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All over the United States, there are approximately thirty military schools that are existed. These military schools serve as a good venue for an individual who wants to military career. This a starting point to the military world. In which, the cadets are trained to become excellent and brilliant individuals. With this military education, it gives way to the cadets to acquire a unique skill, abilities, and knowledge in the combat warfare. In which it strengthens the military system of the nation.

Most of the educational system in the military schools across the world especially in the United States uses the concept of Thayer System. Thayer system is the rigid formation of rules, loyalty, and gives more importance to science, math, and engineering. Throughout history until now this is the educational system that the military schools are using. With this kind of educational system it develops the cadets to become strong, determine, and well disciplined individuals. Not only that, it also make them a well diverse and dynamic individuals. That whatever challenges they might encounter they will still remain strong and always think of strategic way to find solution or alternatives to every difficult situation. The cadets are trained this way in order to be prepared to combat to any warfare that might happen.

With the existence of technologies in our times, some concepts or techniques in the military are being revised and develop to a new set of strategic military educational system. In which, the military education go along with modernization of the world. The modernization of the military education helps a lot to deal and combat with technological enemies such as the terrorism attack. Despite of the modernization of the military education the practice and execution of Thayer System still remains in the military training. Although, Thayer System have some improvements such as the academic structure but still the core concept of loyalty, honor, and duty still remains.

The innovation of military educational system leads the military schools to fulfill its goal and mission to produce a high caliber of military personnel’s. In which, we are much assured that our soldiers are excellent defenders whom we can rely on.

I am a father of three very smart kids in California. I have to tell this story because as a father myself I am sort of very proud to their achievements.

My lovely wife Lutt was really upset every time she was left at home because my three kids who were in their younger years at that time in 1978 were very naughty and they always quarrel with each other. I cannot also find time to discipline them while they were very young because I was so busy and occupied with my job. I was a division chief at that time of a very big liquor company in California. But occasionally during Sunday when we had time together we ate out and took some unwinding in the many theme parks we have visited. I noticed that my kids were kind of fascinated in sports. The eldest John would always love to shoot a ball, Mark also liked to play chess and my youngest son Alfredo would always love to do some billiards.

When they were already in their high school years, I took the decision of enrolling them in a military school. I was thinking that because they were very naughty and smart kids they would do well when they become members of the United States army. That was really my idea of introducing them to a military school so that they can have more time to decide to themselves to do service to the country. At least, when they become members of America’s elite forces, there would be big chances of changing their attitudes.

Later, I was kind of amazed when I saw my kids joining sports activities. In fact, my eldest became a varsity player in the school. When I chanced upon them and watch their game in the school I was more excited because they have become sportsmen like me. I thought they would become bad attitude youngsters in the streets.

I know I was not able to properly discipline my kids because of very limited time. Without me knowing they would still change their bad behaviors. Now I realized how important it would be if we would enroll our kids in a military school. Truly, the mission of the school to help teens and parents is what made me decide to enroll them without discussing further the cost it would take me.

The ASVAB test is much like the SAT/ACT test that students take for entry into college-level education. The ASVAB tests recruits with their knowledge of basic reading, writing, mathematics, mechanical, and logic-solving reasoning to evaluate the IQ and intelligence to make sure that they can handle complex tasks such as operating a tank, vessel, aircraft, or any other expensive machinery. While not many fail the test, it is still a process every military member must go through before they can initialize basic training.

Account by Airman First Class Scott Hall, United States Air Force

One of Indiana’s top military schools is always upholding its mission to develop students to become responsible citizens not only in Indiana but also of the United States of America.

Howe Military School has been in the forefront in as far as creating the military school as a respected institution aimed at preparing the young men and women to become individuals of excellence in all their endeavors in life. Since a military school is a preparatory for college many parents are now very open to the idea of enrolling their children to military school to shape their behavioral patterns while enjoying their teenage life.

The state of Indiana has been very supportive of the military schools in the country. In fact, Howe Military School was cited to have the general average of 85.7 percent graduation rate because of its outstanding performance as a military school for the last school year 2005-2006. Howe was been the leader of military schools in many years and they’ve been changing the lives of many teenagers in Indiana and neighboring states. This is one achievement that made Indiana proud of the Howe Military School. The support to Howe now from the officials of Indiana was overwhelming.

On September 18, 2007 dignitaries in the US Senate visited Howe Military School to show their 100 percent support to the remarkable achievements of the school. Those dignitaries who made a visit at Howe were Senators Allen Paul and Sue Landske. They are both senators of Indiana State. During that very memorable day for Howe, the senators were also accompanied by Major General R. Martin Umbarger, Indiana National Guards adjutant general. Their visit became a historic event for the Howe Military School. The dignitaries were greeted with a parade followed by a major discussion of a possible cooperation between the State of Indiana and the Howe Military School as the forefront of a great mission to make Indiana a place for the most disciplined citizens of the world.

This only goes to show how Howe nurtured its mission because it’s such a great a noble mission for the owners and school officials to make the school more vibrant and friendly school for the youth of Indiana.