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In this Christmas season, most military academy in the United States has taken a short term vacation in order to allow their cadet to celebrate the holiday season together with their family and friends. In that matter, it allows the cadets to experience the life outside the military institution and to live a normal way of living. Since, in the military institution is full of training and learning about important information, gaining knowledge and creating strategies for combat warfare. Sometimes as human person, they need to relax and get to unwind from pressures gets in from their daily military training. The short term vacation gives them more space to be with their selves and experience the life with out much concerned. Indeed this kind of vacation gives support to the cadets to revitalize their energy to be more prepared for the next training especially that military education entails a rigid form of training.

According to Robby Kilgo, his few months training in the military academy are totally great. . Robby Kilgo is a freshman in the military academy of citadel. In which, he take the political science as his major subject and a member of Lima Company. Robby Kilgo experience a gradual transformation of his self especially in the aspect of discipline. He was totally discipline to wake up early and to start to do the tasks assigned.

According to him, around 6 am in the morning, he already got up in order to clean the court yard of the academy which is one of his assigned tasks. Afterwards, he will be preparing for the next event which is the military formation. In which, all cadet will gathered in the court in order to sang the national anthem, gives some instruction for the day, and to make some announcements. In that assembly, the entire cadet will undergo several inspections from their officers. The inspection is particularly in the hygiene, proper clothing, shining of the shoes and buckles. After that assembly, the cadets will begin to attend their classes. Robby has adapted this way of life as he start on to through the military training. But sometimes, he also missed out the things he want to do or he have done before he was enroll in the academy.

The Christmas vacation gives him an opportunity to relax and to get unwind from all the pressures of his training. In that manner, Kilgo is very much excited to celebrate it’s Christmas season out of the military academy because it allows him to unite to its family members and friends which have not seen him for a long time because he undergone a military training. As well, it allows him to do the things he had missed while he still in the academy.

Military education system is very much important because it strengthen the defend system of a certain nation. It is the core foundation of maintaining the stability of the defense system of a certain nation. No wonder that, military learning system entails a rigid form of learning and training. It is believe that this kind of educational system is very much effective in producing good sets of soldiers in the society. One of the good examples of having good and well established military learning system is the United States. In which, military government offers a good quality of military education to the different military academies in the United States.

Military academy in the United States offers a good venue to individual who wants to pursue a military career. This educational institution will be a training ground for the cadets to become tough, responsible, knowledgeable, respectful, and well diverse in their lives. Since, they will experience a rigid form of learning and training. As a result it can unleash their hidden capabilities and use of it.

Military academy emphases the ideals of leadership, honor, responsibility, courage and service as the main concept of military education. In which, the military educational institute will provide more trainings in order to execute this educational concept. For example, the concept of leadership, responsibility, and service will be exercise in the form of a chain of command. In which, each cadets will receive a certain rank according to it’s’ performance and maturity in the academy. If a cadet will perform well and mature enough to lead so, that person will be given an opportunity to lead a team or new members of the team.

These are also other training’s that will be given to the cadets in order to enhance their self and to be molded to become knowledgeable and skillful soldier in the future. The most popular training that a cadet will undergo is the exposure to combat training exercise warfare. In which, they can be able to actualize that aspect they learn. These are the situations or educational training that a certain individual will experience in the military academy.

Despite of the rigid form of training in the military academy and the danger of military career there are also several individuals who wants to undergo this educational system and pursue a military career. Just like the case of Josh Wilson who wants to pursue of becoming a pilot and currently enrolled to United State Air force academy. In which, he just follow the steps of his father who is also a pilot.

There are also several young students like Josh who wants to pursue military career and become a good defender of the nation. With that desire, it’s very much uplifting if we also be supportive in their decision in life by enrolling them to military school or academies so that will gain much exposure about military education that can be very much helpful for their life time career.

Over the years, black Americans population rate have continually increasing in the United States. There presence takes a significant role in the American society. In which, there population rate offers several contribution in developing their nation to its success especially to the military government. It has been reported that there are several black American race that pursue military career and went to the military schools to fulfill its dream to be part of the military world. When great wars occurred with the involvement of the military defense of the Unites States, it has been observe that there is a decline of the population rate of black Americans who enrolled in the military schools to obtain military education.

The fluctuation rate of black American cadets is very alarming to the ears of the military government of the United States. In that matter, once again the military government encourages the black American to pursue a military career by enrolling to the different military schools or academy. Military schools lowered the qualification upon accepting black Americans individuals to pursue military education. These cadet qualification standards referred to the age, physical fitness educational attainment and acceptance of some criminal record. As well the military government provides financial assistance for college tuition fees, boarding school payment and resource materials. Usually, the military government of the United States targeted high schools students. In which, they oriented the high school students about the concept of the military education it’s military training.

To capture the heart of black American students, an advertisement of black American youth was featured by a commercial show convincing its parents to allow him to enter the military academy to pursue a military career. It is very evident that military government uses different strategies just to bring back the higher population rate of the black Americans in the different military academy. Since, military schools serve as the stepping stone to pursue military career. Military government of the United States has since the importance of the presence of black American in the military defense. They have seen that these people have the strong will to defend thy nation and its people. As well, they have seen the potential of black American in leading the team especially in the line of warfare. The military government oriented different military schools to offer good quality of military education to the black American cadets because they are the future protectors of the nation.

One of the basic education reforms most military schools in the US are implementing is the promotion of good values. The school believes on the foundation of good values of every human being to become respectable and productive citizen of the country. The other thing they are putting on to its proper perspective in most military schools is the new discipline approach patterned before the genuine military training in America. These two most important approaches have been very successful in the previous decades the military schools have started this special type of boarding school. The special program creates a solid foundation of value formation among Americans and naturalized citizens of the United States of America.

  • Good Values – To ensure that military schools are inculcating the foundation of value formation among students various activities for the purpose lined up every year. Military schools still find time to conduct bible sharing and know the life of the Almighty. They have bible sharing too to make students also realize how important the study of the bible in the formative years of the youth. They believe that the good value of every human person can be best attributed if he is learning something from the word of God. Another activity included in the value formation program is the very exciting boot camp. Many students are also valuing what they have learned in boot camp activities.
  • Discipline approaches – Like the US military training the military schools in the US for teeners are also patterned from the real military training whereby proper discipline is also strictly implemented. Usually, in military boarding schools in the US students have to wake up exactly 6:00 in the morning to start their daily routine which include daily exercise. In fact, many parents revealed how their children were changed in the disciplinary aspect of the military schools. The military schools in the US have exacted their program so that the formative years of children was best suited to it and their attitudes and responses about life would basically changed when they entered this kind of education program.

Over several Years ICF International remains as one of the leading consulting companies that operates globally. ICF International serves to different government agencies and commercial clients around the globe to give consulting services and technology solution. The consulting services covered by the ICF International are usually in line with the technological concerns in climate changes, environmental concerns,energy, social programs, business, health, military services, and other institutions. The ICF International will provide solutions in resolving the technical problems that arise in the different industry and institutions. The ICF International posses competitive individuals to be part on their company in order to strengthen their systems.

Dian Stoskopf is one of the high caliber individual in ICF International consulting firm who have done a remarkable contribution in the military system of United States. Dian Stoskopf serve as the principal of ICF International consulting firm. She has already practiced her profession over 36 years. As well, she had receives several leadership awards from different institution. It is very evident that she posses the qualities of being a good leader. No wonder that her leadership qualities brings out the best for both ICF and the military defense system.

Upon joining the firm, she was directly connected at the Headquarters of the Army Continuing Education System. In which, her tasked was to improved the technical system of military education. Dian Stoskopf lead the ICF team in creating a Web portal for a Centralized Tuition Assistance for the United States Army. This system will allow the military personnel to access different military information and services. The Web based system give access to over 530,000 military personnel, 250,000 family members, and 215,000 civilians. As of now, more than 1.100 colleges and universities in the United States participated this educational innovation.

Another contribution of Dian Stoskopf is the establishment of military education. This military online education is called eArmyU program. The eArmyU program was successfully manage and implemented by Dian Stoskopf. In which, around 2,000 courses and 145 certificate program are offered in these online military education. With the good outcome of the eArmyU program, it receives fifteen awards. These awards are the following: eGov Pioneer, Sloan-C Excellence, and Gracie Hooper Government Technology Leadership awards.

The essence of military education takes a long way. In which, government have seen the necessity of military knowledge. In that manner, military education were introduce to the different colleges and universities in the United States. It became part of the school curriculum. The general term for this military education in the colleges and universities is called ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. The duration of this program will last in four years. It means that the students will undergo a training program basing on military education at the same time obtaining a college degree course.

ROTC serve basic military education and training’s. In which, it give more emphases on leadership skills. The cadets are taught how to handle people, generate strategies, decision making, focus to the goal, and stay firm to every decision that have been decided. It means that as a leader, you have the responsibility of the people under your care or command. In that matter, it trained the cadets to become responsible at their pace and as well, in their own lives. There are several positive testimonies regarding the ROTC program. Just like the case of Lt. Col. Russ Hopkinson, in which he was very thankful upon the existence of ROTC because it help him exercise his leadership skills and become a good leader the field of military. Like Lt. Col Hopkinson, there are several cadets who are so grateful for the opportunity in enrolling the military education program.

The ROTC training’s will have different components or categories just like in the military field. The ROTC training are handle by the different military sectors such as the United States Air force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army. The ROTC program are manage by the corresponding military sector officers. In that manner, it allows the students to choose a certain military field they want to be trained.

The ROTC training’s will also give an opportunity to an individual who wants to pursue military career. ROTC training’s will receive credits in the military academy in the United States. In which, once a cadet have finished the ROTC training’s he will have a greater chances to become a military officer in the United States Air force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Army.

There are several reason why a certain individual join the ROTC training. In which, some of them just join because of the incentive the the military government is giving to the cadets. As well, there are several individuals who join because of the leadership skills it offers. In which, it could be great help for enhancing their career. Since, most prestigious companies will hire individuals who have undergone the ROTC program. This concept was supported by Maj. Ted Leblow. Maj. Ted Leblow is an officer of the battalion and professor of military science in the Army ROTC. Although, there are several reasons why a certain students wants to ROTC program but still the ROTC programs remains a remarkable experience and learnings to every person who will undergone this training program.

IRAQ – It may sound a joke but US soldiers are now giving flight lessons to Iraqi soldiers at the Kirkuk Regional Air Base. Even Col. Mark Bennet could not imagine himself flying a plane in Iraq with Saddam’s former air force member. Bennet was one of those American pilots who dropped 2,000-pound bombs at the Iraqi Air Base during the invasion at the Iraqi soil, and now he came to rebuild the facility again. The American pilot is among the 80 Americans currently training Saddam’s former pilots. The pilot school is yet to be inaugurated this week according to a very reliable source. The goal of training the pilots is to rebuild the Iraqi air force – touted before as one of the world largest air forces. In fact, the former Iraqi Air Force is the six largest all over the globe.

In October, this year, many Iraqi cadets have started training at the new classrooms and flight simulators build by the US military. The military school for professional pilots has been a good opportunity for many Iraqi pilots. Americans trained them on Cessna planes and helicopters. Brig. Gen. Bob Allardice said the goal of the program is to help the Iraqi build their air force that can assist counter insurgency problems. Allardice said with the program the Iraqis can eventually defend their borders.

It was also known that half of those who trained at the Military training school at Kirkuk were members of the Iraqi Air Force enhancing their skills as well as trying to become instructors in the process. It was learned that Iraqi pilots were trained by the US since 2005 but the military training school in Kirkuk is first to hire new recruits to become a traditional flight school in the future. Student recruits will be accepted in the one year school program.

Parents of troubled teens in the US are partying for the many successes of various schools for this purpose. In fact, they are very thankful for many military schools for troubled teens in the many states of America. At least the schools have gone a long, long way in as far as helping the many parents who have problems about their children. The military schools have proven that they are very successful in their new programs. Although the academic programs are very similar to the programs in many traditional schools but they’ve added new programs that made all these works.

In recent surveys conducted in the US it was discovered that traditional schools were no longer effective as far as instituting reforms on students with behavioral problems. The traditional schools have also admitted the new generations of youths today are having different breeding, they have different attitudes and behavioral practices because they are being hooked to various technologies and other factors that made them very different from the youth in yesteryears.

The military schools have also created a good impact on the evolution of new practices in education learning. As a result many schools have also mushroomed in the giving the same mandate and disciplinary strategies in treating teenagers with some kind of behavioral problems. Mr. Clifford Young, a product of a military school in California admitted of changing a lot when his parent sent him to a military school a decade ago. He recalled the days when he became a headache to the family because of his bad behavioral patterns.

He said months after months in the boarding school he started to realize the wrongs he had done to his parents as well as the community. He had always put into trouble and many times his mom went to the school to answer to the problems he had given the family. Until, one day when worst thing happened, his parents were forced to send him to military school.

Dubai – A charitable group in Dubai has received a pledge of close to Five Hundred Million Dollars in its campaign for universal primary education.

Dubai Cares, one of the biggest organizations in the country has confirmed the pledge made by Vice President SheiKh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the total amount of 1.7 billion dirhams ($460 million).

The prime minister announced his pledge during a special ceremony at Madinat Jumeirah Hotel last Sunday, November 18, 2007. The Dubai ruler’s pledge has reportedly doubled the campaign collection of 3.4 billion dirhams ($920 million)

During the ceremony, PM Maktoum thanks the contribution made by the communities, governments, corporations in the country. He said he hopes that the funds will be allocated in a very appropriate manner. He said he had already directed key persons to ensure success of the implementation of the project. The said officials would manage the money and channel the money that will be used at educating millions of youths all over the globe. The organization has already targeted its beneficiaries in Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.

The organization’s goal is also the primary campaign set by the United Nation for the year 2015 (UN) Maktoum added the success of the campaign should be shared by many concerned citizens of the country, businessmen, communities, students, volunteers, and other cultural communities. He also believed that education must be the first in order to help people alleviated from the bondage of poverty. He said large number of the wealthy people in Dubai, as well as the companies are now conscious on their responsibility. “ One of the best things that happen in Dubai is the revival of the spirit of volunteerism as well as brotherhood. Many people have been encouraged to give his share for the betterment of the education industry of the country.

The Dubai ruler also made mention the importance of social responsibility of the people in Dubai so that big goals can be achieved. In this way, the people of the country have always been conscious of their part as good citizens of the country. Meanwhile, Maktoum has already instructed his project coordinators to lead the project by bridges for the success of the endeavor.