lots of benefits. No wonder that there are several individuals who are inspired to become military soldiers in the United States especially the female individuals.