Most FAQ about Military Schools in Kansas

Do you find it interesting to find details about the military schools in Kansas? Military schools are proven to be a school that equips students in a whole different manner. For years of service and equipping, military schools have been receiving positive results.

So if you want to know further details about these schools, get to know more by knowing the most frequently asked questions regarding it. The following FAQ are taken from The Family Compass site.

What are military schools in Kansas?
These are treatment programs for struggling youth in a military style environment. These programs really emphasize discipline and physical conditioning and were developed as a rigorous alternative to longer terms of confinement in juvenile correctional facilities. Military Schools are generally restricted to teens with little or mild behavioral issues. These are not an appropriate setting for teens experiencing emotional, behavioral, substance abuse, or learning problems.

Are Military Schools in Kansas Effective?
Experts agree that a confrontational approach is not appropriate. Most treatment care and military experts agree that a confrontational model, employing tactics of intimidation and humiliation, is counterproductive for most youth. For youth with emotional, behavioral, substance abuse, or learning problems-degrading tactics may be particularly inappropriate and potentially damaging. The bullying style and aggressive interactions that characterize the Military Schools environment fail to model the pro-social behavior and development of empathy that these teens really need to learn.

What are these specific military schools located in Kansas?

Here are the lists:

  • St. John’s Military School
  • Maur Hill Mt Academy
  • Meadowlark Academy of Kansas
  • Wentworth Military Academy and College

If you are looking for wider alternatives, perhaps military schools for boys in Texas are good options for you. Texas Maritime Academy, Texas A&M University, Marine Military Academy, and San Marcos Baptist Academy are some of the schools located in Texas. Explore our domain site for further details.

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