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Children often have only a low self-esteem – at the latest when they reach puberty at public schools. They feel uncomfortable with themselves and are in search of a role model. They often feel lost because they have to start making important decisions concerning to their future career on their own. Also they are troubled with the pressure on school which takes important time the children could have used to think calmly about their future and their goals in life. Another factor for a low self-esteem could be a certain disorientation in life and a complicated background.

In fact – at an early age children start to influence not just their career but also their lives. But how is a child supposed to do that in a proper way when feeling insecure?

Often it just helps to give a child a structure so that it has the time to concentrate on more important things. Unfortunately most children and also their parents have problems with finding such a structure – even more with a consequent practice of it. In case a child motivated to change it’s lifestyle but is not able to reach this without help the attendance of a military school could be a solution for this issue.

Military schools are often also boarding schools. There the children have a structure from the first day on. First of all such a structure keeps the students grounded. Due to certain pressure fells off from them and they are now able to concentrate fully on important things like their school education. Children get better in what they do and gain more self-confidence.

In a military school it is not just about a military education, basically it is about the preparation of life. An important part of the military school education is for example teamwork. And there children not only learn to work in a team. This is more about learning to accept, tolerate understand and deal with opinions and characters that are different to theirs.

After their time at a military school, children come home changed. They continue living with a structured everyday life because they have learned which advantages this involves. Also they are confident and open-minded and have highly-developed people skills. They are aware of the consequences of their actions and act well-advised. Before attending a military school they had barely any idea what to head for. Afterwards they are confident enough to make decisions and there are able to concentrate on reaching their goals.

Besides the personal development the children get a proper education in general. As undisciplined and bad behaviour and the disrespect of rules and authorities is not accepted at military schools you can be sure, that the students fully focus on their education – intellectually and physically. This offers the possibilities to go to a high school and also to choose a successful military career.

Either way, a period at a military school supports the development of personal skills and clears the way for a successful personal and job-related future.