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Military school: testimonials of cadets and parents

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Military School: testimonials of cadets and parents

These are just a few testimonials of cadets, young men, women and parents regarding the military school option:

“In Australia we do not have military schools, the only kind of military establishments we have is the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), Australian Army Cadets (AAC) and the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC).I have been a part of the AAFC for 5 years this Febuary and it has enriched my life to the fullest. I have been given alot of options with the workforce due to being a cadet. It would be nice to be a cadet in school time rather than my down time. Though i have learnt so much and gained life long friends!”.

Cadet, Australia

“My daughter Megan started to get the wrong sort of friends when we moved from Chicago to L.A. One of her girlfriends’ mother reluctantly confirmed to me that she had even found marihuana in her room. My wife was mad at me when I first talked about a military school, but now she’s as proud and happy as I am. Megan will not seek a military career. She wants to go to college and study Economics, but she agrees that her military school has made her a better student and person”.

Taylor Novak, Los Angeles, California

“I can’t find the right words to tell how much the military school has done for Miguel. He now has a structured mind, clear goals and a future ahead. Being a single mother, I made an enormous effort to send him there, but that was my best investment ever: thanks to the military school, I have recovered my son”.
Guadalupe Parrado, Tallahassee, Florida

“When my parents first told me about sending me away to a military school, I was so shocked and depressed that I wanted to die. But when we visited the school and I had a chance to meet some of the guys I finally accepted. I’m on my second year now and wouldn’t change this for my former school. I’m even considering a military career”.
Bill Olsen, Tampa, Florida

“Believe it or not, we have a lot of fun. My classmates are just normal girls, just like myself. I know that I have made friends for life, and I’m happy I left a school where violence and drugs could have reached me at some point, no matter how strong I was”.
Melissa Glover, Oak Ridge, North Carolina

“Olga was almost abused by a gang of teens at her school in Seattle. Only then we started to pay more attention to her school and friends, and we discovered that she was only failing because she was frightened and bullied. We didn’t expect her to be willing to go to a military school, but she was happy to escape from her school. It was hard for her at the beginning, as she had a long way to go in order to achieve her classmates’ level. At her military school she is now getting reasonably high marks and, more important, she’s a happier and more sensible girl”.
Nastasha Sikorsky, Seattle, Washington

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