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With the emergence of many communication and entertainment gadgets the new generation has been badly influence to the point of changing their direction in life. The value formation which is supposed to be inculcated in every child is becoming a non-existent thing. Many children are now acting improperly. They’ve been giving headaches to their parents. The current dilemma in many homes has left parents puzzled on what to do to correct their kids and who can help them?

Instead of shaping the bad habits of their children while they are enrolled in public schools the problems seems to grow everyday. Many parents have been lately noticing their children not to be acting right. The new generation of today is now very demanding, lazy, arrogant, and are controlling their parents in many different ways.

The military school is one kind of institution committed to help parents to discipline their children through a proven method and school education program. The school does not only focus on academic programs like in many normal schools. It has also a very different approach on education geared towards the full development of every student enrolled in a military school.

Today’s troubled teens that are badly influenced by the modernization of the world are amongst the clients in military schools. That is why many parents are now considering of enrolling their kids in military schools. The tuition fees are very reasonable so that most of the parents can afford every semester.

Troubled teens are usually enrolled in military schools to prepare them for college life. Many military schools are also boarding schools where students are in house. They live in dorms and student villages with 24/7 security personnel watching them.

The military schools life is also a very exciting one where enrolled students also have some excursions, bible readings, sport fest and all other approaches to make their stay more relevant to the goals of military schools.

The professors in military schools are goal-driven and they can execute the best education approaches for the good benefits of students. In this way, the expectations of many parents will have assurances that it will be met in due time.

The next step after giving all information to a recruiter about your interest in joining is going through a MEPS center. This is where doctors physically and mentally test you to see that you are fit for military life. Not everyone can run 5 kilometers in under 18 minutes and that’s the first step the military takes in weeding out any potential members that can’t make the cut.

Hearing and eye sight are also tested since most jobs require superb sensitivity to both. The process takes roughly an entire day from 5 in the morning to 7 in the evening with an hour break for lunch. It’s long and tedious, but the military will go through great lengths to make sure that federal tax dollars won’t be wasted on failure.

Account by Airman First Class Scott Hall, United States Air Force

Are your children behaving like their peers of today? If so, you are maybe looking for the best vehicle which could transform them into good citizens of your country.

Since there are many temptations in the society we live today the only option for us is to look for the right vehicle where our children could be transformed into respectable individuals. Most parents who are busy doing their work or business can no longer maintain the right discipline for the children. This means that the responsibility that we should carry in order to help our children have good attitudes towards everything in life.

In many progressive countries of the world there are the presence of whose primary vision and mission is not only to give education to the children but as well as shape their attitude and become productive citizens in the process. Many students who military schools for teensgraduated from military schools have displayed great changes into their lives. They become more visionary, very disciplined in everything they do and they are time-conscious people. There is really great difference than those who are only enrolled in ordinary schools. The focus is only in the academic matters and the discipline aspects for the students is somewhat lacking.

Here are basic advantages you should consider if you want your kids enrolled in military schools for teens.

Change in attitude – One good thing you can observe if your children are enrolled in a military school is the change in attitude. Their behaviour towards people will definitely change and they become more positive in life.

Very disciplined people – Many parents also observe that after their sons or daughters have enrolled in military schools they have become more disciplined individuals. Their outlook in life is very different as compared to their previous schools ones.

Improved leadership skills – As many education experts would say, the leadership potential of every person can be learned, many students in military schools have also observed to have developed their leadership potentials during the time when they entered military schools. They are very capable of organizing, leading a team of people, creating activities. They have developed their leadership potential in such manner that they are able to accomplished many things.

Many parents now in developed countries of the world are opened to the idea of enrolling their kids in military schools so that they can be disciplined in such a way to cut off their bad behaviors. The parents said they welcome the idea because military schools are institutions that take care of shaping the behavioral pattern of kids. In fact, in many countries in the US, students are required to take the mandatory one year military training before proceeding to their respective careers.

The military schools are also best options for parents that are not capable of properly disciplining their kids because of busy office jobs. Many of them are also assured by the schools to take care of their children while they are working. In the process, the children have learned to respect the people around them, their friends, and, most of all, their parents.

Mr Schultz is the father of two boys enrolled at the University of Liverpool few decades back and he said the school was really giving good education and discipline to many students. During his children’s school days he was very busy with his jobs and he cannot monitor their activities. Until one day a friend told him to enroll his boys in a military school so that they will learn many things and value discipline on their lives. Mr Schultz finally decided to enroll them so that his problem on properly disciplining them while they’re young could be shared by the school. True to his plan, the school had successfully shaped his kids behaviors and they are now both professionals.

The father said his decision was right. Had he not enrolled his boys in military schools, they would have not been grown as good citizens. For him, the military schools are the perfect example of disciplinary institutions in the country helping many parents in the US. Although he admits that it is also his responsibility to discipline his children, the proper education they need must be given by any school that follows its mission of shaping the child in his formative years.

When enlisting to any branch of the military, whether it be Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard; the first step to enlistment in any volunteer military is to see a recruiter. These are senior enlisted members that have served their time in their appropriate branch and now maintain a job of making sure that there are enough people coming in to consolidate all the members that are getting out.

With my experience, I came in to a small office where a man dressed in service uniform was sitting at a desk ready to speak with me. He was polite, nice, and very eager to ask any questions I had concerning the Air Force and what life was like. In all honesty, recruiters have a tendency to sugar coat a lot of facts to make them seem more appealing to join; for example, while the education benefits with the military are really nice, it isn’t a completely free program like recruiters told us they were. We still need to pay for books, taxes, and any other fees that come with being a normal college student. The only difference being we don’t pay tuition. If that was told to me originally, it could have made me hesitate to join, but my recruiter knew all the right things to make me feel confident about joining. That was his job, not to lie about facts, but to make them seem more appealing.

While that may not make sense initially, think of it this way: who really wants to be a part of an organization whose made objective is war? That’s precisely what the military is, but every United States soldier, sailor, marine, and airman will tell you that we are not war fighters, we are defenders of American Liberty, because that’s what recruiters have led us to believe.

Account by Airman First Class Scott Hall, United States Air Force