Say bye to fashion

Your hair is not important, but your behavior is.

Military Schools are different from Military Academies. It can be hard for a woman to join a Military Academy, but at Military Schools, girls only have to leave fashion behind. Most of these schools ask their students to wear uniform as part of the discipline:  “over there everybody is the same” as one of the students said. The most important thing is to study and have a proper behavior. So they are not going to be asked to cut their hair.

Women at Military Academy do cut their hair but they do this for other reasons: when they go to war, it is important not to have anything that could get them recognizable “Hairstyles with a maximum of two braids may be worn. Faddish and exaggerated styles are prohibited. Ponytails and pigtails are not permitted. When in uniform, hair on back of head may touch but not fall below the lower edge of the collar” recruitment Navy guide explains. So as you can see, you can find differences in terms of discipline. I think maybe it is hard for some of them to be at the Academy because, as explained in several forums, some academies are not prepared yet to have a lot of women joining them. Activities are physically and mentally really hard, but it is very difficult to know what a myth is and what the truth is.

Girls must decide if they are really going to join Military Schools, the process to get in is long, demanding, and a lot of question are asked. As the recruitment guide stipulates, the behavior is the most important issue and, in some of the cases, they help troubled girls teens to control themselves so discipline is the key word, I think.

Tell fashion to go away for a while and be concerned in scores, discipline, self control. Keep your hair long if you want, as a matter of fact that is not going to be important when you decide to get in.

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