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Military school: make the right choice

Military School: make the right choice

You may be worried that youíre not making the right choice by going (or sending your son or daughter) to a military school.

Here are some tips:
  • A family choice. If youíre the future cadet, you need your parentsí agreement. Not all parents are happy with the idea of having their kid join a military school. The other way around, the same applies: if you are the parent/s, you need your kid to accept this option, although this can take time and care. Otherwise he or she will be unlikely to last long in the military school. In that case, you will have wasted your money and your kid will go back to the wrong situation he or she came from. It is therefore very important that the decision is taken at a family level, with high consensus between the parents themselves, and with the teen involved, well informed and willing.

  • A well matured choice. Donít decide on few data, or on other parents or studentsí experience. Consider what is right for you, not for others. Donít take other peopleís success or failure in a military school as an example for you, as every individual is a different case.

  • An informed choice. Consider visiting a few military schools. The trip expense will be worth if compared with the global education costs.

  • An assessed choice. Donít feel afraid to ask for professional guidance on this choice: a psychologist, a pedagogue or other professionals can help you to decide if a military school is right for you.

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