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Reasons for choosing a Military School?

Why to go to a Military SchoolThere’s a lot of wonders, viewpoints, reactions when people often ask, why join the military school? What’s in it that makes a difference from other colleges and universities? Definitely, these questions were answered by those who undergone the rigidity of military training and became a gentlemen that’s separate them from the boys. Few only knew the benefit they’ll get in joining military school while others are captured by their fear and misconception about military school.

Joining such school doesn’t mean engaging in a war but allowing oneself to be an instrument of peace as an agent of the government. Nevertheless, the pledge to love and serve God, country and people are the static guidelines of every military school thus, obeying legal orders of the duly constituted authorities is part of the teaching encompassing discipline in the military service. It is part of molding students to do right and developing them to be mature in all their undertakings much that they will learn the value and essence of service.

Moreover, there are sets of standard required for an applicant before they can join the prestigious military school. The mental, physical, emotional and psychological aspects will be considered in order to assure fitness of the students.

Leaders are made not born, and military school is the best option as the breeding ground for the best leaders in the country. The program of instructions of the school includes general subjects in order for them to know everything they are expected to know since people think and believe that a military personnel is capable of doing innumerable things hence, versatility is expected. They will live a regimented way of life as to adapt equality among students in instilling in their mind the true meaning of brotherhood and camaraderie in the uniform service as to likewise inculcate the value of team work.

In so doing, it allows them to ponder that work is easier and job is easily get done when everyone in a team is wholeheartedly committed and dedicated to meet the end of completing the mission. Furthermore, uniform personnel’s are expected to always maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism thus, honor system is strictly imposed in the military school to engrave in their heart the importance of it.  Not to cheat, lie, steal and tolerate violators is the code that is so sacred in the military school.

This code or what we call policy is the primary, basic teaching in all schools but it is only in the military school that strict observance is imposed to shape the student into a responsible and trustworthy individual. Likewise, many valued the trainings they got from military school, their families are even more happier than they are because they see their beloved molded by the discipline and values of a true cadet in the same way as they conveys honor to their families and relatives.

It is indeed the truth that a country is a product of trillion things and that one of it is the treasure they will get in the military school because many were called but few are chosen and among the chosen few only the best remain, those who persevere in the hardship of trainings gains confidence in the performance of ones job.

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