The Military School of Languages

As we all know, military academies offer many different educational options to youngsters. But today I want to talk about a school which offers a very specific type of education in Spain. I am talking about the Military School of Languages.

The Military School of Languages in Spain is especially designed as an educational centre to perfection the language of those staff members of the foreign soldier and the Spanish Armed Forces which includes the Spanish Army, the Spanish Navy and the Spanish Air force who are assigned to take a specific course.

The objectives of the school are to teach languages and improve the language knowledge in the Arm Forces, as well as teaching Spanish and testing the Spanish level of the foreign staff. Furthermore the school believes it’s important to maintain relations with other centres by promoting and monitoring languages being learning with the foreign staff.

There is a great variety of courses taught in the army school. They offer short, medium and long courses concerning the English, French, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese languages. A total of 4.730 pupils took an exam in one of these courses in 2008.

If you want more information about this school, you can surf to the website of the

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